10 Best Picnic Backpacks UK Reviewed [2023]

10 Best Picnic Backpacks UK Reviewed [2023]

Pretty picnic baskets are all very well when it’s about the look, but when it comes to practicality, finding the best picnic backpack means it’s far more likely to be used. Who wants to trek to the park, beach or forest with a wicker basket while bruising their legs en route? Pretty outdoor gear for sure, but far from the most practical.

Anyway I have a dodgy back and all my luggage and bags are of the backpack or cross-body type. Hence my search for the best picnic rucksack. It’s much easier to transport, and given that we live a mile from the beach that’s pretty important. As well as the fact that I usually roll there on two wheels.

Whether you need the best picnic backpack for 2, for 4, for 3 like us or for more, this post will help you track it down. You may have already heard of a Sunflora picnic backpack, for example, but what’s the real deal? Are they any good?

After a quick solution? My top pick is the Sunflora 4 person picnic backpack.

I rate the Sunflora picnic backpack for 4 highest of all because it comes in 6 colours, includes everything but the kitchen sink and is from one of the most-sought after picnic rucksack brands.

First there’s a quick reference comparison chart so you can see at a glance which high quality picnic backpack might be right for you. Then there’s a section on what to consider when choosing, followed by my recommendations and reviews.

Frequently asked questions regarding the topic of finding the best picnic bag for are answered throughout the article. By the end of this guide, you should be able to make an informed choice about which is the best backpack picnic basket for you.

Let’s dive on in! Here are the top 10 best picnic backpacks – plus plenty of guidance on how you might like to pick between them.

Best Picnic Backpack Contents

Best Picnic Rucksack Comparison Chart

BrandNumber of peopleKey featuresPrice
Sunflora2Top brand, deluxe feel, ergonomic & padded designAmazon
VonShef2Luxury looks, aluminium lined, water resistant blanketAmazon
Greenfield2Vintage looks, napkins & tablecloth, lots of pocketsAmazon
Apollo Walker2Durable fabric, range of colours, includes blanketAmazon
TouritAnyRugged rucksack, plenty of pockets, very versatileAmazon
Mountain Warehouse4Good value, 2 attractive designs, wine bottle holderAmazon
Happy Picnic 4Luxury feel, superior insulation, waterproof pouchAmazon
Sunflora4Blanket & bottle holder, sought-after brand, 6 coloursAmazon
VonShef4Great value, 2 year warranty, blanket etc suppliedAmazon
Geezy4Tough build, unbeatable price, padded strapsAmazon

Best Picnic Backpacks – Top Options

Best Picnic Rucksacks – What To Look For


Do you want the best picnic backpack for 4 or for 2 of you? Most products will fit into one of these two sizes. You could of course carry along more than one, though.

Or buy some extra outdoor plates and cutlery from the supermarket to take along if there are half a dozen of you. If you’re going to do that, make sure there will be space for the extras. Or consider taking paper plates!


How far you’ll carry yours matters here. Do you want a plush picnic backpack with good padding at the back, or one with a grab handle for getting out from the car with ease?

If you often trek to a picnic spot, it’s worth paying extra for added comfort. Ditto for those with bad backs (like me). Any backpack is of course likely to be more comfortable to carry than a bulky basket!


What’s included when you buy that Sunflora picnic backpack for 2 or VonShef one for 4? Blankets come with various products, which is ideal when you don’t have one already. Two can always come in useful, anyway!

Other items you might like to look for include salt and pepper pots, bottle sleeves and openers, wine glasses, napkins and more. Several of the backpacks listed here come with no extras, which can be perfect when you already have the picnic plates and so on.


What you want to carry will determine how many pockets or sections you need. The best backpack for a picnic will include the cutlery, crockery and some other items you need, with built-in slots for storing each item.

Extras you’ll need to take along include of course the food and drinks first and foremost – but would you like space for other things too? Such as sun protection, toys or a book?


There’s no denying that the best 4 person picnic backpack for me would be one that looks great. It makes sense: you love something, you’re more likely to get it out of the cupboard and use it!

You can pick between vintage and more modern styles. Several cool bag picnic backpack products also come in a choice of colours.

best picnic rucksack

Best Picnic Bags – Reviews & Recommendations

Sunflora picnic rucksack for 2

Best backpack for 2

This Sunflora picnic backpack is smart, comfortable to carry & comes with a waterproof blanket.

The alternative to a Sunflora picnic backpack for 4 person set for a couple is their luxury picnic backpack for 2. It contains everything two of you could surely need for a romantic, active or relaxed al fresco afternoon.

There are grey and blue options to choose from, with a nautical style striped blue bag too. Whichever design you opt for, a key highlight of this lightweight picnic backpack is the ergonomic, padded back that makes it really comfortable to carry.

If you want a top rated picnic backpack, go for Sunflora, though if you’re after a cheap picnic backpack another brand will probably be best. This one comes with all the bells and whistles, including a fleece blanket with waterproof backing, wine glasses, a wooden chopping board and wine glasses.

High points:

  • Top brand
  • Deluxe picnic bag
  • Padded, ergonomic design

Low points:

  • Higher price range

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VonShef picnic backpack for 2

Best guarantee

An assymetrical design, water-resistant blanket & aluminium lining set this VonShef one apart.

VonShef offer two year guarantees on their range of cool picnic backpacks, and this one’s perfectly sized – and equipped – for two. It’s got wine glasses, a butter knife, a chopping board, napkins, a corkscrew, salt and pepper pots and even a blanket.

The assymetric design looks good and the grey tones will suit absolutely anyone. A cooler compartment line with aluminium keeps food fresh and drinks chilled, and the blanket also features a water resistant backing.

The quality of this rucksack for the price makes it seem like you’re getting a high end picnic backpack – without paying over the odds for the pleasure.

High points:

  • Luxury looks
  • Water resistant blanket
  • Aluminium lined cooler compartment

Low points:

  • Limited capacity

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Greenfield Collection picnic rucksack for 2

Best for vintage style

A vintage-style picnic backpack with matching napkins, a tablecloth and much more.

If it’s just the two of you, why carry more than you need? For those seeking the best 2 person picnic backpack, this one from the Greenfield Collection is a solid option. It’s also available in navy blue, forest green or mulberry red.

Included with this insulated picnic backpack for 2 are plates, cutlery, wine glasses, a chopping board, salt and pepper shakers, and even a bag to use like a bin when tidying up. There’s also a bottle opener, napkins and a coordinating tablecloth.

The branding is really nice and makes this a super stylish picnic backpack. It also offers more than a mere nod to vintage style, especially if you plump for mulberry red.

High points:

  • Vintage styling & colours
  • Matching tablecloth & napkins
  • Plenty of compartments & pockets

Low points:

  • No blanket or bottle cooler

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Apollo Walker picnic backpack for 2

Best compact backpack

A compact bag for the 2 of you with retro styling, durable fabric & a small roll-up blanket.

Apollo Walker is another top name to look out for when it comes to finding the best picnic backpack for two. With a blanket thrown in, this is a great little hiking picnic backpack for a couple.

This small backpack picnic set comes in a range of colours, and the beige one would look great with a classic campervan like our old one. Or a vintage Beetle, Ford Escort, Mini or anything else, really.

All the usual contents come with it, and there are various pockets and compartments for storing drinks, food and other essentials.

High points:

  • Range of colours
  • Blanket included
  • Durable fabric outer

Low points:

  • One of smaller options

Click here to see on Amazon

Tourit picnic backpack – 28 cans

Best for versatility

A versatile style of picnic rucksack with an outdoor look and spaces to fill however you like.

Not all products come with the plates, cutlery and so on. Such is the case with this Tourit leak proof backpack cooler. It looks like a conventional rucksack, but is actually specifically made for keeping food and beverages cold.

We used to have a full set of camping plates, bowls, mugs, tumblers and so on that we’d carfefully coordinated to match our classic VW camper in aqua blue and white. If that describes you, why not simply buy the bag?

This backpack is robust, water resistant and super cosy against the back. Up to 28 cans can fit inside, so there’s lots of very versatile space to use as you like. You can also buy it in grey or blue.

High points:

  • Rugged looks
  • Very versatile bag
  • Multiple interior pockets

Low points:

  • No plates or cutlery supplied

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Mountain Warehouse picnic rucksack for 4

Best high street brand

From a high street brand, this great value picnic backpack offers style as well as substance.

If it’s style you’re seeking in that 4 person picnic backpack, then you might well go for this. Mountain Warehouse offer this picnic rucksack in 2 designs. The floral one pictured looks a little like a floral Joules picnic rucksack might, while the pastel flamingo pattern is what you might expect from a high street fashion retailer – such as a Next picnic rucksack.

Everything you need comes inside, apart from the blanket. There is also a bottle sleeve to the outside. The slightly curved rectangular shape means it can be freestanding if evenly loaded, and the wine cooler is detachable.

With two lovely designs and an attractive price tag, this Mountain Warehouse picnic backpack for 4 is a steal.

High points:

  • Very good value
  • 2 appealing designs
  • Side wine bottle holder

Low points:

  • Cutlery & crockery a little flimsy

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Happy Picnic bag for 4

Best for insulation

A picnic bag to suit all ages with a wooden chopping board, wine glasses and napkins.

This Happy Picnic backpack is also one of the most popular products around. It’s an insulated picnic backpack with a blanket rolled up on one side and a bottle cooler on the other. The bag itself is very neat, and would suit anyone at all.

It’s a decent alternative to the Vonshef 4 person blue tartan picnic backpack, as the check blanket gives that smart yet slightly retro look. Wine glasses, matching napkins and a wooden chopping board also give this one a luxury feel.

This picnic bag set is a great all-rounder and the thick, superior insulation can keep food hot or cold for hours. The waterproof, detachable pouch can also be used for ice.

High points:

  • Luxury feel
  • Superior insulation
  • Waterproof, removable pouch

Low points:

  • Bland appearance

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Sunflora picnic backpack for 4

Best option overall

This top pick bag comes with all the bells & whistles, & from a favourite picnic backpack brand.

This Sunflora picnic backpack for 4 has it all. There are 6 colours to choose from, my favourite being the coastal striped blue version pictured here. (But then I do live near the sea.) Other options include black with a checked blanket and cool grey.

Yep, there’s a picnic blanket included with this one. But that’s not all – far from it, in fact. You also get an insulated wine bottle holder, a chopping (or cheese) board, wine glasses, salt and pepper shakers, and a corkscrew as well as cutlery and plates for 4 people.

You can even carry ice along in the removeable waterproof pouch. This top quality Sunflora backpack makes a fabulous gift. Well I’d love to receive one, anyway 😉

High points:

  • 6 colours
  • Sought-after brand
  • Picnic blanket, insulated bottle holder & lots of extras included

Low points:

  • Price can vary

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VonShef picnic rucksack for 4

Best for peace of mind

Offering very good value, this VonShef picnic bag comes with 2-year warranty back-up.

I’ve included this insulated picnic backpack for 4 by VonShef because it looks different from the Sunflora picnic backpack for 4 persons. Similar items are also included, but this one has a lower price tag.

This VonShef picnic backpack for 4 comes with a blanket, bottle opener, wine carrier, salt and pepper shakers, wine glasses, napkins and of course knives, forks, spoons and plates. It’s covered by a 2 year warranty as well.

A chopping board is also included, though it’s not like the wooden one included with some luxury picnic backpacks. For those who don’t want to pay too much, buying this VonShef backpack for your next picnic is a sound choice.

High points:

  • 2 year warranty
  • Great value for money
  • Blanket & various other items supplied

Low points:

  • Not the most comfortable to carry

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Geezy picnic backpack for 4

Best value for money

A cheery orange trim, tough fabric & padded shoulder straps make this picnic bag a steal.

his Geezy 4 person picnic backpack for 4 offers incredible value for money and is for sure the one to get if money is tight. With a bright orange trim, it also makes family members or friends easy to spot across the park, beach or field.

Despite the low price, tough 600 denier polyester has been used to ensure durability. The package includes knives, forks and spoons, dinner plates, wine glasses, napkins, a chopping board, a bottle opener and salt and pepper pots. You’ll also find a bottle cooler to the side.

With an insulated, leakproof compartment, padded shoulder straps and a streamlined design, this is the pick of the best wine picnic backpacks you’ll find in this price range.

High points:

  • Unbeatable price
  • Tough 600D fabric
  • Padded shoulder straps

Low points:

  • Budget looks

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Which is the best picnic bag for you?

With all the best picnic backpacks for 4 or 2 of you listed here, I hope this guide has helped you pin down what to look for when choosing. Whether you want a smart wine picnic backpack, a practical hiking picnic basket or a simple picnic pack to use with the kids, investing in the right product makes eating al afresco accessible, affordable and fun!

Polly x

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