7 Best Folding Solar Panels for Camping UK [2023]

7 Best Folding Solar Panels for Camping UK [2023]
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Taking a set of folding solar panels with you when you go camping means you can benefit from free energy to power your electricals. You could also use this camping gear at home, especially if you want to power items outdoors when you’re out in a part of the garden that’s nowhere near a socket.

In the case of our old VW campervan, it was far cheaper and simpler to buy a small foldable solar panel to power our devices than to get a leisure battery fitted. Whether you want to charge just a couple of phones or a number of bigger items for a family, investing in a foldable solar panel for camping means you can charge what you nned to – without even paying a penny for the electricity.

Click here to see my number one fold out solar panel for camping

I’ve chosen the Firefly solar panel because it comes in 3 sizes, features a sleek design and even offers the peace of mind provided by a 2 year warranty.

If you buy a camping generator, then you may be able to power it via a compatible foldable solar panel charger if you choose carefully. You may also use a larger foldable solar charger to power bigger things like a camping fridge.

Whatever you want to use it for, this guide will help you find the best fold up solar panels for your ourdoor adventures. From a small 40 or 60 watt foldable solar panel to a great value Dokio 300w solar panel kit, this guide should help you find the top folding solar panels for caravans, camping and general outdoor use.

Best folding solar panels contents

Best foldable solar panel comparison chart

BrandWattageKey featuresPrice
Dokio 300wLightweight, free solar controller, integral protectionClick here
Rockpals100wBuilt-in case, 3 USBs, compatible with many devicesClick here
Vnase40wWater resistant cloth, overload protection, small & lightClick here
Renogy200wSturdy & sleek, top quality cells, effective in low lightClick here
Jackery100wSpecialist award-winning brand, folds in half for carriageClick here
Firefly60, 100 or 120w2 year warranty, neat & compact, 3 wattage optionsClick here
Eco-Worthy100, 120, 150, 200 or 240w5 wattage choices, windproof & waterproofClick here

Best folding solar panel kit – Top options

Best folding solar panels – What to look for


Size and wattage tend to go hand in hand – although the size and weight of one 250 watt folding solar panel compared to another will of course vary by brand and the actual design.

Think about what sort of size panels you want to carry, and to keep outside when you’re camping. How much space will it take up in the car, or could you carry it on a train or bus?


The wattage of your chosen product will determine the power output, so it’s important to decice which devices you’ll need to charge, how many you have and how often the batteries will need topping up.

The lowest wattage options are usually a 40w or 60w folding solar panel. A 150 watt folding solar panel is probably the average, though many products are 100w or 200w. I have included a foldable solar panel that’s 300w in this guide, as well as an EcoWorthy folding solar panel available in 5 sizes.


How will you be transporting your portable folding solar panels for camping? Also, where will they be stored when not in use, and do you have limited space to spare for that?

Various models fold down flat, and can be carried either in a separate bag – as is as the case with the Dokio 300w portable solar panel. Many of the other folding solar panels for sale can be carried – and stored – like a slimline suitcase.


This is crucial – it’s no good buying a great fold up solar panel kit that won’t work with your electricals. Things to look for include the type of ports – e.g. USB – and how many, as well as what sort of batteries the panel is compatible with.

If you want to use your folding solar panel as a charger for a generator, it’s very important to ensure that the generator can be powered in this way, as well as compatibility.

Other features

Other helpful features available on some products include a warranty – Firefly, for instance, cover their panels for 24 months.

Weatherproofing is also important, as the panels themselves must be kept outside. The junction boxes are often not water resistant, so do be careful with these.

Some sort of inbuilt electrical protection against overcharging, short-circuiting and so on can also give you confidence when using the product.

foldable solar panel

Best folding solar panels for camping – reviews & recommendations

Dokio 300w solar panel kit

Best value for money

This Dokio solar panel is ultra lightweight with a 300W rating. It has protection built-in and comes with all you need, including a carry bag.

If you want a 300w folding solar panel but don’t want it to be too heavy or bulky, these fold up solar panels for camping are relatively lightweight, and can generate power even on a cloudy day.

The kit comes complete with the manual, cables, connector and solar controller you need, and (correct at the time of writing) is dispatched from a warehouse in the UK.

This intelligent 300 watt folding solar panel has built-in protection against reverse current, overcharging, reverse polarity and short-circuiting.

It comes complete with a carry bag for transportation, and as it’s just 24mm thick it’s easy to carry, mount and store.

High points:

  • Free solar controller included
  • Integral electrical protection
  • Compact & lightweight

Low points:

  • Build quality

Click here to view the Dokio solar panel 300w

Check eBay price here

Rockpals 100w foldable solar panel

Best built-in carry case

This portable solar panel from Rockpals is ideal for charging smaller electricals, and is capable of powering several at once.

A 100w folding solar panel is a more compact option for those who are camping without larger devices, or lots of items that will need charging often.

I love the way this 100 watt foldable solar panel from Rockpals has been designed, so that it folds up really easily into its own compact case.

It’s compatible with lots of devices and generators, including iPads and iPhones, the Samsung Galaxy range and various digital cameras.

The panel itself is durable and water resistant (though you should keep the junction box dry). It has a selection of ports including USB and DC, and can rapidly charge several devices at once without overloading or overcharging.

High points:

  • Folds down into carry case
  • Good compatibility
  • 3 USB ports

Low points:

  • Not suited to larger electricals

Click here to view the Rockpals folding solar panel 100w

Vnase 40w folding solar panel

Best for portability

If there’s just one or two of you and you only need to charge smartphones, then this ultra portable 40 watt panel is perfect.

This is pretty similar to the Coleman 40w folding solar panel we had in our VW campervan – alas it went to the new owners along with the vehicle as we threw some extras in to sweeten the deal.

Like other solar panels it gives you access to clean, green energy from the sun, though it’s far smaller in size than most lightweight folding solar panels.

A buit-in chip recognises the type of device, ensuring it charges more quickly while avoiding overloading. Like the Rockpals 100w panel, it has a water resistant Oxford cloth cover.

Providing 40 watts of power, this is ideal for a solo travellers or couple who want to charge smaller devices.

High points:

  • Integral water resistant cover
  • Overload protection
  • Small & lightweight

Low points:

  • Limited output

Click here to view the Vnase foldable solar panel 40w

Renogy folding solar panel 200w

Best quality solar cells

This solar panel is fitted with a rustproof stand. With German-made solar cells, it can create power even in lower lighting conditions.

This 200w folding solar panel from Renogy is like a double 100w folding solar panel kit, as it has 2 panels and a tough rust resistant stand that folds down for storage and carrying.

The Renology 200w foldable solar panel is compatible with sealed, lithium, flooded and gel batteries, and creates power even in low light conditions.

The high quality solar cells are made in Germany and it all folds down into a super sturdy carry case for transportation.

One of the things I really rate about these 200w portable solar panels is the neat, clean look, with nice straight lines – and fewer of them than on most models.

High points:

  • Sleek, sturdy design
  • Effective even in low light
  • German-made solar cells

Low points:

  • Not the cheapest option

Click here to view this Renogy foldable solar panel 200w

Check eBay price here

Jackery 100w portable solar panel

Best brand innovation

This panel comes from one of the most innovative, eco-conscious companies around, and has my personal recommendation.

I have to admit, I do love a Jackery product. They are just look smart, are so nicely made and they even have great branding. Not to mention their eco credentials.

In fact the Jackery 1000w generator was my top pick in my post on the best solar generators, and it was one of two of their products I included in that guide (the other being the 500 watt model).

As Jackery specialise in supplying outdoor adventurers with genuinely useful products that look great and perform even better, all their energy goes into… well ensuring you get a reliable power supply when using their gear.

To carry it, you simply fold the panel in half and away you go. We love ours, and find it provides enough power for charging our phones and devices – crucial as Missy is such an iPad addict.

High points:

  • Award-winning company
  • Specialist outdoor power brand
  • Folds in half for carrying & storage

Low points:

  • Not the lightest in weight

Click here to view this Jackery foldable 100 watt solar panel

Check eBay price here

Firefly, 60w, 100w or 120w folding solar panel

Best warranty back-up

These Firefly solar panels from another ecc-friendly company come in various power levels. A two year warranty gives buyers peace of mind.

Want a 120 watt folding solar panel, or think you could do with a 60w foldable solar panel? How about 100 watts? This Firefly product comes in 3 sizes, so it’s like a triple product listing in one.

The 60, 100 or 120w portable solar panel receives great customer ratings and reviews, and features a very portable, foldable design with kickstand so you can take it wherever you wander.

What also makes this product stand out – whichever size you buy it in – is the provision of a 24 month warranty for peace of mind.

Like Jackery, Firefly specialises in creating innovative outdoor energy solutions, and if I’d come across this when we got our Jackery panel it would have been a very tough decision to make. In fact, that 2 year warranty might well have swung it.

High points:

  • 60, 100 or 120w
  • 2 year warranty
  • Neat & tidy design

Low points:

  • Kick stand not the best

Click here to view this Firefly 120w foldable solar panel

Check price on eBay

Eco-Worthy 100, 120, 150, 240 or 200 watt foldable solar panel

Best choice of size

From Eco-Worthy, this solar panel set is also available in sizes between 100 and 240 watts. Even the junction box is waterproof.

The 200w folding solar panel kit from Eco-Worthy is currently Amazon’s best-seller in the monocrystalline solar panel category, so the brand must be doing something right.

In fact it comes in 5 sizes, so whether you want a 100, 120, 200, 240 or 150w folding solar panel you can pick the right size for your outdoor needs.

A waterproof junction box and tough, windproof construction mean it can cope with all weather conditions. It is also resistant to corrosion.

Lead acid, lithium or gel batteries are supported, and it comes complete with solar controller. Overload plus short and open circuit protection is also built-in.

High points:

  • 5 wattage options
  • Water & windproof
  • Solar controller included

Low points:

  • Uninspiring looks

Click here to view this Eco-Worthy portable foldable solar charger

Check price on eBay

Best folding solar panels for camping – FAQs

Are folding solar panels any good?

What’s not to love about getting free electricity, for starters? Once you’ve paid for the panel, you can access free power when spending time outdoors – even if that’s in your own back garden.

Solar panels have come a long way, and today’s typical foldable solar suitcase generally provides you with a safe, reliable source of power. Companies developing these are often committed to the green energy principle, and invest heavily in product development.

What is the best folding solar panel?

Really it’s a question of which is the best foldable solar charger for you, but you can be guided by looking at a product’s features and reading the latest reviews.

My top pick is the Firefly option, closely followed by the Jackery, but it depends on the wattage you want as well as other factors such as your budget.

What are the best solar panels for camping?

Again, it comes down to the factors addressed earlier, namely portability, size, wattage, compatibility, electrical protection and weatherproofing.

Only products with reviews of four stars or above have been featured here, as well as best selling items from Amazon.

The best large or small folding solar panel will be robust and reliable, supplying you with enough energy to meet your needs.

Are folding solar panels waterproof?

Most good quality solar panels will be be both wind and water resistant, though in most cases this does not apply to the junction box. This should be kept indoors so it will stay dry.

Can a 100 watt solar panel run a refrigerator?

A 100 watt panel could run a fridge for a while, but not continuously. It also depends on weather conditions, as they’ll have a big effect on charging. It’s better to go for a larger wattage – or even mains hook-up – if you want to run large electricals.

Which folding solar charger is best for you?

I hope this post helps you narrow down the choices when it comes to picking from all the foldable solar panels for sale. Personally, I love the access to free power, and find a portable solar panel ideal for charging our phones and tablets.

Polly x

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