Best Camping Cutlery Set UK [2023]

Best Camping Cutlery Set UK [2023]

When you want to source the best camping cutlery set in the UK, I hope this guide will help you out. Whether it’s for picnics, caravanning, camping under canvas, to use in a motorhome or all four, this post covers everything you need to know when seeking the best camping cutlery set for 2, 4 or more outdoor adventurers.

Firstly you can compare the top options quickly and easily by using the comparison table below. Beneath that is a section on what you might like to look for when shopping for the best camping cutlery in the UK. Or if you’re really in a hurry, you can find my top pick overall right here.

In a rush? See the best camping utensils overall here

I rate the Outlery pocket set highest because it’s a clever, space saving design that might well last a lifetime. Available in a range of colours, this 3-piece set is eco-conscious and super stylish.

From titanium camping cutlery with extra long handles or an affordable interlocking set to an all-in-one utensil or a set complete with plates, all the contenders as best travel cutlery set in the UK can be found right here. It’s just one of my guides to the top outdoor gear.

Carry on reading to discover your ideal camping cutlery kit for picnicking, beach life, and even work days. As well as living under canvas or in a campervan or caravan. The three of us have done it all during our combined century on the planet, including owning a classic VW campervan!

Best camping cutlery set contents

Best cutlery for camping comparison chart

NameNumber of peopleMaterialKey featuresPrice
LifeVenture Ellipse1NylonGreat value, interlocking, D of E approvedClick here
Tentock titanium1TitaniumOnly 20 grams, ultra tough, long handlesClick here
Sea to Summit Delta1Glass-reinforced nylonCarabiner attachment, real feel, super strongClick here
TiTo titanium spork1TitaniumAll-in-one utensil, bag or box, ultra toughClick here
Outlery pocket set1Stainless steelPocket size, 3 pieces, eco-friendlyClick here
Jungle Culture1BambooStraw included, jute pouch, biodegradableClick here
Light My Fire camping spork1TitaniumInnovative design, serrated edge, very compactClick here
Regatta cutlery set4Stainless steelTop brand, great value, roll-up pouchClick here
Odoland complete set2Stainless steelIncludes plates & other utensils, storage bagClick here
Outwell picnic set4Stainless steelSet for 4, useful extras, great for everyday useClick here

Camping cutlery sets – Top options

Camping utensil set – What to look for


What size is the camping set you’re looking at? The options range from a compact all-in-one spork to a complete set for two or four people, including other items like plates, napkins, a cheese knife and so on.


The smallest camping cutlery sets may also be the lightest in weight – but this isn’t necessarily the case. Lightweight materials like titanium, bamboo and nylon keep the mass to a minimum, while some of the larger sets made from stainless steel and plastic are heavier.


How may place settings do you want? Any of the single sets for one can obviously be bought in whatever number you require, while some sets inclde sufficient cutlery items for two or four people.


It’s not only the weight that’s affected by the materials – durability and longevity are also factors to take into account. While a set made from superior materials like titanium may cost more in the short term, it may mean you never need to buy another set.

Other items or uses

Some of the sets included in this guide come with other items, such as a bottle opener, chopping board, butter or cheese knife, napkins and even plates. A carry case is also a very useful inclusion. Some long-handed implements, meanwhile, are good for cooking as well as eating.

camping cutlery set

Camp utensil set – Reviews & recommendations

LifeVenture Ellipse interlocking cutlery set

Best interlocking set

This clever, affordable set interlocks for storage and you can pick between 6 colours. It also comes a D of E award recommendation.

There are two outstanding points to make about this contender as best camping utensil set. First off the price tag, which is incredibly affordable. Secondly, it’s interlocking, and therefore more space-saving as well as less likely to get lost.

This lightweight camping cutlery set comes in six colours and is dishwasher-safe. It’s a piece of kit recommended for those taking part in the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme, which is good enough for me.

You can simply click these together for storage and the smooth, durable surface is tough yet easy to clean.

High points:

  • Great price
  • Interlocking set
  • D of E recommended

Low points:

  • Not the most durable of all

Click here to view this LifeVenture camping cutlery

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Tentock titanium camping cutlery

Best long-handled set

This ultra durable 2-piece set from Tentock is made from titanium, so it might last a lifetime. The long handles can be very useful.

This is probably the best camping silverware when you want something portable and ultra tough, as it’s made from titanium. Made by Tentock, it’s available as a spoon and fork set, or the individual items are also sold separately.

There’s a reason the set is long-handled – you easily reach into food pouches such as those containing dehydated camping meals to get every last morsel. Which can be pretty important when you’re carrying your food and need as much energy as you can get for hiking.

Each piece of cutlery weights just 20 grams, so it’s ultra lightweight to transport. The long handles also mean it can double up as a cooking utensil, such as when stirring the pot.

High points:

  • 20 grams per piece
  • Ultra tough titanium
  • Long-handled for scraping & stirring

Low points:

  • Doesn’t feel like conventional cutlery

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Sea to Summit Delta cutlery

Best carabiner set

Ultra lightweight, this Sea to Summit cutlery set is joined via a carabiner and is glass-reinforced for added strength and longevity.

These lightweight camping utensils from Sea to Summit are available in coastal teal or sunny yellow and are cleverly attached together by a matching carabiner. The camping eating utensils set comprises a knife, fork and spoon.

This set is actually made from nylon reinforced with glass, so it’s tougher than just nylon alone. The knife has one serrated side and one plain so you can easily use it for different applications.

Satisfied owners love the fact that this camping knife fork and spoon set fis snugly inside many bowls or pots, and that it feels far more like regular cutlery than a spork.

High points:

  • Feels like ‘real’ cutlery
  • Glass-reinforced nylon
  • Attached via matching carabiner

Low points:

  • No pouch included

Click here to view this Sea to Summit camping cutlery

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TiTo titanium spork

Best all-in-one spork

How cool does this multicoloured spork look? Made from tough titanium, it’s also made to last and comes with a bag or box.

If you want the best backpacking eating utensils all in one very practical package, then take a look at the TiTo spork. Made from titanium, it’s ultra lightweight, and is designed for doing everything on the campsite – from stirring the saucepan to serving as an all-in-one spoon and fork.

This clever camping cutlery tool comes in plain titanium, blue, pink or gold, and is also available as a two piece set in the regular colour. A boxed option is also offered, and the bag that comes with the other versions is fast-drying.

The handle is long enough to let you eat from food pouches, and happy owners say it’s incredibly tough.

High points:

  • Fast-drying bag or boxed option
  • All-in-one camping utensil
  • Ultra tough titanium

Low points:

  • No knife tool

Click here to view this TiTo titanium camping spork

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Outlery pocket cutlery set

Best pocket-sized set

From Outlery, this set slots together rather than folding up. It comes in various colours and is supplied with a pocket-sized box.

This set offers a great alternative to folding camping utensils – the pieces simply slot together when you want to get ready to eat. A pocket-sized box is supplied so you can slip this set into your pocket before heading out on a hike, to the beach, on a picnic or to the campsite.

The Outlery camping utensils set is available in rainbow, black, rose gold, navy or silver. It’s stain-resistant, easy to clean and dishwasher safe.

The handles are fairly long on these, so you can use them while preparing food as well as when eating it. Made from stainless steel, this is an eco-friendly investment set that may mean you never need to buy another.

High points:

  • Pocket-sized set
  • Knife, fork & spoon
  • Eco-friendly product

Low points:

  • Relatively expensive

Click here to view the Outlery camping cutlery set

Jungle Culture bamboo cutlery set

Best bamboo set

This bamboo cutlery set includes a drinking straw, cleaning brush and colourful pouch as well as a knife, fork and spoon.

Some of the best camping eating utensils are made from bamboo, and it’s a great eco-conscious and biodegradable choice. Jungle Culture is a British company that’s keen to eliminate single-use plastic products.

There are five pieces in each set, including a bamboo straw and a cleaning brush as well as knife, fork and spoon. A storage pouch is included, and this comes in red, teal, charcoal, brown or light grey.

Even the pouch is made using high quality materials, and you could pick a colour for each member of the group or family if you want to stick to using your own.

High points:

  • Includes straw
  • High quality jute pouch
  • Biodegradable bamboo

Low points:

  • Not as strong as metal

Click here to view this bamboo camping cutlery set

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Light My Fire camping spork

Best double-ended spork

A double-ended, all-in-one utensil from a Swedish company that even incorporates a serrated knife edge for cutting.

This innovative, Swedish-designed double-ended spork is a camping knife and fork plus spoon in one. It’s also made from polished lightweight titanium, and features a spoon at one end and a fork to the other.

The fork has a serrated edge to one side, so you can also use this part as a knife for cutting. It’s dishwasher safe and would be great for packed or takeaway lunches as well as camping and picnics.

If you’d rather invest in one item than a cheap plastic camping cutlery set, then this Swedish spork is a great option.

High points:

  • Innovative Swedish design
  • Serrated knife edge
  • Lunchbox sized

Low points:

  • Can’t use fork and spoon together

Click here to view this Light My Fire camping spork

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Regatta camping cutlery set

Best bargain set

This bargain buy camping cutlery set for four comes from a top outdoor brand and all rolls up nicely for storage and carrying.

If you want to bag a bargain, this is the one to go for. As they wrap up into a compact roll, they may also be the best backpacking utensils for a group on the move.

Factors in favour of this product include the respected Regatta brand, the solid yet lightweight design and the tough punch that keeps everything together.

This is the best cheap cutlery set around and ticks all the boxes when you want a set of spoons, knives and forks for four people.

High points:

  • Top brand
  • Roll-up pouch
  • Great value for money

Low points:

  • Rather basic design

Click here to view this Regatta camping cutlery set

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Odoland camping cutlery for 2

Best complete set for 2

Rather than just a set of cutlery, this one comes with plates, napkins, a chopping board and more. Perfect for picnics and camping.

If you want a family camping cutlery set complete with plates, just buy one, two, three or more of these Odoland products. As well as two knives, forks, spoons and plates this comes with butter knife, bottle opener, chopping board, napkins and a carry bag.

This is the ideal everyday set for use in the garden or a picnic as well as when camping or caravanning. For the old VW campervan we used to have this would be ideal, as the storage bag means no rattling around in 45 year old cupboards!

For living the outdoor life as a couple or family, this set is just spot-on.

High points:

  • Plates included
  • Great carry bag
  • Range of other useful items

Low points:

  • May be more than you need

Click here to view the Odoland complete camping set

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Outwell picnic set for 4

Best complete set for 4

This Outwell set includes other items such as a cheese knife, bottle opener and carry case. There’s 4 knives, forks and spoons.

If you want a camping cutlery set for 4, this Outwell one is a another option. It also comes with some useful extras, including a carry case, napkins, chopping board, a cheese knife and a bottle opener.

This stainless steel and plastic camping cutlery set comes with four each of knives, forks and spoons, and again is great for everyday outdoor living – such as a family BBQ in the garden – in addition to camping trips.

Again this Outwell camping cutlery set is the perfect type to store in a campervan or caravan, as it won’t be noisy when you’re on the move.

High points:

  • Lots of extras
  • Set for 4 people
  • Ideal for everyday use

Low points:

  • You may not need 4 sets

Click here to view this Outwell camping cutlery set

Which are the best camp utensil sets for you?

The best camping cutlery set for you depends on what you want from it. Weight and size may matter massively when you’re backpacking, while if you take the car on camping trips they won’t really be an issue. Likewise if you store them in a caravan or campervan – but don’t forget that on-the-go rattle factor!

From an all-in-one spork to a complete set for four, there are some great outdoor cutlery sets available right for happy campers all over the land.

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