Best Camping Radio UK [2023]

Best Camping Radio UK [2023]
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Want to find the best camping radio but not sure where to start? Then this guide is for you. If, like me, you have a keen interest in outdoor travel and in music, buying the best portable radio for camping ensures you can listen to your favourite tunes while away from home. Even if – like our old classic VW – your old campervan has no leisure battery.

Camping radios with AM and FM tuners can also keep you updated regarding the weather conditions, which can be very important when you’re at the mercy of the elements. Much UK travel involves dealing with a rapidly changing climate, and this is partly why having the right gear can be so important here.

Click here to see my overall top pick as best camping radio in the UK

The Kaito camping radio wins for me because it comes in 5 colours and features a neat yet sturdy design. The emergency warning alert is ideal for serious campers who head off-grid, and it can be charged in several different ways.

Whether you want a radio to charge via hand crank, standard batteries, solar power or an included rechargeable battery I’ve got you covered. The options listed here also have torches built into them. One has four modes, while another also has a reading light.

I’ve also included an option with a DAB radio, a product with an alarm clock and even one with an emergency alert function.

If you want a retro style radio, why not take a look at my post on the top retro style radios on my music site? Some of these are also great for camping if you don’t require the torch function. This guide can recommend products like the best camping radio with bluetooth as well as DAB.

Best camping radio contents

Top 5 camping radios

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  1. FosPower radio with torch & alarmBest radio with torch
  2. Nnooaadio radio with LED torchBest value for money
  3. Kaito radio with emergency alertBest for emergency alerts
  4. Sangean Survivor DAB radioBest DAB radio
  5. Duronic radio with torch & clockBest LED display

Best camping radios comparison table

MakePower sourceKey featuresPrice
FospowerSolar, crank or batteryTorch, LED reading light & SOS alarm; power bank includedClick here
NnooaadioSolar, crank or Li-ionLED torch, 1,200 mAh lithium-ion battery, lanyard, compactClick here
KaitoSolar, crank, AC/DC, rechargeable batteryTop quality, durable build, emergency warning alert, 5 coloursClick here
SangeanSolar, crank, AC/DC, rechargeable battery4 LED torch modes, 20 station presets, with/without DABClick here
DuronicSolar, crank or USB chargingLCD clock & alarm, LED torch, sleek and portableClick here

Choosing the best camping radio – what to look for

The key features to look for on a camping radio include the weight, power sources, battery life and whether or not you want a DAB radio.


How much does weight matter? Well that really depends on how you travel. If you can store the radio in a car, campervan or caravan it isn’t so important, but it may be crucial if you are hiking. The options listed here are all lightweight, but some are less bulky than others.

Power source

Would you prefer to use solar power, a battery, a hand crank or even mains or AC power? Each product listed here can be charged in several ways, so it’s best to think about what will suit your needs.

DAB radio

One DAB camping radio option is included here, and this also comes with extra functions such as presets and various torch modes. It also costs more, of course!

Battery life

These radios with torch tend to last longer when used as a light source than when the radio is on. Battery life varies, so it’s worth considering how much you want to use it when choosing.

Other useful features

All of the options here have an integral torch, but what this can do does vary. Some have different modes. Reading lights are also included with a couple of these radios. A clock or alarm may also be useful, while an emergency alert could literally be a lifesaver.

Top five camping radios – recommendations

FosPower emergency radio review

Best radio with torch

  • Solar, crank or battery powered

This radio comes with an integral torch and an AM/FM radio, and can be powered via battery, solar energy or hand-crank.

If you want to find the best portable weather radio at a great value price, take a look at this one from FosPower. As well as an AM/FM radio, it has a built-in torch with LED reading light plus an emergency SOS alarm.

This lightweight, compact camping radio can be powered by a trio of means – solar, hand-crank or AAA batteries. The included 2,000mAh power bank can also be used for charging portable devices via USB.

With a limited lifetime warranty, you have very little to lose by investing in this portable radio – yet you get a torch, an alarm, a reading light and a radio all in one.

High points:

  • 3 power source options
  • Integral torch & SOS alarm
  • 2,000 mAh power bank included

Low points:

  • Not the best sound
  • No headphone jack

Click here to view the FosPower radio for camping

Check eBay price

Nnooaadio emergency radio review

Best value for money

  • Crank, solar or battery powered

This great value radio for outdoor life comes with a lanyard and can be powered via the sun, a hand crank or li-ion battery.

Available in five colours, this bargain buy also has an integral torch and a 1,200 mAh lithium ion battery. It can also be powered via the hand crank or solar power and has a micro USB port.

When fully charged, this radio can provide over 3 hours of sound or up to 10 hours of light. This one can also be used as an emergency power bank for charging mobile devices.

There are also lights to indicate when the radio is being charged via solar power and a radio channel signal indicator. A lanyard also comes with it for easy carrying.

High points:

  • Several power sources
  • Built-in LED torch
  • 1,200 mAh li-ion battery

Low points:

  • Standard batteries cannot be used
  • Limited power

Click here to see the Nnooaadio wind-up radio

Check eBay price

Kaito KA500 5 way radio review

Best for emergency alerts

  • 4 power options

Ultra tough and reliable, this 5-way radio has a brushless generator and can even alert you to an emergency warning.

This is more pricey than the previous two options, but is among the best portable radio for reception options. As well as being ultra durable and reliable.

This is a high-end product with a brushless generator, and there are four power source options. You can use the a built-in rechargeable battery, the AC/DC adapter, a solar panel or the hand crank to operate it.

The radio can access many frequencies, and can even alert you when it detects an emergency signal as an advance warning of any impending disaster.

High points:

  • High quality
  • Ultra durable build
  • Alert mode for emergency warnings

Low points:

  • Higher price tag

Click here to view this Voyager camping radio

Sangean Survivor M8 radio with DAB review

Best DAB radio

  • 4 power options

A DAB digital radio for camping with 20 station presets and a built-in torch. 4 different power sources can be used.

If you’re looking for a camping DAB radio, this could be the one for you. It’s also available without the DAB functionality, so if you want to take a look at that you can click the link below and choose between the options that come up.

This practical and portable radio has 20 station presets – 10 each for DAB and FM stations. The built-in LED torch also boasts four modes – blinking, high, low and even SOS.

The Sangean Survivor can be powered by the rechargeable lithium battery, its hand crank, a solar panel or a DC source.

High points:

  • 4 torch modes inc SOS
  • Also available without DAB
  • 20 station presets

Low points:

  • Most expensive option

Click here to see this Sangean DAB radio for camping

Duronic 3 way radio

Best LED display

  • Crank, solar or USB powered

You can wind this radio up, or power it via USB or the sun. The LED display and bright colour make it look pretty cute.

This Duronic radio is a good little affordable buy for camping trips. It’s just like the one we had for trips in the campervan, and I believe we let it go along with it when sold (Like a lot of other kit. It just didn’t seem right to part the gear from the camper.)

The little red Duronic radio can be charged via solar power, winding up or USB. It also has an integral LED torch and even an alarm function, which can be useful when you need to head off early.

I love the sleek shaping of this Duronic radio, as well as the cheery red colour. Plus the torch, of course. It also has a handy LED display so you can keep an eye on the time.

High points:

  • LCD clock and alarm function
  • Sleek, portable design
  • Built-in LED torch

Low points:

  • No battery option

Click here to view this Duronic camping radio

Check eBay price

Which is the best camping radio for you?

I hope this guide helps you to find the best portable radio for camping- whether you’d find a reading light, alarm clock, SOS signal or emergency alert useful. There’s nothing like kicking back with a cold drink in your tent or awning while the radio plays tunes from your favourite music era or genre.

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Note – This post may contain affiliate links. If you buy via these, I may earn a small fee. This has absolutely no effect on the price you pay. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. 

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