15 Best Gifts for Hikers UK Recommended [2023]

15 Best Gifts for Hikers UK Recommended [2023]
Note – This post may contain affiliate links. If you buy via these, I may earn a small fee. This has absolutely no effect on the price you pay. As an eBay and Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

Choosing the best gifts for hikers can be tricky, especially when you’re not an outdoorsy sort yourself. What kind of items would actually constitute welcome gifts for backpackers or trekkers? Yes, you can buy some sort of travel gear that’s practical, but it’s always better if it’s something they’ll be excited about receiving when you’re buying Christmas or birthday gifts for hikers.

This is why I’m using my backpacking, travel consultant and outdoor product experience to present this list of gift ideas for hikers.( Pun intended.) Whether you want hiking gifts for her, unique hiking gifts, gifts for campers and hikers or hiking gifts for him, this guide will walk you through the top picks. (The pun is again intentional, I just can’t help myself.)

You can use this list all year round, whenever you’re stuck for a little gift-giving inspiration. When Father’s Day is coming up, it’s your daughter’s birthday or you need to find Christmas gifts for hikers. Even, perhaps, when you want to find outdoor themed gifts for Valentine’s Day. Whatever the occasion, these are some top notch hiking gear gift ideas.

Only great gifts for hikers are welcome here. One other list of hiking gifts for women and men I glanced at mentioned duct tape. I mean, pur-lease? Who in the history of mankind has been delighted to unwrap a roll of duct tape? Unless, perhaps, they’re reading Fifty Shades of Grey. In that case, of course, it might be completely appropriate 😉

Here we go. Whether you want hiking gifts for couples, backpacking gifts for him or hiking gift ideas for her, here are all the best gift ideas for hikers. This guide is packed with hiking themed gifts galore!

Best gifts for hikers comparison chart

This handy table lets you see all the hiking related gifts in this guide at a glance. Compare the key features of each of these best presents for hikers, or click the links to view these gifts for hikers on Amazon or other retailers.

NameFeatures Price
Brita Water Filter BottleFilters as you drink, disc does 60L, top brand, 4 coloursClick here
Aeropress Go Coffee MakerUltra compact, great flavour, easy to clean, travel mug incClick here
Apple AirPods ProComfortable fit, Apple & Android compatible, travel caseClick here
Amazon Kindle PaperwhiteIntegral light, 6 case colours, waterproof, 8GB or 32GBClick here
Garmin Vivoactive SmartwatchGPS, heart rate monitor, 6 colours, keep in touch on the moveClick here
Go Pro Hero Action CameraWaterproof, 20MP photos, 5K video, 1080P live streamingClick here
Large Microfibre Beach TowelSand-free, ultra lightweight, stuff bag, dries 3 times fasterClick here
Leatherman Wave Plus18 tools, carry pouch, 1 hand operation, very sharp knivesClick here
Victorinox Huntsman Iconic design, 15 tools inc bottle openers & hook, keyringClick here
Pocket Rocket Hiking StoveCompact & lightweight, easy to use, strong flame, stableClick here
50 Flameless Tea LightsGreat value, lights up camp, no naked flame, batteries incClick here
Waterproof Playing CardsTravel case, waterproof and tear resistant, wipe clean Click here
Travel Planner & JournalCool illustrations, 4 sections, lightweight, interior pocketClick here
Nod Pod Sleeping Bag LinerPure silk, hypoallergenic, moisture wicking, thermo-regulatingClick here
Briggs & Riley Toiletry BagLifetime warranty, hanging design, water resistant interiorClick here

15 of the best gifts for hikers

A Brita water filter bottle

Have you ever drank the tap water somewhere away from home about thought, ‘yuk, this tastes foul’? I still do that. Even though I moved away from Northumberland decades ago, I’m not keen on the tap water here in Dorset. (Though London’s was, of course, worse.) It’s why I stick to adding sugar free squash for flavour – or drinking filtered water. This is thus one of those cheap – yet ideal – gifts for avid hikers.

I didn’t even know filtered water bottles were a thing until I started researching this guide, but indeed they are. And which brand could be better to buy than Brita, the best known water filter company here in the UK? Their Filter Bottle Active looks just the same as your typical water bottle with a sports cap – but it’s much more clever.

This bottle actually filters the water as you drink it. Who knew? It comes complete with the required filter disc, which can provide the user with 60 litres of water that’s filtered as they drink it. The bottle also comes in contemporary grey with lime, blue, pink or purple. One of the top gifts for hiking lovers everywhere.

Click here to see this Brita water filter bottle in 4 colours

Check eBay prices here

Aeropress Go travel coffee maker

Whilst we’re still on the theme of beverages – what does the average traveller really need after a morning of tossing and turning in a tent or dorm room bed because the neighbours were partying into the small hours? Or perhaps because said hiker joined in? Enter the next contender on this list of great gifts for walkers and hikers.

Coffee. I don’t know about you, but I’m not even human until I’d had at least two cups of coffee in the morning. Strong ones, of course. Why should you miss out just because you’re many miles from the nearest coffee shop, or don’t want to pay three quid for a disposable cupful?

At the time of writing, the Aeropress Go was averaging 4.9 stars out of 5 on Amazon – and that’s with almost 3,500 reviews posted. Pretty impressive. So much the case that they might even end up ditching the cafetiere normally used at home, as this creates super smooth coffee with a complete lack of bitterness.

This portable little machine can make a strong espresso style brew too, and is ultra easy to clean. It even comes complete with a travel mug, and all the accessories fit snugly inside. I really cannot see how this design could be bettered. It’s also one of the more pocket-friendly gift ideas for hiking lovers.

Click here to view this Aeropress travel coffee maker

Check eBay prices here

Apple AirPods Pro

OK, so let’s be honest here. I’m rather freaked out by the Apple thing that makes people queue for hours outside their stores on the day of a new product launch. It all seems a bit cult-like to me. My first smartphone was a Samsung, and all these years later I’m still using the Galaxy series. So why are the Apple AirPods among the top hiking gift ideas for him or her?

So. We needed to replace our tired desktop a few years ago. I was really resistant to the idea of a Mac, but Mister – who has to fix all the tech – was keen. Not least because his dad was delighted with his. So we went ahead… and I LOVE it. I’m sat at the iMac right now, and as a full-time professional content writer it gets a hammering. We’ve bought a MacBook and two iPads since then. In short, we are converts.

And so it is with the AirPods Pro. They’re just so much better than any other similar product. I’ve had trouble getting this kind of headphones to stay in my ears in the past, but not so with these. They work perfectly well with Android too – which as a Samsung phone owner, is a relief to me. This sleek piece of kit is worth every single penny – and they make super cool gifts for hikers and travellers.

Click here to see the Apple AirPods Pro

Check eBay prices here

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite bundle

Back in my earlier travelling days, all we had was paperback books. Which were bulky and heavy to carry, so I’d give them away, leave them at the hostel or trade them at a local book exchange after reading. That way, I only had one to carry around. Enter the Kindle – one of the top gifts for hikers.

The size and weight of a book wasn’t the only problem. Finding decent reads in an unfamiliar place was also a challenge. Investing in an Amazon Kindle does away with all that, as you have a huge catalogue of good books, literally at your fingertips. You can choose between six case colours, and opt for an 8GB or 32GB model. An integral adjustable light means you can read anywhere, any time without disturbing others.

A Paperwhite version is worth the extra money, to me, as I read last thing at night, and don’t want to suffer eye strain due to staring at a screen before I grab some sleep. This Kindle is now waterproof too, making it ideal for those hikers who may stop at a beach, waterfall or river en route. The bundles are the best buy, as they include a high quality leather cover and power adaptor. As gift ideas for hikers and backpackers go, this is up there with the best.

Click here to check out the selection of Amazon Kindle bundles

Garmin Vivoactive GPS smartwatch

Buy them this Garmin smartwatch and they can find their way as well as monitoring that heart rate when climbing steep hills or scrambling over rocks. As hiking accessories gifts go, this one’s definitely a winner – and it doesn’t even cost any more than a decent conventional watch.

If staying in touch is important, this watch can help with that too. And when it’s all about the look, you can choose between five colours including this sleek black or a more feminine white one with rose gold trim. Why shouldn’t the best Christmas gifts for hikers look like a designer timepiece?

This is one of those hiking gifts for men and women that will be worn, used and loved all year round. It’s also equally suitable for those seeking cool hiking gifts for dad or the best gifts for female hikers.

Click here to view the Garmin Vivoactive smartwatch

Check eBay prices here

Go Pro Hero waterproof action camera

When the backpacker or adventurer you know is into taking pictures and video footage, then a Go Pro makes one of the best hiking presents you could find. Trust me, it’s big news in the world of travel blogging. Families who travel in particular are impressed by how indestructible this thing is. Yes, it’s relatively pricey. But if you;re looking beyond stocking stuffer ideas for hikers, this could be the one.

Even when you max out the zoom, the images remain clear and pin-sharp. The latest model has all the technological features anyone could wish for, including LCD touchscreens, 20 megapixels for photos, 5K video and 1080P live streaming. It’s also fully waterproof, which is perfect for diving and snorkelling.

The Go Pro is intuitive to use and capable of creating 8 times slow motion, Hypersmooth and TimeWarp footage. It’s the best action and still camera around. As well as one of the finest birthday or even wedding gifts for hikers.

Click here to discover more about the Go Pro Hero

Check eBay prices here

Nomandia microfibre beach towel

All hikers and backpackers want to travel light, and no one wants a sandy towel. Nomandia have solved the problem of carrying a bulky beach towel, that gets full of sand and is heavy to carry, with this beautiful beach towel. A budget buy, too, compared to some other hiking present ideas.

These Nomandia beach towels are the best gifts for backpackers – who could resist those gorgeous, colourful prints? But this product is about substance just as much as style. It can pack down very small indeed into the supplied carry bag, and weighs just a fraction over 300g too.

Perhaps best of all is the fact that this beach towel doesn’t gather sound like a conventional one. It remains sand free, and dries three times faster too so you can pack it away and get on with your day. If any of my family or friends are reading this, buy me one of these for Christmas? Please? The trouble is, I can’t choose which colour, so you might just have to surprise me…

Click here to view this range of Nomandia beach towels

Check eBay prices here

Leatherman Wave Plus multi-tool

Mister’s best mate gave him a Leatherman multi-tool about 20 years ago, and it’s still as good as new. Despite what seems to me like almost constant use. They’re not as well known as Victorinox Swiss Army knives, but they’re every bit as good. Better, many might say. Whether you want gifts for beginner hikers or the woman or man about the house.

This Leatherman Wave Plus has everything you need around the campsite or even when at home. Pliers, scissors, files, driver bits, wire cutters, a bottle opener, and of course knives. There are 18 tools on total on the Wave Plus, and it comes with a great carry and storage pouch too.

Satisfied owners love the sharp knives and the fact that all the tools can be operated using only one hand. While they’re not cheap, a Leatherman really can last a lifetime. That’s why it deserves an inclusion on any gift guide for hikers.

Click here to find out more about the Leatherman Wave Plus

Check eBay prices here

Victorinox Huntsman Swiss Army Knife

If you want something cheaper than the Leatherman but just as reliable, the Victorinox Huntsman is a Swiss Army Knife with 15 functions on it. Including the all-important corkscrew and bottle opener – or is that just me? As Christmas gift ideas for hikers go, this is one heck of a stocking filler.

Despite the name reminding me of the months I spent on a South Australian farm – sharing a bedroom with numerous big black huntsman spiders as well as a fellow female Brit – I do love the sleek black design of this one. If you don’t, it also comes in classic red, clear blue and even camo.

The Swiss Army Knife can double up as a keyring, and some of the other useful tools include a wood saw, screwdriver, tweezers, a can opener and even a hook. If you’re seeking Father’s Day hiking gifts, this is well worth considering.

Click here to discover the Huntsman Swiss Army Knife

Check eBay prices here

FRIFLY pocket rocket hiking stove

There are a few of these pocket hiking stoves around, but this one is the pick of the bunch. Who says you can’t get cooking on gas – even when you’re travelling light? Wherever they are, all they need is any compatible canister – namely any brand that is a 7/16”(EN 417) threaded butane-propane blend or Isobutane one.

Happy owners report that this stove is ultra compact and lightweight, plus very easy to set up and use. Some have apparently used it with success in the deserts or up some of the world’s highest mountains, so it should see you through any UK based trips with ease. Ticking all the boxes regarding gifts for the avid hiker you know.

This impressive little stove has a powerful flame, is wind and waterproof, reliably stable and resistant to rusting. Definitely among the most affordable and best gifts for campers and hikers.

Click here to see this FRIFLY compact hiking stove

Check eBay prices here

Flameless tea lights

Buy a pack of these flickering, flameless tea lights and it’s like a hiking ornament while also ticking the practical hiking gear gifts box.

There are 50 in the pack, so they should have plenty for a number of trips – or to use at home. Batteries are included, and each lasts for around 100 hours. As for the LED bulb, that can last up to 50,000 hours. Though at this price it may simply be worth treating them as disposable items.

Without the dangers of a naked flame, these are ideal for use inside a tent or outside, where they won’t be blown out by the wind. As well as creating that campfire feel, these can also be dotted around to provide enough light to see by. One of the more unusual and affordable gift ideas for hiking enthusiasts.

Click here to check out these battery operated tea lights

Check eBay prices here

Go Travel waterproof playing cards

A pack of playing cards is a travel essential. And yes, I do know that everyone already has a pack. But are they waterproof, tear-resistant ones? Do they come in their own case? That’s why these make great, yet cheap, gifts for hikers.

Be the most popular person at the campsite, picnic spot or hostel when you break out a pack of playing cards. It’s an instant way to make friends – as well as passing the time. You can even spill your drink as many times as you like – no matter. It’s all water off a duck’s back, whether they’re inside the case or not.

With a cool design, these waterproof, non-tearing playing cards can simply be wiped clean. They make great, affordable gifts for gifts for hikers and campers alike.

Click here to find out more about the Go Travel playing cards

Check eBay prices here

A travel journal

Travel journals make really good gifts for hikers and backpackers – and they’re very affordable too. I know no hiker wants to carry more than they need, but at 280 grams it’s one of the lightest around. It’s also one of the more compact travel planners on the market.

This cute travel planner and journal is packed with pretty illustrations, and has four tabbed sections including planning, lists and itinerary as well as the actual journal area at the back. There is an interior pocket for storing keepsakes like tickets, cards and receipts, and an elasticated, banded closer keeps everything neatly tucked away.

Whether you want stocking stuffers for hikers at Christmas, small gifts for hikers or backpacking gift ideas, a lovely travel journal is a fabulous present.

Click here to see this travel planner and journal

A Nod Pod silk sleeping bag liner

I chose the Nod Pod as my top pick in my post on finding a great sleeping bag liner, and there are lots of reasons to recommend it. Pure silk is THE best fabric to sleep on – since my bestie started up a silk pillowcase company a few years ago I’ve been sleeping on their pillowcases, and there’s no going back to cotton. Which is why it’s also listed here among the best gifts for hikers in the UK.

Silk is naturally hypoallergenic and thermo-regulating. This Nod Pod sleeping bag liner also comes with its own pillow slip and travel pouch. While this is not among the ideal gifts for day hikers, if the adventurer you’re buying for stays overnight while trekking then this is one of the best hiking gifts for him or her.

As well as this gorgeous shade of purple, these silk sleeping bag liners come in teal, navy, blue or black. Weighing just 110g, it’s ideal for those who travel light. Using this with a sleeping bag will add a few extra degrees of warmth while reducing the need for washing. In hot weather, it wicks away moisture and can be used just as it is.

Click here to see the Nod Pod pure silk sleeping bag liner

Check eBay prices here

Briggs and Riley hanging toiletry bag

Let’s get this out of the way first. For a toiletry bag, this is not cheap. But what you get for your money is a top quality item that really will stand the test of time. In fact Briggs and Riley are so confident that they offer a lifetime performance warranty – and this even includes airline damage. Anyone who’s had their backpack practically ripped in half by the time they arrived in Newcastle from Bali – via Singapore and Heathrow – will be surely be impressed by that. I loved that 65 litre purple Karrimor. RIP.

Why a hanging toiletry bag? Because in any shower area at a swimming pool, campsite, sports centre or hostel, there is literally nowhere to put your shampoo and shower gel. Yet there is always (at least in my experience) a hook on the back of the cubicle door. Hanging your toiletry bag on there just makes life simpler. Especially when the shower is in the state I once found one in when camping in the New Forest. A mudbath is the most pleasant way of describing that.

Some tents also have hooks or loops built into the design. You’ll also find hooks on planes and trains and in coaches and cars. In short, there will always be somewhere to put this. In it, there is also plenty of space for all your kit and caboodle, and the interior is water resistant. I’d love to receive this as a gift. Just saying 😉

Click here to view the Briggs and Riley hanging toiletry bag

Which are the best hiking gifts for your friends and family?

Whether you wanted to find the best hiking gifts for her or him, I hope this rundown of the top gifts for trekkers has helped you find the right item. I’d certainly be delighted to unwrap any of these cool hiking gear gifts at Christmas on my birthday or on Mother’s Day. Hopefully your recipent will feel the same way about whichever of these gifts for hiking enthusiasts you choose to treat them to!

Polly x

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