7 Best Head Torches UK Reviewed [2023]

7 Best Head Torches UK Reviewed [2023]
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This guide to the best head torch in the UK came about after posting articles on the finest fairy lights for camping and the top camping lanterns. While they’re great items for decorating your pitch and seeing your way when indoors, you might well need to find best LED head torch to complete your set of outdoor gear. I know we did!

This way you won’t leave other members of your family in the dark when heading out to the loo, while they’re all making use of the light cast by the lantern. Or maybe you need to source the best head torch for running, the best head torch for dog walking or the best head torch for hiking.

Whichever applies to you – or even if you actually need the best head torch for work or simply want to find the brightest head torch available in the UK right now – this guide is here to help. I’ve narrowed down the options to include a great range of only the top products, saving you the legwork.

Want an instant answer? My overall favourite is the Biolite rechargeable head torch

I’ve picked the Biolite rechargeable headlamp because it’s a super sleek, stylish and lightweight design. The battery can be powered up via USB and it’s very comfortable to wear. A moisture-wicking headband also places this one out in front when it comes to active wear.

What I love about using a head light torch is that it leaves you hands-free. Which is ideal when you’re working, walking with kids in tow or even cycling (though the type that’s designed to attach to a helmet isn’t covered here).

Whether you want the most powerful head torch in the UK, the best rechargeable head torch or a waterproof head torch, read on to discover the ideal item for your ourdoor pursuits! Covered are 7 of the best options, plus what to look for when choosing a really good head torch.

Why not get started by taking a peek at the table just below, so you can compare all the options really quickly and simply?

Best head torch UK contents

Best head torch comparison chart

NameLumensPowerLEDKey featuresPrice
Black Diamond Spot350BatteryYesWaterproof, compact, instant dimming, various modesAmazon
Petzl Tikka300BatteryYesGreat value, 3 white modes + red, reflector for findingAmazon
Ledlenser rechargeable600RechargeableYesLi-Ion battery, floodlight & distance vision, low power warningAmazon
Silva Scout XT320BatteryYesTough yet lightweight, wide & long beams, power indicatorAmazon
Petzl Swift RL900RechargeableYesHi-vis, reactive lighting, 1 switch controls allAmazon eBay
Biolite rechargeable330RechargeableYesComfortable, moisture-wicking, sleek designAmazon
Coleman BatteryGuard100, 200, 250 or 300BatteryYesLifetime LEDs, 4 modes, 3 year guaranteeAmazon

Best LED head torch – Top options

Best head torch for running & more – What to look for


Are you seeking the highest lumen head torch you can find, or would you be content with a model that lets you see your way back to your tent in the dark? The best head torch for walking the dog, hiking, running or camping is one with a lumens of 200 plus.

Then it’s simply a matter of how much brightness you want. In most cases the brightest head torch will have low and high modes, or be dimmable so you can alter the amount of light emitted. All the head torches listed here use LED lighting.

Light modes

The choice of modes will often include low or high settings. Night vision modes are pretty often found too, so you can see more effectively in the dark without dazzling other people. Often this will mean a red light mode is included.

Some of the best headlamps for dog walking, running or camping will also be dimmable, so you can reduce the light level. This is nice for evenings and may also preserve the battery life at the same time.

Power source

All head torches operate on battery power, but do you want to use 3 AAA disposable batteries or would you prefer a USB rechargeable lithium-ion battery? A rechargeable one will save money in the longer term.

In some cases, though, the best headlamp torch for you will be one offering the convenience of running on regular batteries. That way you won’t have to worry about access to USB charging ports while you’re away from home.

Water resistance

It’s no good, for example, buying the best running head torch in the UK if it’ll go out when it rains. All the products included here have an IPX waterproof rating given. Most are around IPX4. A higher number means superior water resistance.

Battery level indicator

Some of these bright head torch products have an indicator to tell you what the power level is. This can be a helpful feature if you don’t want to get left out in the dark, although of course you may be able to carry spares.

LED head torch

Brightest head torch – Reviews & recommendations

Black Diamond Spot 350

Best for dimmability

  • Brightness: 350 lumens
  • Power source: 3 x AAA batteries
  • Waterproof rating: IPX8
  • LED: Yes

This waterproof Black Diamond head torch is sleekly designed with dimmable light, and comes in a choice of 7 colours.

The Black Diamond Spot is a real contender as brightest head torch in the UK. It’s also good value for money, and comes in a choice of 7 colours. On the maximum setting, the LEDs emit 350 lumens of light (hence the name).

The head torch reviews for this are very good indeed and it’s a sleek, low profile option that’s easy to store and carry. It uses 3 AAA batteries, which are easy to find and your first set comes with the package.

A waterproof rating of IPX8 means it’s capable of operating for half an hour even when more than a metre under the surface of the water, so coping with rain is a given. This dimmable model is good for reading, cooking or wandering around with while you’re wearing it.

High points:

  • IPX8 waterproof rating
  • Sleek, compact design
  • Instantly dimmable light
  • Various operational modes

Low points:

  • Battery compartment can be tricky to open

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Petzl Tikka headlamp

Best for value

  • Brightness: 300 lumens
  • Power source: 3 x AAA batteries
  • Waterproof rating: IPX4
  • LED: Yes

The Tikka Petzl offers three white and one red light modes, and has a reflector to make it easy to find after dark.

The Tikka Petzl head torch is also one of the most popular options in the UK. This one comes at a great value price and offers a brightness level of 300 lumens. It’s also powered by readily available AAA batteries.

There are three white light modes for close-up and distance vision plus moving around. A red light function also helps prevent others experiencing dazzle. I love the phosphorescent reflector that makes this lamp easy to locate in the dark – even after a drink or two 😉

The weatherproof rating on this model is IPX4. Happy owners say they use this for cycling, running, night photography, dog walking and camping. A solid all-rounder at a pocket-pleasing price.

High points:

  • Great value price
  • 3 white light modes plus red
  • Reflector makes it easy to find

Low points:

  • Not the highest waterproof rating
  • Less bright than some

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Ledlenser rechargeable headlamp

Best for floodlight

  • Brightness: 600 lumens
  • Power source: USB rechargeable Li-Ion battery
  • Waterproof rating: IPX4
  • LED: Yes

This rechargeable head torch can save you money and is kinder to the planet, yet offers up to 600 lumens of light.

While it may cost you more in the short term, buying the best head torch that’s rechargeable can actually save you a stack of cash. Not using all those disposable batteries is also far kinder to the planet.

This Ledlenser head torch comes with a lithium-ion battery that can be recharged via USB. Once it’s powered up, you can benefit from as much as 600 lumens of LED light. This makes it ideal for use as a floodlight or to check out what’s going on in the distance.

It takes 6 hours to fully charge and can then provide between 10 and 120 hours of light depending on the mode used. A helpful low battery warning means you should never get caught short.

High points:

  • Great floodlight or distant vision
  • Rechargeable Li-Ion battery
  • Much more eco-friendly
  • Low power warning

Low points:

  • Brightest mode runs down battery far faster

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Silva Scout XT headlamp

Best for kids & teens

  • Brightness: 320 lumens
  • Power source: 3 x AAA batteries
  • Waterproof rating: IPX5
  • LED: Yes

The Silva Scout XT with long and wide beams is tailor made for Scandinavian weather, so coping with British winters is a cinch.

The Silva trail runner is always a sought-after model, but I like the Silva Scout XT best. Not least due to the good value for money price tag. It also looks solid enough to see kids and teens through the night without a fuss.

There’s a battery level indicator so you can see how much power is left in those 3 AAA batteries. The Silva intelligent light system gives you both a wide and a long beam to clearly find your way through darkness, and you can pick between blink, low and high modes.

Silva head torches are built to cope with the challenge of a Scandinavian winter, so coping with the cold and wet conditions of the UK should be a doddle.

High points:

  • Long & wide beams
  • Battery level indicator
  • Solid yet lightweight build
  • Made for Scandinavian conditions

Low points:

  • More basic design than some

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Petzl Swift RL rechargeable

Best for brightness

  • Brightness: 900 lumens
  • Power source: USB rechargeable Li-Ion battery
  • Waterproof rating: IPX4
  • LED: Yes

The Petzl Swift offers a brightly coloured, reflective headband, 900 lumens of light and self-adjusting brightness levels.

If you want the best headlamp in the UK in terms of brightness, you’ve just found it. The Petzl Swift is also rechargeable, potentially saving you a fortune on powering a 900 lumen lamp.

The really clever feature is the sensor that acts to automatically adjust the brightness in accordance with light levels. A bright, reflective headband ensures visibility, while one single switch is capable of controlling all functions.

For serious outdoor types seeking the best head torch for hunting, mountaineering or running along the trails in the dark, this is the one. It’s waterproof, reactive, rechargeable, visible – and an ultra bright head torch for those seeking lots of light.

High points:

  • High visibility
  • Reactive light level adjustment
  • One switch controls all functions

Low points:

  • Heavier than less powerful products
  • Highest price

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Biolite 330 rechargeable

Best for sport

  • Brightness: 330 lumens
  • Power source: USB rechargeable Li-Ion battery
  • Waterproof rating: IPX4
  • LED: Yes

The rechargeable Biolite 330 features a streamlined design, comes in 4 colours and has a moisture-wicking headband.

If you want a more affordable option than the 600 lumen Ledlenser model or Petzl Swift, then this Biolite rechargeable headlamp offers 330 lumens and a USB rechargeable lithium-ion battery.

Whether you want the best running head torch, a decent walking head torch or the best head torch for camping, this is the best rechargeable head torch for the money. It comes in 4 colours and the way the housing has been integrated into the band means it looks cool while feeling comfortable.

The clips are simple to adjust for the perfect fit and a moisture-wicking headband makes this one ideal for active pursuits. A red night vision mode is included to reduce dazzle, and the torch weighs in at under 70 grams.

High points:

  • Easy to adjust for comfort
  • Moisture-wicking headband
  • Sleek integrated lamp housing

Low points:

  • Battery lasts just 3.5 hours on high
  • Not the cheapest option

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Coleman headlamp with BatteryGuard

Best for camping

  • Brightness: 100, 200, 250 or 300 lumens
  • Power source: 3 x AAA batteries
  • Waterproof rating: IPX4
  • LED: Yes

A 3 year warranty gives peace of mind to customers buying this Coleman head torch, and there are 4 lighting modes.

This contender as best headlight torch comes from Coleman, a serious camping brand. It’s available with between 100 and 300 lumens, so you can select what level of brightness would suit you best.

Coleman’s own BatteryGuard technology is used here to conserve battery life, and like other products competing as best head torch on the market it’s powered by 3 easy to buy anywhere AAAs. There’s a 3 year warranty supplied, and it’s shock as well as waterproof.

There are 4 modes to choose from – low, high, red or flashing. The BatteryGuard also prevents corrosion, which is good news if you tend to store your kit for long periods of time and tend to forget to remove the batteries (yep, guilty as charged).

High points:

  • Lifetime LEDs
  • 4 brightness options
  • 3 year Coleman guarantee

Low points:

  • Functional looks
  • 100 lumen model not very bright

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Most powerful head torch – FAQs

How many lumens is a good head torch?

How many lumens you need in a head torch depends on the intended purpose. For everyday walking, running or camping, 200 to 300 lumens should be plenty. If you want to see clearly while taking aprt in hazardous activities such as mountaineering, then 500 lumens plus is a good starting point.

What is the best head torch you can buy?

The best head torch for you will do just what you want it to – in terms of functions such as brightness, portability and resistance to water. It’s a good idea to think about when you’ll use it, your access to mains power and what features or modes might be useful to you. As well as your budget, of course!

Are Black Diamond head torches good?

Black Diamond is one of the top headlamp brands around. Their products tend to recieve consistently high ratings and attract positive reviews. Features like waterproofing and dimmability can make their models stand out from others.

Which is the best Petzl head torch?

The best Petzl head torch for you depends on your budget and requirements. The Petzl Tikka, for example, offers great value for money and some impressive features for the price, while the Petzl Swift RL is a top-of-the-range product with 900 lumens and an intelligent design.

Are Ledlenser head torches good?

Ledlenser s a respected head torch brand. Their wearable headlamps are noted for their innovative rechargeable batteries and powerful beams. There’s also a good range of products to choose from to suit all budgets and requirements.

Which is the best LED head torch for you?

Whether you want to find the best head torch for mountaineering, running, camping, dog walking or hiking, I hope this guide has been helpful. Effective lighting can really help you find your way in the darkness, and can also help to keep everyone safe!

Polly x

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Note – This post may contain affiliate links. If you buy via these, I may earn a small fee. This has absolutely no effect on the price you pay. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.