10 Best Camping Fairy Lights UK [2023]

10 Best Camping Fairy Lights UK [2023]
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We all love to see a string of tiny lights illuminating the patio, dining terrace or beer garden, but what about camping fairy lights? Not only can this bit of camping kit help you find your way in the dark, it also brighten the dullest of night skies. And act as an incentive for kids to go camping in the first place. (There’s not much my daughter won’t do for a bit of colour and sparkle. Or glitter.)

Whether you want to find solar camping string lights, camping LED string lights or are after a novelty option, I’ve tracked down all the best fairy lights for camping in creating this guide. You don’t have to limit them to the campsite, of course – they’re great to use in your own back garden as well.

View my number one camping string lights right here

I’ve chosen these coiled camping lights because the design is really clever and prevents tangled lights. So simple to store and can be charged via sunlight or USB. You can even power your phone from the pack!

Covered in this post on the top camping festoon lights are the best products and what to look for when buying. You can also take a look at the comparison chart for an at-a-glance guide to the items listed.

Let’s dive on in! Here are all the most decorative camping string lights for your festival or weekend adventures and holidays under canvas.

Best camping fairy lights contents

Best camping string lights comparison chart

NameNumberLengthPowerLEDKey featuresPrice
USB/Solar LED string2018′Solar or USBYesInnovative case, integral torch, Li-ion batteryClick here
Large bulb string1024′USBYesLots of light, large LEDs, shatter & waterproofClick here
2-pack solar string18066′Solar panelYesGreat value, solar panel with stake, 3 colours Click here
Crystal globe lights8033′BatteryYesColoured or white, waterproof, use 3 x AAsClick here
Star fairy lights12039′Solar panelYes1 year warranty, 8 flashing modes, festiveClick here
Flexible light stripN/A4′12VYesBright light, 3 year guarantee, anti-bug optionClick here
Coleman mini lanterns10 6′BatteryYesCute design, top brand, easy to buy batteriesClick here
Pink flamingoes4020′BatteryYesFun design, AA batteries, partly waterproofClick here
Vintage caravans108′MainsYesRetro feel, look great by day, indoor/outdoorClick here
Wine bottle lights2080″BatteryYesIdeal for parties, 10 strings, alternative ideaClick here

Best glamping fairy lights – Top options

Best tent and campervan string lights – What to look for

Number of lights

How many lights per string do you get? That may not matter so much with more powerful USB, battery, mains or solar fairy lights for tents and campervans, but can make a big difference when each one is small or not very strong.


All the camping fairy lights that are solar, battery, USB or mains powered and listed here contain LED bulbs. These are far brighter and more efficient than older-style incandescent bulbs. They’re also far safer, as they don’t get hot.

Length of string

Try to picture placing your lights inside or outside your tent, camper, RV or caravan. How long do you want the string to be? It might be helpful to measure at this point. Ordering a shorter or too-long set of camping solar fairy lights might otherwise lead to disappointment!

Power source

The draping fairy lights detailed in this guide are powered by the sun, AA or button batteries or USB. In one case they’re mains powered, for which you may need electric hook-up. (You’re sure to see why I included those anyway when you clap eyes on the uber cool caravan design!) Another product uses the 12V socket or car battery.

Colour & shape

What sort of look are you going for? A string of large, striking bulbs, or a series of tiny, twinkling fairy lights? What about colour? Some options are very colourful, while others are far more understated. Novelty shapes can add a fun touch – and look good even in daylight.

Other uses

You don’t have to use your amazing fairy lights only for camping, of course. They’re ideal for party decor or at Christmas, and few kids can resist having a set they love proudly displayed in their personal space.

camping string lights

Best fairy lights for camping – Reviews & recommendations

Solar or USB LED fairy lights

Best tangle-free lights

  • Number of lights: 20
  • Length of string: 18 feet / 5.5 metres
  • Power source: Solar or USB
  • LED: Yes

These fairy lights will stay tangle-free thanks to the handy integral case they wind up into. The li-ion battery is also rechargeable.

These solar powered camping string lights come as a great package that guarantees no more tangled fairy lights. This is because they all wind up snugly inside their own case for storage and carrying.

There are 20 warm white LEDs to light up the night. The fact that can be used as solar or USB string lights for camping is ideal, given the unreliable British weather. An integral torch also helps you see what you’re doing or where you’re going in darkness.

A rechargeable lithium-ion battery is built into these USB or solar camping fairy lights. Each charge provides up to 20 hours of light, and you can even charge your smartphone via the solar panel.

High points:

  • Built-in torch
  • Innovative casing design
  • Integral rechargeable battery

Low points:

  • Not the cheapest option

Click here to view this USB or solar light string

Check eBay price here

Large bulb USB light string

Best big bulb lights

  • Number of lights: 10
  • Length of string: 24.5 feet / 7.5 metres
  • Power source: USB
  • LED: Yes

If you want lights to really see your way by, this string of 10 large bulbs fits the bill. They’re super tough, waterproof and ultra bright.

These USB camping string lights are bright enough to see properly by, rather than being purely decorative. There are 10 super bright LED bulbs on a string that measures over 24 feet.

If you want something more than fairy lights in your camping tent then these are the ones to plump for. The light level is sufficient for seeing your way, as well as making your pitch look pretty.

A standard power pack is required for these LED camping string lights, so do note that isn’t included. Being water, weather and even shatter proof, these are a great buy for outdoor living.

High points:

  • Large LED bulbs
  • Brighter light than most
  • Waterproof & shatterproof

Low points:

  • USB battery pack not included

Click here to view these USB bulb lights

2-pack multicoloured string lights

Best value for money

  • Number of lights: 180
  • Length of string: 66 feet / 20 metres
  • Power source: Solar
  • LED: Yes

Two strings instead of one means you can use a set at home. Pick between warm white, cool white, and multicoloured options.

Are these the best solar string lights for camping? Quite possibly – and not least because you get two strings instead of one. It’s no problem if you’re not so keen on multicoloured fairy lights, either, as they also come in cool or warm white.

These camping string lights are solar powered by means of the panels included, and as the attached stake can be stuck in the ground it’s quick and simple to set them up on site.

A handy feature on these solar powered string lights for camping is the auto-on and off function, which leaves them off during daylight hours and on when it gets dark. The 2-pack also offers great value for money.

High points:

  • Great value price
  • Solar panel with stake
  • Multicoloured, cool or warm white

Low points:

  • May be longer than needed

Click here to view this solar string lights 2-pack

Check eBay price here

Crystal globe fairy lights

Best for any occasion

  • Number of lights: 80
  • Length of string: 32.8 feet / 10 metres
  • Power source: 3 x AA batteries
  • LED: Yes

These colourful fairy lights come with a timer, a remote control and 8 operational modes. They also have an IP44 waterproof rating.

These dangling fairy lights have attractive crystal bulbs and come in plain warm white or multicoloured options. There are eight modes of operation to choose from, and it can be fun flicking between them.

A remote control and timer makes them easier to sort out without even leaving your seat, and with an IP44 waterproof rating they should withstand rainy weather. The AA batteries required can be bought pretty much anywhere.

The little crystal bulbs are beautiful when lit and really are suited to a multitude of occasions – whether it’s Christmas, a wedding or a camping trip.

High points:

  • IP44 waterproof
  • AA battery powered
  • Warm white or multicoloured

Low points:

  • Batteries not included

Click here to view these crystal globe string lights

Solar star string lights

Best festive lighting

  • Number of lights: 120
  • Length of string: 39 feet / 12 metres
  • Power source: Solar panel
  • LED: Yes

Perfect for the festive season at home as well as summer camping trips, these flashing fairy lights will leave you starry-eyed.

Why have moon fairy lights when you can reach for the stars? Corny jokes aside, these are some seriously impressive flashing fairy lights with eight different operational modes to pick from.

If you want festive lights to string outside during December, these ones will also fit the bill. One set that works for both camping and Christmas is an attractive proposition to me!

The lights are weatherproof and offer the ideal balance between the novelty factor and a touch of class. A one year warranty is even included for peace of mind.

High points:

  • 1 year warranty
  • 8 flashing modes
  • Ideal all year round

Low points:

  • Warm white only

Click here to view these solar star fairy lights

Check price on eBay

Flexible camping light strip

Best rugged lighting

  • Number of lights: Continuous strip
  • Length of string: 3.9 feet / 1.2 metres
  • Power source: 12V or car battery
  • LED: Yes

This flexible lighting strip is ideal for car and tent camping. It comes with a case and can be powered via a vehicle battery.

If you’re after 12V fairy lights for camping, then this flexible strip could be perfect. It can be powered by means of your vehicle’s 12V socket, or you can connect the lighting directly to a car battery via the included clips.

This set of camping lights is designed to provide plenty of bright light rather than a glimmering fairy light ambience. It’s surprisingly effective, and very portable and packable indeed thanks to the case supplied.

You can pick between white and amber or one that switches between the two, and the amber-only option is even anti-insect to keep nighttime critters at bay.

High points:

  • Bright source of light
  • 3 year guarantee
  • Anti-bug option

Low points:

  • Not really fairy lights

Click here to view this lighting strip for camping

Check eBay price here

Coleman mini lantern lights

Best to take anywhere

  • Number of lights: 10
  • Length of string: 6.7 feet / 2 metres
  • Power source: 3 x AA batteries
  • LED: Yes

A super cute string of mini lanterns from Coleman to light up your camping nights. They’re powered by easy-to-find AA batteries.

These Coleman camping string lights are battery operated, so all you need is three AA batteries and you’re good to go. Making life on the open road – or campsite – simple.

Shaped like mini lanterns, these battery powered camping string lights come from Coleman, a leading outdoor brand. There’s no need to worry about all those lanterns making them heavy, as they weight well under a pound – a little over 350 grams or 12 and a half ounces.

One set of batteries can power these fairy lights in your tent for up to 20 hours, so they should see you through a series of summer nights before buying more batteries. And of course you can pick up AAs just about anywhere.

High points:

  • Cute design
  • Leading camping brand
  • Widely available batteries

Low points:

  • Limited cable length

Click here to view these little lantern fairy lights

Flamingo fairy lights set

Best pink fairy lights

  • Number of lights: 40
  • Length of string: 19.7 feet / 6 metres
  • Power source: 2 x AA batteries
  • LED: Yes

For something different, how about a pretty pink string of flamingoes? The string and lamps are waterproof too.

Some people have just got to have pink – fairy lights included. These flamingo string lights should fit the bill when that’s the case. In fact my 8-year-old daughter has convinced me to order a set for her bedroom.

It beats pig fairy lights in terms of cuteness, I suppose. These lights are in fact quite subtle, so anyone who’s not so keen on blush tones might not even notice. Hopefully. Do note that batteries aren’t included, though.

These camping fairy lights are battery operated, but note that the battery casing is not waterproof. Even though the lights are. It won’t stop us taking them away though – I’ll just seal the battery box in a plastic bag and tuck it in beneath something more water resistant.

High points:

  • Fun pink lights
  • Easy to buy batteries
  • Lights and string are waterproof

Low points:

  • More about form than function

Click here to view these pink flamingo fairy lights

Check price on eBay

Vintage caravan camping lights

Best bunting-style lights

  • Number of lights: 10
  • Length of string: 8 feet / 2.4 metres
  • Power source: Mains
  • LED: Yes

By day, these colourful caravan-shaped string lights can double up as bunting. They also look as good indoors as out.

These fun camping string lights are the ones to go for when you want to inject some colour and introduce a retro feel to the campsite, campervan or caravan.

As they’re LEDs, the lights are pretty bright. These vintage camping string lights also look good even during the daytime, when they’re strung up like colourful bunting.

A spare fuse and two spare bulbs are supplied, and they come with integreal overload protection. These camping LED fairy lights can be used indoors or out, though you’ll need mains hook-up or a leisure battery set-up at the campsite to power them.

High points:

  • Unique retro design
  • Look great even when unlit
  • Ideal for indoor or outdoor use

Low points:

  • Mains powered

Click here to view these caravan fairy lights

Check price on eBay

10-pack wine bottle fairy lights

Best bottle fairy lights

  • Number of lights: 20
  • Length of string: 80 inches / 203 centimetres
  • Power source: 3 x LR44 batteries
  • LED: Yes

Make use of your used glass bottles with this 10-pack of fairy lights that fit inside. It’s a different way to light up the night.

These aren’t your average battery string lights for camping. They’re designed to be displayed inside glass bottles, creating a new use for empty wine containers. Or an excuse to drink some!

You get 10 strings of tent fairy lights that are battery operated in this pack, and you’ll require three LR44 button batteries for each string. Wine or spirits bottles aren’t the only option, of course: you could wrap them around an ornament or place them in a bowl.

The attached cork finishes things off neatly if you do put them in the right-sized bottles. These aren’t fairy lights to put on your tent as such; they’re more suited to lighting up the inside and creating a relaxing atmosphere.

High points:

  • 10 strings per pack
  • Alternative lighting idea
  • Perfect for camping & parties

Low points:

  • Batteries not as easy to find as AAs

Click here to view these fairy lights for bottles

Check price on eBay

Best outdoor fairy lighting – FAQs

How do you hang string lights when camping?

So how do you hang fairy lights in a tent? You can use various methods, depending on the type of temporary home you’re in and the kind of string. Cable ties, pipecleaners, plastic bag twists, ribbon and string can all work well. You may also be able to twist them around tent poles.

What’s the difference between fairy and LED lights?

There isn’t really a difference, as you can buy LED fairy lights! Fairy lights are small lights, and are also known as string lights because of the way they’re joined together. LED lights use light emitting diodes that are bright, efficient and cool to the touch.

Can I leave my LED lights on all night?

LED lighting is in a different class to the older style incanescent lighting. While those light bulbs could get hot to the touch and could even catch fire if overheated, light emitting diodes stay cool. So yes they can be left on all night – and all day too! Though doing this would waste power, of course.

Can you leave solar lights out in the rain?

Most solar lights are deisgned to withstand rain, wind and other weather conditions. Some have waterproof cables and bulbs but don’t have water resistant battery packs, however. Checking the manufacturer’s instructions is highly recommended before subjecting lighting to wet or extreme weather.

Which fairy lights are the best for camping?

It depends on what you want. Are you trying to create a cosy campsite ambience, or do you want to use the lighting to read, cook, or play games by, for example? Other factors to consider include the brightness, size, length, number and power source of your string lights for camping.

Which are the best fairy camping lights for you?

I hope this post has given you just the right amount of options when choosing string lights for camping. Lighting up the site at night gives your set-up a cosy glow, and can also help lead the way when you have stuff to do. Or even need the loo!

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