Best Camping Generator UK [2023]

Best Camping Generator UK [2023]
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If you want access to power when living outdoors or off-grid, then you need a camping generator. These portable little machines can provide the whole family with enough energy for cooking, lighting, working and playing. A good portable generator for camping can also ensure you have access to chilled food, and might even provide sufficient electricity to run a TV or freezer too.

So who would buy a portable generator for camping, and is there even such a thing as the best quiet generator for camping? You may think that using a generator involves a lot of noise or fumes, but it doesn’t have to be that way. In fact, there is stiff competition between big brands to produce the most silent generator for camping possible.

There are also solar camping generators for sale, meaning there are no fumes at all as you can produce your own clean, green energy. While you need to buy a solar panel alongside these, once you’ve made that investment you can benefit from free power with no trips to the petrol station required.

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I like the Jackery 1000 watt solar generator best because it’s eco-friendly, and once you buy that plus a solar panel the power is free. It can also be powered via mains or a car socket. The innovative company have won awards for their green outdoor power solutions – and I love the look of the products too.

This guide aims to remove much of the legwork from finding the best generator for camping. Whether you want a mini generator for camping, a travel trailer generator, need a tent camping generator or simply want to know what’s out there, stay here to source the best portable generator for camping trips in the UK and Europe.

As an experienced campervan owner and a fan of sleeping out under canvas (if not quite the stars – this is the UK, after all) I’m taking into account my own past experiences of living the camping life without any access to power. In fact a lot of campervans have leisure batteries fitted, but the trouble with that is they run down fairly quickly.

With an 8 year old child and a business I run from home, I need access to power when we’re on the road for her iPad, my laptop and Mister’s music (which we usually beg him to keep to himself – his taste can run to thrash metal, which he adores and I abhor).

Read on to find the perfect camping electric generator for your outdoor adventures!

Best camping generator contents

Top 10 camping generators

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Best generators for camping comparison table

NameFuel Power (max output)FeaturesPrice
Honda EU10iUnleaded petrol1,000WTop brand; portable & compact; Honda engineClick here
Briggs & Stratton 030801Unleaded petrol2,400WQuiet; smooth power; DC, USB & household sockets Click here
Jackery solar 500WSolar, mains, car500WClean, free pure sine wave power; award winning Click here
Anker solar 60WSolar, mains, car60WFast charging, ultra sleek & portable, sine wave powerClick here
EcoFlow lithium Lithium via solar, mains, car1,800WLithium battery, quick charging, low noise, no emissionsClick here
Jackery solar 1000WSolar, mains, car1,000WGreen, pure sine wave power; innovative companyClick here
Hyundai 3,800WUnleaded petrol3,800W2 year warranty, large output, overload resetClick here
Unleaded petrol1,900WTough looks, 2 year warranty, pure sine wave powerClick here
Hyundai 5,500WUnleaded petrol5,500WLow oil shut-off, ultra powerful, 3 year warrantyClick here
Allpowers solar setSolar or mains60WFolding solar panel & power pack, wireless chargingClick here
silent generator for camping

Choosing the best camping generator – what to look for

Power output

You may want the best small generator for camping, but is it powerful enough to charge everything you want to use? As a general guide, smartphones, tablets and even laptops don’t drain that much, but anything that heats up will. Such as a hairdryer, coffee machine or kettle.

It also depends on how many of you there are – a family will usually require more power than a solo traveller or couple. Especially if there are kids or teens who use a lot of devices!

Silent operation

Some generators promise no noise at all, or ‘near silent’ operation. You should expect some noise, and it all depends on what you’re used to. A city dweller used to night buses passing by may not be at all bothered by the sound, whereas those used to nightly silences may find it keeps them awake.

Think about your campsite neighbours too. I’ve selected the quietest generators out there for inclusion in this guide, but normally a more powerful one will also make more noise.

Fuel type

Do you want the best solar power generator for camping, or would you be happy with a petrol model? Petrol ones offer consistent, reliable power, but they do produce a few fumes. Again, I’ve selected those that have low emissions levels where possible.

Using more power will result in more fumes. A solar generator is cleaner, but you may need to buy a solar panel to go with it. The final pick in this list is an all-in-one set including the panel, which is ideal if you only use low-demand devices.


How will you transport your chosen generator? They may come with wheels, and/or a carry handle, or may be lightweight enough not to require either. If you’re keeping it on board a campervan, RV or in a camping trailer this might not matter so much.

When taking the car the weight shouldn’t be too much of an issue, either – unless you want to move it around frequently while you’re away. In that case, you might want to look for one that’s less heavy and with a smooth, comfortable handle.

Other useful features

Pure sine wave technology is a helpful feature, as it means that sensitive devices won’t be harmed by using the generator to power them.

The sockets included may also be important. Many will include mains and car type outlets as well as USB ones, but it’s worth checking and weighing that up against what you need to charge.

Other things to look out for include the brand, plus features such as wireless charging and an automatic shut-off in the event of low oil.

Top Ten camping generators – recommendations

Honda camping generator EU10i review

Best big brand

  • Unleaded petrol
  • 1,000W max output

This generator comes from a top brand and can run for up to 8 hours. A Honda engine means it should last for many years.

If you want to find the best inverter generator for camping from a big brand, Honda is a great place to start. This ultra reliable and innovative brand has been making camping inverter generator products for many years, and the Honda EU10i is a neat, portable little machine that’s easy to transport and operate.

The fuel tank takes up to 2.3 litres of unleaded petrol, so it’s not going to break the bank each time you ramp up the power. On this it can run for up to 8 hours, and has a maximum output of 1,000 watts. There’s an oil alert do you know when to top up. Satisfied owners loves its consistent and simple operation.

With a 4-stroke cylinder Honda engine, this little portable powerhouse should keep going for years. It would have easily fitted into the limited storage space in our VW van (which has now gone to a new home). You may need to carry a jerry can of fuel too, if you want to use it on a more-or-less continuous basis.

High points:

  • Top brand
  • Honda engine
  • Compact & portable

Low points:

  • Limited power

Click here to view this Honda 1,000W power generator

Check eBay price

Briggs & Stratton generator 030801 review

Best for a big family

  • Unleaded petrol
  • 2,400W max output

This powerful generator is ideal for families or groups. There are plenty of ports and sockets including USB, 12V and household types.

If you want the best portable generator for RV camping or need more power for a large family, this Briggs and Stratton one comes highly recommended. While it’s not precisely a silent generator for a campervan or tent camping, care has been taken to keep the noise level to a minimum.

This relatively quiet portable generator for camping produces smooth power that will not harm sensitive equipment and devices like a laptop, smartphone or games console. There are plenty of sockets on board, including two USB ports, two household points and a 12V DC port.

It can also run for up to 8 hours – at 25% load – so again a jerry can or two may come in handy.

High points:

  • Relatively quiet
  • Smooth power for sensitive devices
  • USB, DC & household sockets

Low points:

  • Rather bulky

Click here to see this Briggs and Stratton 2,400W generator

Check eBay price

Jackery solar generator 500W review

Best solar generator

  • Solar, mains or car power
  • 500W max output

This solar generator requires a panel, but then you have access to free power. Jackery is an innovative, award-winning company.

I love the idea of choosing a solar model as a tent camping or campervan generator – what’s not to like about free power? The only downside is that you have to buy a solar panel too – unless you can charge it from the mains or a car outlet for shorter trips. If you do need a solar panel, do bear in mind that you need to store and transport this too.

That said, it doesn’t put me off. The key selling points are clean, free pure sine wave power – plus the fact that it’s an affordable little machine too, which makes the added cost of a solar panel easier to contend with. These Jackery generators look really sleek too, with a large, smooth handle for carrying. If you like, a matching Jackery carry case is also available.

Jackery won the prestigious Red Dot Design Award in 2016 in recognition of its outdoor power products for campers, hikers and other adventurous types. The company offers full customer aftercare and support, and the product is fitted with overcharge, short circuit, overpower, temperature and overcurrent protection for added peace of mind.

High points:

  • Clean, green, free energy
  • Pure sine wave power
  • Award-winning company

Low points:

  • Solar panel may be required

Click here to view this Jackery 500W solar generator

Check eBay price

Anker Powerhouse II generator 60W review

Best mini generator

  • Solar, mains or car power
  • 60W max output

A mini generator and radio lookalike that’s ideal for topping up small devices. It comes complete with an 18 month guarantee.

The Anker Powerhouse is for those who require a simple solution for powering small devices when away from home – or even during a power cut. With pure sine wave technology, it can also charge more quickly. The Macbook I use, for instance, charges 40% faster with this than when plugging the Apple charger into a wall socket.

As you can charge, for example, an iPhone up to 23 times, this portable powerhouse is ideal for short breaks with tweens and teens who can’t live without access to their devices. Although you may also need to check the WiFi situation with your campsite before departing…

An 18 month warranty is provided, and there are multiple sockets so you can charge different types of device simultaneously. What I like is how it looks – just like a piece of portable audio equipment rather than something that belongs on a building site. It can be charged via solar, car or mains power.

High points:

  • Clean pure sine wave energy
  • Ultra sleek & portable
  • Charges faster than normal socket

Low points:

  • Suitable only for small devices

Click here to see the Anker Powerhouse II 60W

EcoFlow Delta 1300 generator review

Best lithium generator

  • Lithium battery power (via mains, car or solar)
  • 1,800W max output

A quieter, cleaner generator with a built-in lithium-ion battery. It’s fast, taking only an hour to charge to 80% of its capacity.

Now we turn to something a little different. If you like the idea of avoiding petrol fumes but don’t want to buy and carry a solar panel or rely on mains or car top-ups, how about a lithium battery generator for camping? Choosing this option means lower noise levels, less maintenance and no emissions.

It can be charged to 80% capacity in just one hour, and once full can charge up to 13 devices simultaneously. The built-in display makes it easy to keep track of power levels too. Where the previous product resembles a music player, this one looks to me like a dehumidifier or some such.

The package comes complete with 220V, 12V and solar chargers plus a carry case. Is this the best portable power generator for camping out there? Quite possibly. The lithium battery is also included.

High points:

  • Charges in just over an hour
  • Low noise & no emissions
  • Sleek, modern design

Low points:

  • Higher cost

Click here to view this EcoFlow battery generator

Check eBay price

Jackery solar generator 1,000W review

Best big solar generator

  • Solar, mains or car power
  • 1,000W max output

A bigger version of the Jackery Explorer offering pure sine wave power generated via a separately purchased solar panel.

This is the big brother of the Jackery solar powered generator listed above. With double the maximum output, this version is capable of charging larger electrical items such as fridges, TVs or coffee machines. Or you can simply use to provide power for a longer camping trip.

As mentioned earlier, Jackery are an award-winning maker of innovative outdoor green power solutions. Once you’ve paid for your generator – and a solar panel if you want to use it that way – you can benefit from free power. As well as no trips to the fuel station.

Again the power is pure sine wave, so it won’t damage your devices. The customer support offered by Jackery is good too, so if there are any issues they’ll be keen to sort them out. After all, they are a brand with a burgeoning reputation to uphold. You can buy a tough, stylish Jackery carry case for this too.

High points:

  • Innovative company
  • Green, sine wave power
  • Larger output

Low points:

  • Panel required for solar power

Click here to see the Jackery 1,000W solar generator

Check eBay price

Hyundai inverter generator 3,800W review

Best wheeled generator

  • Unleaded petrol
  • 3,800W max output

This powerful Hyundai generator with wheels comes with a helpful overload reset button and a 2 year guarantee.

If you require the best relatively small portable generator for camping but want lots of power capacity, this Hyundai one should fit the bill. It’s bigger than many, but then it also gives up to 3,800 watts of power. It also comes from a recognised engine brand.

With rear wheels and a front handle for pulling it around, you don’t even need to pick this one up. Another handy feature is the overload reset button, which allows you to start over if you overload it – ideal when you’re first finding your way around.

This is also rather a best cheap generator for camping if you consider the output. It also comes with a 2 year warranty, plus a UK-based service and parts base for ongoing maintenance.

High points:

  • Huge power output
  • Familiar engine brand
  • Overload reset button

Low points:

  • Size & weight

Click here to view the Hyundai 3,800W generator

Böhmer-AG inverter generator W4500i review

Best-looking generator

  • Unleaded petrol
  • 1,900W max output

This cool camo print generator is great for sensitive devices and comes with a 2 year warranty and a tool box handle.

I know someone who’d go for this based on looks alone – the camo print seems irresistible to the man in my life, just as almost anything purple is to me. It does look tough, rugged and ourdoorsy, I have to admit.

With a maximum 1,900 watt output and pure sine wave technology, this is a fairly small and quiet generator for camping that can power sensitive devices via one 12V and two three-pin sockets.

It has a copper wound motor, the emission levels are low and the company offers a 24 month warranty as back-up. A good, solid all-rounder that can run for up to 6 hours on a tank and be carried around like a tool box. Buying a jerry can is a good idea.

High points:

  • Rugged looks
  • Pure sine wave power
  • 24 month warranty

Low points:

  • Heavier and bulkier than some

Click here to see the Böhmer-AG W4500i generator

Hyundai industrial generator 5,500W review

Best high power generator

  • Unleaded petrol
  • 5,500W max output

This generator offers a huge 5,500W maximum output, and has a low oil auto shut-off. It’s also backed by a 3 year guarantee.

If you want a high powered generator that is also affordable, this one’s worth checking out. Made by Hyundai, it’s touch enough to cope with even the most demanding conditions – on the campsite or building site.

It’s covered by a three year warranty, which should certainly help to sweeten the deal. The engine also shuts down in the event of a low oil level, to help protect it.

This is not one you’d want to pick up, so it’s best for use as a generator for a camper trailer, RV or motorhome if you’re travelling solo. Despite its size, this is one of the most quiet generator for camping products when you need something this powerful.

High points:

  • Ultra powerful
  • Low oil level shut-off
  • 3 year warranty

Low points:

  • Big and heavy

Click here to view this Hyundai 5,500W generator

Check eBay price

Allpowers portable solar power station review

Best solar power station

  • Lithium battery via solar or mains power
  • 60W max output

A unique, all-in-one power station for small devices. It has a folding solar panel with kickstand and three types of port.

My final pick offers something a little different – it’s a portable, all-in-one power station complete with solar panel. It’s not designed for high drain items, but if you’re happy to stick with using the likes of whistling camping kettle and only want to charge items like a tablet or smartphone, it’s ideal.

The solar panel is foldable for ease of storage and transportation, while the included power pack has two mains and two USB ports plus a car type 12V one. Whether using solar power or sunlight, it’s fully charged in 5-6 hours (though it will take longer in cloudy conditions).

You can also use the solar panel to charge other generators, and it’s compatible with the Jackery ones via the included connector. The panel has a kickstand built in, while the power pack is enabled for the wireless charging of small devices.

High points:

  • Solar panel and power pack
  • Foldable panel with stand
  • Wireless charging plus various sockets

Low points:

  • Not for larger electricals

Click here to see this all-in-one portable solar power station

Check eBay price

Which is the best generator for camping – for you?

Whether you wanted to find the best Honda generator for camping, want a generator for pop up camper like our old VW one or would prefer a mini portable generator for camping that’s solar powered, I hope this guide has helped with your search.

If you have kids, having a good generator for camping can make life so much easier, as once they reach around the age of my daughter and her friends (between 6 and 8 on average) they tend to become rather attached to their devices!

For me, it means being ablbe to keep the laptop charged while I’m away, in case I do need to check in, do some work or simply surf the web while I have the time. Which is why I’m off to order the Jackery 1,000W generator and a solar panel right now, ready for next summer’s travels in the UK.

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