10 Best Sleeping Bags UK Ranked [2023]

10 Best Sleeping Bags UK Ranked [2023]
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Finding the best sleeping bags here in the UK can really make or break any camping trip. They are also useful for kids’ sleepovers, caravanning, backpacking, using a campervan or hiking. Invest in the best lightweight sleeping bag the UK has to offer, for example, and you can take off at a moment’s notice, whether you plan to sleep in your vehicle or are carrying the entire load on your back.

The best sleeping bags for camping in the UK aren’t just for use under canvas. A sleeping bag is a must for any student, who is bound to have friends from their school days over to stay at their halls or shared house. It means they can provide such pals with a bed for the night, or take their own with them when they travel. As a student in Manchester, I often visited a friend in Sheffield – and vice versa. Either way, the floor plus a cosy sleeping bag was your bed for the weekend.

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I love the Hyke & Byke Snowmass as it suits all four seasons. And we all know that can happen in one day here! With a real down filling, this is the real deal – and a complete steal from an up-and-coming brand.

So that was my first major experience of sleeping bags. After that, I travelled around Australia and New Zealand and took my own with me as I went. Much more reassuring than relying on the cleanliness of hostel sheets. Now, we have a couple of sleeping bags permanently stored in our campervan. Although we normally use a duvet, it’s easier to take sleeping bags for just one night. It also provides an extra layer of warmth during a chilly night.

Whether it’s for use under canvas, in a caravan or motorhome or as part of the essential student kit, buying the best budget sleeping bag you can find is so worthwhile. Investing in the best winter sleeping bag also opens up so many options. Why stick to two-season camping when you can enjoy the outdoor life all year round? Read on to find the best double sleeping bag available in the UK – as well as the best 4 season sleeping bag. And then some.

Best Sleeping Bags in the UK Contents

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Top ten sleeping bags list

  1. Thermarest Questar sleeping bagBest hydrophobic down bag
  2. Mammut Nordic Oti three seasonBest synthetic sleeping bag
  3. Coleman Big Basin single sizeBest spacious sleeping bag
  4. Jack Wolfskin Smoozip for womenBest anti-snag zip
  5. Vango Cadair sleeping bagBest budget buy
  6. Snugpak Jungle sleeping bagBest insect-repelling bag
  7. Mountain Hardwear LaminaBest water-resistant bag
  8. Hyke & Byke Snowmass sleeping bagBest buy overall
  9. Coleman Hampton double sizeBest budget double bag
  10. Vango Accord double sleeping bagBest quilt-stitched bag

The best sleeping bags UK comparison table

NameFeaturesPrice Score
Thermarest QuestarReal down, spacious mummy shape, links to matClick here4.7
Mammut Nordic OtiUltra light synthetic, 3 season, great valueClick here4.8
Coleman Big BasinStraight-sided, hood, ventilation zippersClick here4.7
Jack Wolfskin SmoozipWomen’s ergonomic, no snag sleeping bag Click here4.7
Vango CadairSuper affordable and cosy sleeping bagClick here4.7
Snugpak JungleMosquito net, straight sides, can use as duvetClick here4.6
Mountain Hardwear LaminaUltra light, heat retaining, 2 way glow-in-dark zipClick here5
Hyke & Byke SnowmassReal down, great price, 4 season, 3 sizesClick here4.7
Coleman Hampton Double, outstanding value, plenty of spaceClick here4.7
Vango AccordDouble, incredible value, zips both sidesClick here4.9
best sleeping bags for camping

Choosing the best sleeping bags – what to look for


Are you only looking at the best double sleeping bags in the UK, or are you after a cosy single? Can you get to sleep despite the restrictions of a mummy-shaped bag – or do you require more space in which to stretch out? Standard rectangular bags will give you more room – but are also bigger and heavier to carry. Many of the best sleeping bags are mummy-shaped, as this shape is more efficient for heat retention as well as being more compact and lightweight.

Weight and size

How are you going to travel? If you’re storing your sleeping bag in the car boot, campervan or caravan, then there’s no need to worry about what it weighs. Conversely, anyone seeking the best backpacking sleeping bag will want it to weight as little as possible. As well as taking up minimal space.


Pure down is both the lightest and warmest filling – but it is also the most costly. Not ideal for those after the best budget sleeping bag, perhaps. Synthetics can be very effective and pretty light to carry too. Just make sure you check the weight and temperature rating if you’re going to be outdoors – or in unheated accommodation. One real advantage of down, though, is that it’s naturally water repellent. Like water off a duck’s back.


How many seasons do you plan to use your bag for? While fair weather, summer campers don’t need to source the warmest sleeping bag in the UK, it’s a different story for anyone seeking the best sleeping bag for use in Scotland during the winter. It also depends where you’ll sleep – inside or outdoors? Even if it’s the former, will your home for the night have any heating or insulation?

Other useful features

What other sleepng bag features are worth looking for? Some have anti-snag zips, which makes a tear less likely. Many have features aimed at maximising heat retention – such as drawcord hoods, insulated foot boxes or even extra fill around the core and entremity areas. Extra zips can help with ventilation in summer. Some bags can connect to a sleeping mat, or may have an integral mosquito net.

The 10 best rated sleeping bags – recommendations

Thermarest Questar review

Best hydrophobic down bag

At under 1kg, this lightweight 3 to 4 season mummy-shaped bag is filled with real down.

This impressive all-round Thermarest sleeping bag is surely designed for UK-based outdoor adventuring. It is lightweight, warm and comfortable, yet comparatively affordable. It packs down super small into the included compression bag and weighs in at just under 1kg. Yet thanks to 650 fill Nikwax Hydrophobic Down, it wicks away moisture while retaining essential heat.

This is some serious down, capable of absorbing 90 per cent less water than standard, yet drying up to three times more quickly. Goodbye condensation. The mummy-shaped cut is more roomy than many, allowing for several possible sleeping positions. It also features a fully adjustable hood with collar and neck drawcords to wrap you up in cosy warmth.

Clever synergy link connectors mean that this sleeping bag can be joined to your mat, resulting in added warmth and comfort and less slippage. The down is also responsibly sourced, leaving you with a clear conscience. With a limit of -6°C, this may be the best 3 season sleeping bag in the UK. Depending where you live, it may be sufficient for winter too.

High points:

  • Responsibly sourced, moisture wicking, quick drying down
  • Generous mummy cut accommodates several positions
  • Synergy link connectors to join to sleeping mat

Low points:

  • Comfort temperature rating 0°C

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Mammut Nordic Oti review

Best synthetic sleeping bag

A lightweight, slimline bag with a hi-tech synthetic filling and a supersoft finish.

This is a great lightweight 3 season sleeping bag for UK use. As it has a synthetic filling, it’s a fair bit more affordable than the product listed above. Yet the ultra fine fibres making up the optimized thermal insulation system ensure it’s almost as light – around 1 kilogram.

An included compression stuff sack means you can pack it away as compactly as possible, while a draw cord to the neck and baffle along the zipper provide extra insulation. This is one serious sleeping bag for the money, and feels comfortable on the skin.

It’s simply a matter of personal preference whether you can cope with the more restrictive sleeping position of a mummy sleeping bag, as this one’s cut a little narrower than the down filled Thermarest option. Though I would say that – I need some serious space when I sleep!

High points:

  • Great value for money
  • Super lightweight synthetic filling
  • Top outdoor brand

Low points:

  • Narrower than some

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Coleman Big Basin sleeping bag review

Best spacious sleeping bag

If you need lots of space when sleeping, add this cosy Coleman bag to your shortlist.

What I love about this Coleman single sleeping bag – apart from the low price – is the spacious design. I know many people love them, but mummy sleeping bags and me just don’t really get on. It might be down to a dodgy back that makes me want to change my position a lot.

This is a warm and cosy Coleman sleeping bag for one. It features the outdoor brand’s own ‘Coletherm’ insulation, as well as that all-important hood for maximum heat retention. With a longer length, it’s also ideal for taller campers. Or those who like to snuggle right down inside.

The classic camo type colour scheme means its unlikely to show up any muddy marks from the dog’s paws or chocolate stains from the kids’ snack, making this a very family-friendly option. This ripstop polyester bag boasts an overnight temperature range of between +7°C and -13°C, so it will suit most nights of the year in most parts of the British Isles. When it is warmer, two-way zippers can provide added ventilation.

High points:

  • Spacious, straight-sided sleeping bag
  • Hood for added heat retention
  • Two-way zippers for summer ventilation

Low points:

  • Heavier than some

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Jack Wolfskin Smoozip sleeping bag review

Best anti-snag zip

This one has an S-shaped, anti-snag zip, an extra insulated core and an inner pocket.

What’s one of the most annoying things about sleeping bags? The zip getting caught, resulting in it getting stuck or causing a tear. The former then leading to chilly nights, and the latter perhaps rendering the sleeping bag unusable. This women’s Jack Wolfskin one puts paid to all that.

That’s not all it has going for it, however. Jack Wolfskin have had the clever idea of adding extra insulation to the core area as well as the extremities, to maximise body heat exactly where you need it. The egg shape is wider than many, and you can pack it all into the stuff sack for storage and carrying.

Even the hidden internal pocket and zip have been ergonomically positioned to avoid strain, while the hood can be drawn in to ward off the cold. This sleeping bag is specifically designed for women, to provide extra heat where we feel the cold as well as that user-friendly S-shaped zipper. This means it has smaller dimensions, so do check if you’re super tall.

High points:

  • Ergonomically designed for female campers
  • Extra insulation to extremities and core
  • ‘Smoozip’ snag prevention

Low points:

  • Smaller than many

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Vango Cadair sleeping bag review

Best budget buy

This low-cost sleeping bag is ideal for kids and has inside pockets and zipper guards.

Vango sleeping bags are among some of the best-rated in Britain, and this one is an absolute steal. It costs a fraction of what many others do, putting it among the best childrens sleeping bags for camping in the UK. Why worry about whether they’ll leave the site without it at this budget price?

It comes in blue or raspberry shades, both with a cheery orange lining. There is a stuff sack, drawcord neck and a supersoft microfibre lining to ensure comfortable nights on the campsite, in a bunkroom or even on someone else’s floor.

Perhaps surprisingly at this price, it also has built-in zip guards and internal pockets for valuable or secret items. If the best synthetic sleeping bag in the UK is a cheap buy for festivals, student life or kids, this has to be the one.

High points:

  • Amazing low price
  • Respected brand
  • Choice of colours

Low points:

  • Basic design

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Snugpak Jungle sleeping bag review

Best insect-repelling bag

A rectangular sleeping bag that repels insects and can also be used as a duvet.

There are 3 key features making this Snugpak sleeping bag stand out. Firstly, it’s my favourite shape. Straight-sided. It has a built-in mosquito net. Also, it’s designed so it can be used as a duvet or blanket as well as a sleeping bag.

It also offers very good value for money, thanks to the use of synthetic materials. Yet at just 900g, it is surprisingly lightweight. A good all-rounder really – as long as you’re not planning to camp out during winter. The recommended temperature limit is 7°C for comfort or 2°C at the lowest.

It’s thus one of the best sleeping bags for camping in summer, as you won’t get too warm. if you do, you can always unzip it to use as a camping duvet instead.

High points:

  • Great value price
  • Ultra lightweight
  • Can also be used as a duvet

Low points:

  • Not suitable for low temperatures

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Mountain Hardwear Lamina sleeping bag review

Best water-resistant bag

A waterproof outer, anti-snag zipper and welded construction make this bag super snug.

If you want a sleeping bag with a great spec and are a fan of the mummy shaped, space saving type, this Mountain Hardwear one is among the best ultralight sleeping bag choices. It has a 2 way anti-snag zipper and lots of features aimed at keeping you super warm and comfortable.

These include the welded lamina construction that says goodbye to cold spots. The contoured foot box, draught collar and shaped hood also help to seal in maximum heat. A glow-in-the-dark zipper is great for nipping out in the dead of night, and the outer is made from water repellent fabric.

This is a serious, durable and good-looking sleeping bag that should last for years. It’s also one of the snuggest, cosiest and warmest ones around.

High points:

  • Ultra light and portable sleeping bag
  • Two way anti snag zipper that glows in the dark
  • Contoured head and foot areas maximise heat

Low points:

  • Not ideal for temperatures below -1°C

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Hyke & Byke Snowmass sleeping bag review

Best buy overall

With a pure duck down filling, this affordable 4 season bag will keep you warm in winter.

If you want the best 4 season sleeping bag in the UK right now, then take a look at this Hyke and Byke sleeping bag. The fact that it can cope with temperatures as low as -17°C is largely due to the real duck down filling. This also gives it natural water repellency.

This sleeping bag comes in several colour options, so there’s no reason not to buy every member of the family their very own. As it comes in 3 sizes, each person can easily find their perfect fit. There’s an insulated footbox with hanging straps plus shoulder and neck drawstrings to keep out draughts.

Hyke & Byke are a relative newcomer to the market, but are quickly making a name for themselves due to their high quality, great value outdoor products. This sleeping bag offers incredible value for money – especially when you consider that pure down filling.

High points:

  • 4 season sleeping bag
  • Real down filling
  • 3 sizes

Low points:

  • More expensive than synthetic

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Coleman Hampton double sleeping bag review

Best budget double bag

A spacious, insulated double bag with a cosy fleece lining that can double up as a duvet.

This is a great all-rounder – ideal for anyone seeking the best double sleeping bag in the UK. From a trusted outdoor brand, it has a super soft flannel lining and lots of space for stretching out. It’s also extra long, so tall people are no problem for this Coleman double sleeping bag.

Sleeping together in a bag is not only more romantic, it’s also very practical during cold weather as more body heat is retained. These large double sleeping bags also make great duvets, so you can throw it over you instead if the weather’s warmer.

This rectangular sleeping bag comes with a carry bag for storage. As it’s one of the heaviest, you’d probably want to stick to using this one at home or when camping with the car, staying in a caravan or using a motorhome. Coletherm insulation also helps to keep you warm.

High points:

  • Spacious and extra long
  • Great value for two people
  • Coletherm insulation and carry bag

Low points:

  • Relatively heavy and bulky

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Vango Accord double sleeping bag review

Best quilt-stitched bag

A square sleeping bag for two from Vango with quilted stitching & a carry bag.

Satisfied owners really rate this Vango double sleeping bag – and the price is pretty appealing too. It has lots of features to keep both users warm and snug in their temporary or semi-permanent beds, as well as a super soft microfibre outer cover. Inside, warm cotton flannel keeps one or two of you cosy.

Quilted stitching ensures an even spread of the synthetic filling, while a matching stuff bag makes it easy to keep tidy. It has a hidden internal pocket, and can comfortably cope with a temperature of -1°C. This envelope-shaped sleeping bag is simple, strong and spacious.

It packs neatly into the included bag, but as it weighs 6kg this is probably one best saved for when you’re taking the car or campervan, or sleeping at home in the garden, house, caravan or summerhouse.

High points:

  • Double sleeping bag with internal pocket
  • Quilted stitching for even filling
  • Comfortable for -1°C temperatures

Low points:

  • Heavy to carry

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Which are the best sleeping bags in the UK for you?

Whether you want the best down sleeping bag in the UK right now or are more concerned about finding the best lightweight sleeping bag for trekking, walking or hiking trips, I hoep this guide has been helpful. These are all the best sleeping bags for adults we’ve found – some are even cheap enough to let the kids take away with them too!

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