10 Best Reclining Camp Chairs UK [2023]

10 Best Reclining Camp Chairs UK [2023]
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Reclining camp chairs are an absolute must for me. Having a dodgy back, my downtime tends to involve as much lying down as possible – whether that’s reading a book or watching a film in the bedroom or lounging in the sun.

When you suffer from back pain, camping can be a challenge in various ways. Luckily, I’ve found that with the right travel kit, life under canvas is made so much more comfortable. Having already covered the top camp beds for bad backs, I’m now turning my attention to the reclining camp chair options out there.

We moved house a couple of years ago, and along with it gained some of the stuff we still use in the garden. The pair of sun loungers have certainly seen better days – and they’re certainly too bulky to take camping. Storing the cushions can be a pain too.

So I’m looking for the all-in-one solution. A recliner luxury camp chair that looks good enough to use in the garden, but is also easy to store and transport. Times three for me, Mister and Missy. (The cat will have to take his chances when one is unoccupied, which he is guaranteed to do on a sunny day.)

Rushing around? Take a sneak peek here at my number one product overall

I’ve chosen the Timber Ridge XL reclining camp chair as my top pick as it ticks all my boxes and offers great value too. With a handy side pocket, cosy padding and lots of space, I’d be happy to spend the entire night on this one.

My priorities are comfort, looks and price – not necessarily in that order, depending on what appeals to me about each product. For more on what to look for when buying, see the guide below.

Stay right here if you also want to find the best reclining camp chair. From reclining camping chairs with footrest to a beautiful luxury recliner camp chair that will enhance your exterior decor, all the top lightweight reclining camping chair options are listed right here.

For an at-a-glance guide, take a look at the quick reference table below. It lists all the top ten reclining camp chairs, plus links to check the price and latest reviews.

Best reclining camp chairs contents

Top 10 reclining camp chair reviews

To jump directly to the review you want to read, simply click the product name below.

Best reclining camp chairs comparison table

Outsunny zero gravity reclinerCup & phone holder, great value, headrestClick here
SA products orb rocking recliner Headrest, rocking motion, foldable & compactClick here
KingCamp XXL recliner & bedSide pocket, XXL size, doubles up as camp bedClick here
Vango Hyde Tall camping chairTop brand, 7 positions, padded, sleek & stylishClick here
Timber Ridge XL camp reclinerPadded, XL size, side cup holder & pocketClick here
VonHaus camping recliners setSet of 2, simple recliner action, 2 year warrantyClick here
Outwell Lomond camping reclinerCup holder, padded, distinctive colour & styleClick here
Kelty Lowdown camping chairLow position, comfortable, insulated drink holderClick here
Kelty Lowdown camping loveseatRoom for 2, drink holders, comfortable position Click here
Coleman sling camping chairErgonomic, extra high back, lightweight & compactClick here
reclining camp chair

Choosing a reclining camp chair – what to look for

There are a number of factors to bear in mind when choosing between camping recliners and loungers. The first is exactly that – do you want to sit upright or lie flat? Also, do you require a headrest and/or footrest, and would you prefer a padded seat? Is it big enough, and how will you carry it? Does it have cup holders or a pocket? Here’s a little more on each of the most helpful features, but first, let’s take a brief look at what zero gravity means.

Zero gravity

Several of the camping recliner chairs for the outdoors listed here provide ‘zero gravity’ seating. What does zero gravity mean? It’s all about the sensation, which is meant to make you feel as though you’re weightless. Like you’re floating in space. This type of seating holds your body in a neutral position, for the ultimate in relaxation. The idea is that you will literally sense the tension ebbing away. It can also reduce pressure on the spine.

Seating position

This is a biggie. Do you want to sit back and relax, for instance, in a camping recliner rocking chair, or would you like a portable folding reclining chair that can be used in an upright position? If you want to dine al fresco while being seated then you will require a chair that can sit you up at the table rather than a sun lounger type. Some chairs have multiple positions, which can be good for positional relief if, like me, you suffer frequent or constant back pain.

Headrest and footrest

Some of the aluminium reclining camping chairs deatiled below come with a headrest, or have a footrest built into the design. The former are often removable so that you don’t have to use it all the time, or even at all. Do you want to put your feet up? Would you like some head and neck support? Those are the questions to conside before choosing the right seating for you.

Storage and carrying

Lightweight can be best when it comes to transporting your luxury folding reclining camping chairs, but robustness and reliability is also important. While you do need to have enough space for it in the house, garage, shed, car or campervan, you also want a seat you feel safe, supported and comfortable in. All of the chairs listed here fold away, and some also come with a carry bag whcih can help keep them as clean and compact as possible.

Other useful features

One listing comes as a set of two, while another can accommodate a couple of people. The size of these chairs does vary, so it’s worth factoring into the equation how much space you want or need. Some also have padding for added cosiness. A feature I like to have, if possible, is a cup holder, as it saves bending down or reaching over to get my drink!

The top ten reclining camp chair recommendations

Outsunny zero gravity reclining camp chair with headrest review

Best cup & phone holder

This reclining seat for camping comes with a phone and cup holder plus a headrest. The grey colour looks good anywhere.

This particular reclining camp chair and outdoor lounger immediately appealed to me because of the name. Outsunny is familiar to me as Mister had just put a pair of their rattan loungers together for a friend who owns a lodge on a holiday park near where we live.

Available in cool, contemporary grey, they will look good both on the campsite and in the garden. I love the fact that there’s a headrest too – even though my back problems are based in the lumbar region, good spinal support all the way up to the neck can help with overall comfort.

The cup and phone holder is also surely a must for anyone with spinal pain – it’s no good relaxing in the most comfortable recliner in the world if you have to keep bending down to reach your drink, book or phone. Yes, you could use a table, but why buy and store one when this simple solution negates that need?

High points:

  • Integral headrest
  • Phone and cup holder
  • Great value for money

Low points:

  • Unpadded seat

Click here to see these Outsunny zero gravity sun loungers

Check eBay price

SA Products zero gravity moon rocker recliner review

Best swinging recliner

With a relaxing swinging motion, this stylish zero gravity rocker has padded arm and headrests and is easy to wipe clean.

Why go for a standard product when you could buy a swinging reclining camp chair? As any baby would tell you, there’s nothng like being rocked into a state of blissful relaxation. The shape of this reclining luxury camp chair also looks really cool – it’s something I’d be proud to have on show in our outdoor space.

Despite the shape, this is a foldable reclining rocking camp chair too, and is simple to store and transport. At under 8 kg, it’s pretty lightweight too. There are foam armrests, and the headrest is easy to remove for cleaning or if you don’t want to use it. The textoline fabric can be wiped clean as required.

This compact swinging and reclining camp chair is great for smaller spaces and for taking away with you on camping trips too.

High points:

  • Rocking motion
  • Foldable and compact
  • Headrest

Low points:

  • No cup holder

Click here to view this zero gravity orb rocker recliner

Check eBay price

KingCamp XXL reclining camping bed review

Best fully flat recliner

If you want a generously sized recliner that can be used as a camp bed, go for this one. It even has a handy side pocket.

While the SA Products moon recliner is a little on the narrow side, this one is extra large. Ideal if you like to stretch out, but of course being larger means it will take up a bit more space and be heavier to carry.

As the picture shows, it does fold flat. The backrest offers four positions to choose from, including completely flat. KingCamp say it can be used as a camp bed too, and in fact owners say that it is indeed comfortable enough for overnight use.

The bungee type suspension system helps to relieve pressure on the spine, and again this one has a built-in headrest. Another simple yet very useful feature is the side pocket that can keep small essential items within reach.

High points:

  • Extra large size
  • Handy side pocket
  • Can be used as camp bed

Low points:

  • Bulkier option

Click here to see the KingCamp XXL reclining camping chair

Check eBay price

Vango Hyde Tall camping recliner chair review

Best tall chair

This more upright style of recliner from Vango has good padding, a tough fabric finish and 7 seating position options.

If you want a chair that reclines rather than a sun lounger or camp bed type product, take a look at this one. Made by top camping brand Vango, it is designed for use on the campsite. Yet with its tall back and smart navy blue colour, it’s good enough to use in the garden too.

This recliner luxury chair for camping offers seven positions, including upright which is ideal for dining. It folds flat for easy carriage, and the Dura-Lite fabric does just what the name suggests – it’s tough and lightweight yet good looking too. The textured frame also creates a more upmarket appearance.

Unless you do want a reclining folding chair with footrest that you can lie down on, this stylish, sturdy Vango reclining chair is a great buy from a leading brand. Unlike other options, it also has padding.

High points:

  • Seven reclining positions with padding
  • Sleek, stylish finish
  • Reliable brand

Low points:

  • Cannot lie flat

Click here to view the Vango Hyde Tall camping chair

Check eBay price

Timber Ridge XL folding camping recliner review

Best for comfort

This super comfy Timber Ridge recliner has a cup holder and pocket, is extra large and has a cosy padded surface.

I mentioned – and listed – fishing chairs and beds in my post on camp beds for back pain sufferers, and am returning to them once again here. Why buy a Timber Ridge reclining director’s chair when you could have one that can actually be used for lying flat? (Well with my spinal history I would say that, I’ve never found director’s chairs comfortable at all.)

And joy of joys – these recliners from Timber Ridge also have a fabric cup holder and pocket to the side. That will certainly help you avoid bending and twisting to reach a drink, your sunglasses or a book that’s on the floor. even more positive news – it also has padding. I, for one, am sold.

The downside is that it weighs over 11 kilos, though it’s easy for one person to fold and most to carry. With rave reviews, I’m prepared to find a little extra garage and car space to accommodate this best buy. I’d give this a go for sleeping on during any night of the week.

High points:

  • Cup holder and pocket
  • Padded surface
  • Extra large size

Low points:

  • Heavier than others

Click here to see this Timber Ridge camp chair recliner

VonHaus set of 2 zero gravity recliners review

Best two pack

A great value two-pack means more chairs for your money. They fold flat, have a 2 year guarantee and switch position easily.

If it’s a bargain you’re looking for, then you can call off the search right here. This set of VonHaus recliners offers pretty much two for the price of one, and they also come with the cover of a 2-year warranty. What’s not to love? They look good too.

These aso come with a movable headrest each and fold down flat easily. The position is adjusted by means of a shift in weight, so once you get used to this you can keep switching around all day long. (And I recommend doing this, as positional relief can work wonders for bad backs.)

The value for money offered here is incredible and they are robust enough to cope with larger and heavier people too. Great for a picnic in the park, camping or the garden, and one happy owner even works from home in theirs!

High points:

  • Set of 2
  • 2 year warranty
  • Shift in weight changes position

Low points:

  • No pocket or cup holder

Click here to view this VonHaus reclining chairs set

Check eBay prices

Outwell Lomond comfort camping chair review

Best reclining chair

The quilted surface of this more upright camp chair looks smart and is ultra comfortable. A cup holder makes it even better.

The denim blue hue makes a refreshing change from the bog standard camping chairs on the market, and the diamond-patterned padding adds style as well as comfort. As with the Vango Hyde, this is a more upright kind of camping chair from a top outdoor manufacturer.

These Outwell reclining chairs offer five seating positions, and they’re ideal for dining and socialising as well as kicking back to relax. This product also comes with a matching fabric cup holder, which in my book is well worth paying extra for.

Smooth, curved armrests and additional head padding ramp up the comfort levels, while the weight of just a little over 6 kilos makes these much easier to carry around. If I was going for an upright type of camping chair, this would definitely be my choice. Not least because the colour matches my eyes 😉

High points:

  • Attractive colour and design
  • Padded for comfort
  • Integral cup holder

Low points:

  • No flat position

Click here to see the Outwell Lomond reclining camping chair

Check eBay price

Kelty Lowdown camping chair review

Best low-level chair

This lower level camping chair is great for tending to kids or the campfire. It also has a carry bag and integral drink holder.

While this isn’t a recliner as such, it does have a slightly reclined position. There’s something else that’s back-friendly about the set up of this chair, for me at least. I find I have less pain when I’m sitting or even lying down with my knees bent. According to a doctor, this is because that position causes less stress on the spine than when the legs are straighter.

So although it may be slightly harder to get in and out of this seat, its lower position makes sitting more comfortable. That’s my perspective, but other reviewers also highly rate how relaxing this Kelty reclining camp chair is to sit in. You cannot change the position, but it is easier to reach the campfire when you need to as you’re already low down. This can be helpful when you’re supervising young children too.

This Kelty camping chair also comes with an insulated cup or drink bottle holder and a tote bag to store and carry it in.

High points:

  • Insulated drink holder
  • Lower seating position
  • Comfortable, sturdy and roomy

Low points:

  • Cannot adjust position

Click here to view this lowdown Kelty camp chair

Kelty Lowdown Loveseat camping chair review

Best chair for two

This strong seat has room for two people – or lots of space for one to stretch out on. There’s a cup holder on each arm too.

Why carry and store two camping chairs when you could share one? Ideal for loved-up couples (or close friends), the Kelty Lowdown sofa is sized for two. That doesn’t necessarily mean you have to share it, however. I’d be tempted to keep it all to myself. If I became uncomfortable after prolonged sitting, I would lie down with my torso across the two seats and my legs hanging over one arm. For me, any port in a storm when my back is playing up, and I’ve done this on car or plane seats or friends’ sofas.

As with the individual chair, users praise the comfort and robustness of this Kelty double chair for camping. Again it comes with the tote bag and there are insulated drink holders on each arm. It comes in three colour options too.

This is a spacious two-seater beach, garden or camping sofa which Kelty claim leaves ample room for the family pet. (Er, have they seen the size of my cat? He’s like a tiger.) The fabric is also super tough and apparently ‘puppy proof’.

High points:

  • Room for two
  • Insulated drinks holders
  • Comfortable seating position

Low points:

  • Back not adjustable

Click here to see the lowdown Kelty camping loveseat

Coleman sling camping chair review

Best sling seat

A high-backed sling chair that’s lightweight, simple to fold and made from tough Oxford cloth. It comes with a carry bag.

Again this a slightly reclining camping seat rather than a full recliner, but for total support it has an extra high back that cradles the neck as well as the spine. Weighing just over 3.5 kg and easy to fold, this is a great reclining chair to take anywhere. A carry bag is also included.

You can see that care has been taken when designing this Coleman reclining camp chair. Tough 600 denier Oxford cloth covers a lightweight aluminium frame, and even the armrests are curved and smooth for added comfort. The side rails support the fabric and the user, so the seat doesn’t become uncomfortable due to sagging.

These Coleman camping chairs are smart enough for the garden as well as strong enough to stand the test of time, while providing ergonomically designed seating.

High points:

  • Extra high back
  • Lightweight and easy to fold
  • Supportive side rails and armrests

Low points:

  • Position not adjustable

Click here to view this Coleman sling camp chair

Check eBay price

Which are the best reclining camp chairs for you?

Whether you wanted a new recliner luxury camping chair or something to fit a tight budget, I hope this guide has helped you to find the best reclining camp chair – with footrest and headrest or without. From a recliner camping chair swing or sling style to a padded portable reclining chair, these good value products should provide plenty of campsite, beach or garden use.

Polly x

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