Best Wheeled Duffel Bag UK [2023]

Best Wheeled Duffel Bag UK [2023]

Suitcases and backpacks are the best known luggage types used for travel within the UK as well as overseas, but have you considered a wheeled duffel bag? Something of a hyrid between several types, this sort of luggage has a lot going for it. Frankly, it’s one of the best pieces of travel gear you can own.

Rolling duffel bags are so easy to pack. They’re more flexible than a rigid case, and it’s simpler to see exactly where everything is inside than it is with a typical backpack. If you’ve ever tried to wedge a suitcase into a tight space – or to find something in a top-loading rucksack, then I’m sure you’ll see what I mean!

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I’m most impressed by the Samsonite Paradiver Light because this bag has it all – and comes in a choice of three sizes. This bag also comes in four colours, and is built to last.

Whether you’re already interested in the Osprey Rolling Transporter 90 or have no idea just what kind of wheeled duffel bags are out there, this guide should help you find the right one. Why take my word for it? Well, I’ve worked as a travel agency manager and in large outdoor store. I’ve also done a fair bit of travelling in my four-plus decades on earth so far…

Read on to find your ideal luggage among the best travel duffel bags with wheels. Discover my top pick Patagonia wheeled duffel, North Face rolling duffel and Eagle Creek wheeled duffel – as well as many more. You can also find out exactly what to look for when buying.

Best wheeled duffel bag contents

If you like, save time by clicking the link below to skip straight to the item you want to read the review for – or to see a guide outlining what to look for when buying.

Top 10 rolling duffel bags

  1. Osprey Rolling Transporter 90LBest large lockable duffel
  2. Osprey Rolling Transporter 40LBest small lockable duffel
  3. Eagle Creek Expanse 37LBest for standing out
  4. Patagonia Black Hole 40LBest for challenging conditions
  5. Samsonite Paradiver Light 50/80/125LBest duffel overall
  6. Samsonite Andante 2 54/87/110LBest for wet garments
  7. American Tourister Alltrail 53/75/95L Best for business travel
  8. Surfanic Maxim 100LBest laid-back looks
  9. North Face 75LBest for compartments
  10. Vera Bradley Reactive 41LBest for fashionistas

Best travel duffel bag with wheels comparison table

Osprey Rolling Transporter 90Checked90L78.74 x 43.18 x 35.56 cm3.52kgWeather-resistant, rolling wheels, interior compartmentsClick here4.5
Osprey Rolling Transporter 40Carry-on40L55.88 x 35.56 x 22.86 cm2.74kgEasy access end pocket, double flaps cover zipsClick here4.5
Eagle Creek Handgepäck ExpanseCarry-on37L21.08 x 55.12 x 35.05 cm2.45kgTop brand, 3 colours, distinctive design, lightweightClick here4.7
Patagonia Black HoleCarry-on40L35.56 x 54.86 x 24.13 cm3.18kgRecycled fabric, water-resistant, outer zipped pocketClick here
Samsonite Paradiver LightChecked or carry-on50L,
80L or 125L
VariesVariesDurable build, waterproof, 3 sizes & 4 coloursClick here4.7
Samsonite Andante 2Checked or carry-on54L,
87L or
VariesVariesCorner guards fitted, 3 sizes, separate end pocketsClick here4.4
American Tourister Alltrail Checked or carry-on53L,
75L or
VariesVariesMultiple pockets, ergonomic handles, 3 sizesClick here4.9
Surfanic MaximChecked100L73 x 38 x 20 cm3.8kgCool looks, several handles, split design for easy packingClick here4.7
North Face wheeled duffelChecked75L79 x 40 x 22 cmReinforced stress points, top brand, lighweightClick here4.6
Vera Bradley ReactiveCarry-on41L53.34 x 33.02 x 25.4 cm 2.54kgRecycled materials, 2 outer pockets, water-repellentClick here4.9
rolling duffel bags

Choosing the best rolling duffel – what to look for

Whether you want an extra large rolling duffel bag or a wheeled duffel carry on, there are several things to think about when choosing the ideal product. These include the capacity, durability, weight and weatherproofing of your chosen item.

Carry-on or check-in

Are you looking at large travel duffel bags with wheels, or do you want a carry-on sized bag? The former fits a lot more in, while the latter often means getting a cheaper flight – as well as through the airport more quickly as you don’t need to wait at baggage reclaim.


How much are you taking? As a very general guide, a carry-on will easily do for a long weekend away – or even a week in a warm place when you don’t need to take thick or heavy clothing. Carry-ons tend to hold around 40-50 litres, while a checked bag may hold anything between 75 and 125 litres. This is plenty for a week, month or even a year away.


The weight of the bag itself counts as well as the contents. A lighter weight is therefore more desirable, but it may mean that the bag is made from thinner, less durable materials. More expensive options get round this by using higher materials that are ultra tough yet less heavy.


How long would you expect your bag to last? That will obviously depend on the type and frequency of usage. Bags that go into the hold will have to stand up to some pretty rough handling at times – as well as being bumped about on the carousel and when inside the plane. Often it’s true that more you pay, the longer you can expect your beg to last.


Some of the more expensive bags listed here offer a high level of water resistance. Again, how much this matters depends on where you’re going and what you’re doing. If you’re staying here in the UK, I think you’ll know what this means!

Other useful features

Take a look at the type of pockets and straps your bag has. Do you need outside pockets, for example to access in-flight? What about interior organisation? Compression straps can also be helpful here. Do the handles look user-friendly, and does it have decent rolling wheels?

The top 10 best wheeled duffel bag recommendations

Osprey Rolling Transporter 90 review

Best large lockable duffel

  • Checked bag
  • 90 litres

The newly overhauled Osprey Rolling Transporter 90 litre duffel offers a huge capacity, side access and loads of useful spaces.

This is a highly recommended – and reliable – Osprey rolling duffel bag. It’s a good looking one too, available in three stylish shades – sleek black, Kingfisher blue or contemporary grey. Weather-resistant, it’s ideal for all sorts of leisure travel, while being smart enough for business trips too.

Access is via the side, which opens wide for easy packing of items. As well as finding them. The sturdy zippers are protected by double flaps, and they have lockable sliders for added security.

The Transporter 90 is an impressive large rolling duffel bag from a leading outdoor and baggage brand. It has oversized wheels for easy rolling, two mesh interior pockets and two compression straps for luggage organisation, and six lash points for securing it to a luggage rack or carrier.

High points:

  • Easy rolling wheels
  • Interior pockets and compression straps
  • Weather-resistant finish

Low points:

  • Must be checked in

Click here to view the Osprey Rolling Transporter 90

Osprey Rolling Transporter 40 review

Best small lockable duffel

The 40 litre version of Osprey’s Rolling Transporter is a lot smaller, so it’s ideal when travelling light. It’s also just been upgraded.

This is the smaller version of the above product, so it’s ideal if you want to take a carry-on bag only. It has the same features, but less than half the space. Which is an advantage or a minus point depending on your plans!

I like the end pocket that keeps items accessible, such as during your flight or while you’re travelling by train. Again the zips have double flaps to cover and protect them, and they’re also lockable. Six lash points help with securing the bag when in transit, and inside there are two mesh compartments plus two compression straps.

A great all-rounder, this carry on duffel bag with wheels from Osprey comes in red, blue, grey or black. You also add a transparent Osprey wash bag to your order for just a few pounds extra.

High points:

  • Interior compartments and compression straps
  • Double flaps to protect zips
  • Easy access end pocket

Low points:

  • Relatively pricey carry-on

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Eagle Creek Handgepäck Expanse review

Best for standing out

  • Carry-on
  • 37 litres

The Eagle Creek Handgepäck comes from another respected brand. It’s ideal for a long weekend and the colourful accents are easy to spot.

If you’re seeking a carry-on rather than a check-in bag, take a look at this Eagle Creek rolling duffel. With a capacity of 37 litres, it can hold plenty of stuff for a few nights in the city or a quick week away in the sun.

Like the previous product, this one also comes in three colours – grey, black or blue. The bright red, blue or orange accents make it easy to spot from a distance, which is useful if you do decide to check it in. Or indeed if you’re meeting someone at the airport.

A telescopic handle makes this small rolling duffel bag easy to move around, while larger outer straps help to make sure its contents are as secure and compact as possible. The perfect choice for shorter trips – and avoiding unwanted checked baggage costs.

High points:

  • 3 colours
  • Respected brand
  • Distinctive looks

Low Points:

  • A little small for longer trips

Click here to view the Eagle Creek 37 litre carry-on

Patagonia Black Hole wheeled duffle review

Best for challenging conditions

  • Carry-on
  • 40 litres

Patagonia products are made to withstand tough conditions and the Black Hole is no different. The water repellent fabric is recycled.

This Patagonia rolling duffel is another great carry-on option. The Black Hole is super sturdy and highly weather-resistant, and it’s built to stand up to all kinds of conditions. It has a zipped U-shaped lid for simple, quick access to the main compartment.

On the outside, there is a zip-up exterior pocket to provide secure storage for items you need to grab on the go. Patagonia have made the sturdy frame to cope with even the most reckless baggage-handler abuse. This also ensures the Black Hole remains upright, even when fully packed.

This bag also has smooth rolling oversized wheels, as well as its main snap closure handles, two end hauling loops and a telescopic handle. Four corner daisy chains also provide lash points. This bag is also kinder to the planet, as its made from 100% ripstop, recycled polyester with a tough water repellent finish.

High points:

  • Weather-resistant finish
  • Made with recycled materials
  • Zipped exterior pocket

Low points:

  • Relatively pricey

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Samsonite Paradiver Light review

Best duffel overall

This outstanding rolling duffel from luggage royalty Samsonite comes in a range of sizes and colours, and has an integral ID tag.

Not sure whether to buy a spinner suitcase, a backpack or a duffel with wheels? Then go for this Samsonite wheeled duffel that comes in a range of colours and sizes. Whether you want a compact Samsonite rolling duffel or a larger bag to check in, this one covers all bases. It also comes in four colours, including ‘jeans blue’ and the distinctive yellow shade pictured above.

This case comes in 50, 80 and 125 litre variants, so you can pack a lot in. The smallest size can be used as a carry-on – although limits do vary according to airline, so do check before buying – or packing. The 125 litre size can clearly fit inside, so again do check your carrier’s baggage limit – typically 20 to 23 kilos for European carriers. With BA, for example, your checked case should weight no more than 23 kilos or you may have to pay excess baggage charges. Personally I’d opt for the 50 and 80 litre sizes, since I managed a year in Australa with just a 65 litre backpack!

The advantages of this waterproof rolling duffel bag are many. It’s weather and dirt resistant, and this is certainly a case that’s built to last – while looking good too. An integrated ID tag is a useful feature, and happy purchasers love this bag that is durable, roomier than it looks yet lightweight and has smooth rolling wheels.

High points:

  • 3 sizes and 4 colours
  • Tough water and dirt resistant finish
  • Impressive build quality

Low points:

  • Not the cheapest choice

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Samsonite Andante 2 duffel review

Best for wet garments

Another Samsonite option comes in the form of the Andante 2. It’s ultra tough with a U-shaped opening for simple access.

If you were looking for a 30 inch duffel bag, try this one for size. As it comes in 28 or 32 inch options, you can go a little larger or smaller to suit your requirements. The Samsonite Andante 2 wheeled duffel bag also comes in a more compact 22 inch option.

This is one tough bag, and certainly among the best lightweight rolling duffel bags out there. It has corner guards fitted to guard against damage, and a locking telescopic handle as well as handy grab handles. For easy access to the main compartment, it has a big U shaped, zippered opening.

Two pockets at the ends provide space for keeping wet stuff or shoes separate, and there are three colour options to choose from. As you may expect, this is another winner from mighty luggage specialists Samsonite.

High points:

  • 22, 28 or 32 inch sizes
  • Corner guards for protection
  • End pockets for shoes or wet items

Low points:

  • Comparatively dull colours

Click here to see these Samsonite rolling duffel bags

American Tourister Alltrail wheeled duffel review

Best for business travel

The AllTrail from American Tourister is typical of this impressive brand, offering a reliable product at an attractive price point.

While it’s not so well known over here in Blighty, American Tourister is a big brand across the pond. This US manufacturer produces solid, good value luggage in a huge range of designs. This, the Alltrail, comes in three sizes.

The interior is made for simple organisation with multiple pockets plus compression straps. It has twin ergonomic handles for carrying, or you can use the telescopic handle and smooth wheels to roll it around. It can also stand upright, thanks to the reinforced base.

While I wouldn’t say this is an exciting choice, it is a sturdy bag that should give buyers years of service. It’s also more suited to business travel than some.

High points:

  • 3 size options
  • Multiple pockets plus compression straps
  • Ergonomically designed carry handles

Low points:

  • Uninspiring design

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Surfanic Maxim rolling duffel review

Best laid-back looks

The Surfanic Maxim offers both style and substance at a great value price. The split design makes packing a cinch.

This large duffel bag with wheels from Surfanic is all about substance as well as style. You can buy it in smart shades of black, blue and grey, or order it in one of three funky patterned prints. There is even a tougher heavy duty option in black, which has a more durable and water resistant finish than the standard models.

There’s a range of handles on this duffel bag, including a retractable telescopic handle plus grab handles to the top and front. Smooth rolling integrated wheels make it easy to manoeuvre around the airport or train station, while 4-way compression straps secure the contents. For added protection, the two ways zips are also lockable.

A great feature on this bag is the split design, which can make both packing and finding what you want much easier.

High points:

  • 6 colors including funky prints
  • Split design makes packing simple
  • Grab handles to front and top

Low points:

  • Not a premium luggage brand

Click here to see this Surfanic duffle with wheels

North Face wheeled duffel review

Best for compartments

The North Face is a top outdoor brand and this tough duffel with wheels is ultra strong and has lots of useful interior compartments.

A little like the Samsonite Paradiver, this North Face rolling duffel is a little like a backpack or even a soft shell suitcase. It comes in a lovely shade of blue with a red telescopic handle, or black, also with the contrasting red.

Inside, there’s a series of compartments and straps to help with luggage organisation. The compartment opens fully to make packing and unpacking as simple as possible. Constructed from tough material, it’s also reinforced at stress points to help prolong its life.

North Face have made this backpack – duffel hybrid as lightweight as it can be, without sacrificing the build quality. The result is a user friendly rolling duffel that’s made to stand the test of time.

High points:

  • Series of interior compartments and straps
  • Lightweight, backback-style duffel
  • Reinforced stress points

Low points:

  • Not the most affordable option

Click here to view this North Face duffle luggage with wheels

Vera Bradley Reactive rolling duffel review

Best for fashionistas

Made using recycled plastics, this Vera Bradley duffel comes in prints that will get you noticed, and folds down well for storage.

Loyal customers really love this brand, and you have to admit it has a lot going for it. This particular Vera Bradley rolling duffel is a compact, carry-on size, and like other products is made from their own ‘Lighten Up’ fabric, which is produced using recycled bottles.

Due to this the fabric has a reliable water-repellent finish, and it is also soft and lightweight. There are two handy exterior pockets with zips, which are ideal for storing those essentials you need quick access to. A large mesh interior compartment on one side helps you organise smaller stuff.

This Vera Bradley wheeled duffel can also be folded down for storage, and comes in a range of pretty floral prints as well as plain black.

High points:

  • Made using recycled plastic bottles
  • Soft, lightweight, water-repellent fabric
  • Foldable for storage

Low points:

  • Price may vary according to design

Click here to see the Vera Bradley Reactive wheeled duffel

Best wheeled duffel bag | FAQs

Which duffel bag is best?

The best duffel bags with wheels are made by Samsonite, Eagle Creek, Osprey, Patagonia and The North Face. These are all well-established outdoor brands whose products are built to last. Good budget friendly options are made by companies such as Surfanic and American Tourister.

What size duffel bag is best?

When picking a duffel bag, you need to work out how much you need to carry. Then it’s a case of considering the airline weight and size restrictions for your flight. You’ll need a smaller, more compact bag if you only want to take carry on luggage than if you check your bag.

Which is the best duffel bag with wheels for you?

I hope this guide has helped you pick out the ideal small or large rolling duffle bag for your travels. This hybrid type of case is a great option for those not keen on rugged backpacks or smart suitcases, and there are some really good products out there!

Polly x

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