Best Sleeping Bag Liner UK Rated [2023]

Best Sleeping Bag Liner UK Rated [2023]

Perhaps you’re wondering whether you really need a one – or already have your heart set on a silk sleeping bag liner for summer. Maybe you’re seeking a fleece sleeping bag liner for camping in the UK during the colder months, or want to find a review of the Sea to Summit Thermolite Reactor Extreme. Whichever describes you, this complete guide to the best sleeping bag liners in the UK right now should help.

I will also take you through by you might want to use a sleeping bag liner. If your camping gear includes a decent sleeping bag, you migh wonder why you would even need an additional product. Well, I’ll let you into a little secret. My first cotton sleeping bag liner was purchased not for outdoor use, but for staying in hostels when backpacking around Australia. I didn’t always use my sheet sleeping bag – if there were fresh sheets then it saved on laundry for me – but it was there as back-up if they looked or smelled less than clean. For the same reason one of my travelling companions always took her own pillow, and if I was doing the trip now, I would definitely do the same. Fussiness about hygiene must come with age!

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I really rate the Nod Pod, because it offers the incomparable benefits of pure mulberry silk, and is incredibly lightweight yet also very affordable.

In fact saving on laundry and cleanliness are two of the main reasons for using a sheet sleeping bag, but they’re not the only ones. The fabric they’re made from can make a big difference in how warm or cold you feel during the night, and depending on material the right liner can keep you feeling cool in summer or toasty during winter. Using a liner can also extend the life of your sleeping bag.

Read on to discover the top rated sleeping bag liners for warmth, reviews of products like the popular Sea to Summit sleeping bag liner range and even options for those searching for a double sleeping bag liner. Whether it’s for winter or summer, I have you covered.

Best sleeping bag liner contents

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Top 10 sleeping bag liners list

  1. Sea to Summit Thermolite Reactor linerBest mummy-shaped liner
  2. Sea to Summit Reactor Plus compactBest thermal liner
  3. Sea to Summit silk stretch linerBest stretch silk liner
  4. Cocoon silk sleeping bag/linerBest summer sleeping bag
  5. Nod Pod pure silk linerBest liner overall
  6. Cocoon pure Merino wool linerBest merino wool liner
  7. Rab Ascent cotton mummy linerBest value for money
  8. Cocoon Travelshield double linerBest insect-repelling liner
  9. Cocoon silk double sleeping bagBest double silk liner
  10. Outwell cotton double linerBest 100% cotton liner

The best sleeping bag liners comparison table

Sea to Summit Reactor ThermoliteLightweight warmth, drawcord hood, ultra compactClick here4.6
Sea to Summit Reactor Plus compactExtra insulation, light & portable, has stuff sackClick here4.5
Sea to Summit stretch silk linerAA grade silk, added stretch, reinforced seamsClick here4.3
Cocoon silk sleeping bag – singlePure silk, thermo-regulating, 6 colour optionsClick here4.5
Nod Pod silk sleeping bag linerIncredibly light, mulberry silk, thermo-regulatingClick here4.5
Cocoon Merino wool linerThermoregulating, odour-free, lightweight & softClick here4.7
Rab Ascent cotton linerMoisture-wicking, reliable brand, ultra lightweightClick here5
Cocoon Travelshield double linerSpacious double, Egyptian cotton, insect repelling Click hereN/A
Cocoon silk sleeping bag – doublePure silk fabric, large double, integral pillow slot Click here4.5
Outwell double sleeping bag linerRoomy double, pure cotton fabric, great valueClick here4.3
silk sleeping bag liner

Choosing between sleeping bag liners – what to look for

Size and shape

Most sleeping bag liners are mummy shaped, which means they can fit into the same shape sleeping bag or a regular, straight-sided one. Some are larger than others, so do check carefully if you’re taller than 6 feet. If you like more space, you may want to look for a wider product too.


Sleeping bag liners are made from synthetic or natural fabrics. The latter include silk and Merino wool, both of which are prized in particular for their thermo-regulating properties. They are both really luxurious to sleep on, strong and long-lasting and very lightweight. For a cheaper option, cotton or good quality synthetics are a great alternative. Ideally, look for fabrics that can wick away moisture.


Do you want a liner for hygiene purposes, added comfort – or to keep you warm or cool? Merino wool or synthetic fleecy fabrics are best for winter, while the top summer sleeping bag liners are made from pure silk. Even cotton or silk liners will usually add a few degrees’ worth of warmth.

Other useful features

An included staff bag gives you an easy and compact way of carrying a sleeping bag liner, while a drawstring hood can also help to ward off chills. Other helpful features you may come across include reinforced seams or a pillow slot. One is even made from insect repelling fabric.

The 10 best rated sleeping bag liners – recommendations

Sea to Summit Reactor Thermolite review

Best mummy-shaped liner

  • Thermal liner
  • Mummy shape
  • Single size

An affordable, lightweight, mummy-shaped liner made from thermal fabric with a hood.

Any Sea to Summit liner seems to be a highly popular product, and this thermal sleeping bag liner from them is no exception. Designed for mummy shaped sleeping bags, this one provides the same sort of warmth as fleece, but is far more compact and packable.

This lightweight sleeping bag liner complements performance sleeping bags perfectly, and weighs only half a pound – or about 225 grams. An included stuff bag makes it easier to pack and transport. The drawcord hood means it’s easy to adjust the temperature level to suit the conditions.

If you want a Thermolite sleeping bag liner that’s affordable, lightweight and easy to wash and dry, this Sea to Summit Thermolite Reactor fleece liner is a great bet.

High points:

  • Lighter than fleece
  • Drawcord hood for heat control
  • Very lightweight and portable

Low points:

  • Not the cheapest option

Click here to see this Sea to Summit Reactor fleece liner

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Sea to Summit Reactor Plus Compact review

Best thermal liner

  • Thermal liner
  • Compact mummy shape
  • Single size

An extra insulated sleeping bag liner with additional warmth in the core and foot areas.

This Sea to Summit Thermolite liner is more compact, so it’s ideal for females or anyone under 6 feet tall. Like the previous product, it’s designed to add extra warmth to your sleeping bag. The design features dual layers of fabric for added insulation. At about 9.3 ounces or 265g, this one weighs just a little more.

It is also mummy shaped with a box foot, and offers additional warmth in the foot and core areas to keep you feeling snug all night long. (That is the ‘plus’ as per the product name.) There is also a drawcord hood with a locking function to keep it in place.

For those who want a compact, lightweight but ultra warm sleeping bag liner, this has to be high on the list of contenders.

High points:

  • Lightweight winter liner
  • Added insulation to core and foot areas
  • Ultra compact with own stuff bag

Low points:

  • May not suit taller people

Click here to view this Sea to Summit fleece liner

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Sea to Summit silk stretch liner review

Best stretch silk liner

  • Silk liner
  • Mummy shape
  • Single size

A stretch silk liner that’s super soft, surprisingly strong and fully machine washable.

This Sea to Summit silk liner is made with pure AA grade silk, and also has added stretch. Now you would be forgiven for thinking that silk is a delicate and therefore easily damaged fabric, but in fact the reverse is true. I know quite a lot about top quality silk, as my bestie owns a silk bedding company, and I write the copy for the website.

Good silk is actually super strong. It can also help to keep you cool in summer, and is extremely gentle on the skin. Put it this way – once you’ve slept on a silk pillowcase, there’s no going back. (We now own about nine between the three of us.) It’s the same with a silk liner. Just be warned – you may want to invest in new bed sheets once you’ve tried this.

This silk sleeping bag liner makes for a more comfortable sleep, and like all high quality silk it can be machine washed on a 30 degree cycle. An unashamedly luxurious and practical addition to anyone’s camping kit collection.

High points:

  • Pure AA grade silk
  • Added stretch for comfort
  • Reinforced, double folded seams

Low points:

  • Not as warm as fleece

Click here to see this Sea to Summit silk sleeping bag insert

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Cocoon silk mummy liner review

Best summer sleeping bag

  • Silk sleeping bag
  • Mummy shape
  • Single size

This stand-alone sleeping bag for summer can also be used as a liner for winter.

This Cocoon sleeping bag liner is also made from pure silk. In fact this one is marketed as a ‘silk sleeping bag’, and there is no reason why you couldn’t use this alone in hot weather. It’s sure to be more comfortable than the basic cotton travel sleep sack I carried around Australia.

Mummy shaped to suit any shape of sleeping bag, this Cocoon liner provides plenty of legroom, yet is very lightweight and compact to carry. Made from 100% silk fabric, this Cocoon travel sheet can help keep you cool in summer or warm during winter. This is thanks to the natural thermo-regulating properties of good quality silk.

You can even choose between a range of colours, including olive green, sunset yellow, chocolate brown and ultra blue. There is even a patterned option. Perfect for those who like to look and feel good, even while they slumber.

High points:

  • 100% pure silk fabric
  • Range of colour options
  • Thermo-regulating material

Low points:

  • Higher price

Click here to see this silk Cocoon mummy liner

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Nod Pod silk sleeping bag liner review

Best liner overall

  • Silk liner
  • Rectangular shape
  • Single size

This lightweight, pure silk liner in a bag is my top pick overall & comes in 5 colours.

The Nod Pod is big news in the camping world, and with good reason. This is a high quality, pure silk sleeping bag liner. At just 110g, it’s also one of the most lightweight sleeping bag liner options out there. Made from 100% mulberry silk, it’s naturally hypoallergenic too.

This Nod Pod sleeping bag liner comes complete with a carry pouch and pillow slip. Silk is an incredibly breathable material, capable of adding several degrees worth of warmth in winter while keeping you cool during sweltering summer nights.

With the back-up of a one-year guarantee, this item is produced by a family-run business in small batches. Other benefits include reinforced seams, a generously sized opening and a choice of five very appealing colours.

High points:

  • 100% mulberry silk
  • Incredibly lightweight
  • Warm in winter, cool in summer

Low points:

  • Relatively new brand

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Cocoon merino wool sleeping bag liner review

Best merino wool liner

  • Merino wool liner
  • Mummy shape
  • Single size

Invest in this compact Merino wool liner when you want to cope with winter conditions.

This Merino sleeping bag liner is made with pure wool – the number one fabric for keeping you warm in cold conditions. As it’s very lightweight yet ultra heat retaining, this is the top choice for a winter sleeping bag liner.

It’s not cheap, but this ultralight sleeping bag liner is an investment piece, opening up the possibility of winter camping while prolonging the life of your sleeping bag. There really is nothing like it when you want to stay warm without lugging around too much heavy camping gear.

As well as being warm and lightweight, Merino wool also has natural stretch and is non-scratchy. It also wicks away moisture, and like silk remains odour-free while offering superior temperature regulating properties.

High points:

  • Pure Merino wool
  • Soft, stretchy, lightweight and odour-free
  • Thermo-regulating natural fabric

Low points:

  • Relatively expensive

Click here to view this Cocoon merino wool mummy liner

Check eBay prices

Rab Ascent cotton sleeping bag liner review

Best value for money

  • 95% cotton liner
  • Mummy shape
  • Single size

This Rab liner offers good value for money & has moisture-wicking, 95% cotton fabric.

While a silk or Merino wool liner is the best choice, it’s not the most affordable. This cotton Rab sleeping bag liner has a much lower price tag that the equivalent Rab silk sleeping bag liner, so it’s a great pick for more budget-conscious travellers.

This compact, lightweight sleeping liner is very portable, and can be carried in the stuff sack it comes with. It is compatible with any mummy shaped sleeping bag – particularly any one made by Rab, of course. Weighing just 340 grams, this one certainly doesn’t add much to your load.

The cotton mix fabric – containing 95% cotton – wicks moisture away while adding an extra layer of warmth to your bedtime set-up. A solid, affordable choice from this reliable outdoor brand.

High points:

  • Moisture-wicking fabric
  • Ultra lightweight
  • More affordable than silk

Low points:

  • Not as effective as silk

Click here to see this Rab mummy sleeping bag liner

Check eBay prices

Cocoon Travelshield double liner review

Best insect-repelling liner

  • Cotton liner
  • Rectangular shape
  • Double size

This double sleeping bag liner has insect-repellent built-in & can be used alone in summer.

When there are two of you – or you travel solo and really like to stretch out – a double liner is required for that larger sleeping bag. This cotton one from Cocoon is the perfect travel liner for any double sleeping bag. Particularly when there may be biting bugs around – those Scottish midges can be feisty little creatures (and in fact we call them the same name where I come from, not far south of where Berwick straddles the border).

This Cocoon double sleeping bag liner has an insect-repellent coating to keep tiny insects at bay. It can also be used just as it is during hot weather, in place of a thicker sleeping bag.

In cool, contemporary grey, this Cocoon liner also looks the part. It’s perfect for one or two people who love the outdoor life – and don’t want to splash a huge amount of cash.

High points:

  • Spacious double sleeping bag liner
  • Insect-repellent coating
  • Soft, strong Egyptian cotton

Low points:

  • Not the lowest priced option

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Cocoon silk double sleeping bag review

Best double silk liner

  • Silk liner
  • Rectangular shape
  • Double size

Romantic, luxurious silk makes this the perfect sleeping bag liner for the two of you.

This Cocoon silk liner is also ideal for two discerning travellers who don’t mind spending a little more for the benefits of pure silk. Let’s be honest – silk sheets have long been associated with romance, too. If your idea of a couples’ weekend includes sleeping under the stars in summer, this may be all you really need.

It has reinforced seams and double stitching for strength, and as mentioned above, pure silk really is a durable fabric. Whether used as a liner or just as it is, this Cocoon double sleeping bag liner will keep you cool in warm weather or snug when it’s cold.

There is an integral pillow slot, plus side velcro closure to keep out chilly draughts. Like other pure silk products, it’s washable, and owners report that it suits even the tallest people.

High points:

  • 100% pure silk
  • Built-in pillow slot and velcro closure
  • Generously sized for two tall people

Low points:

  • More expensive option

Click here to see this Cocoon silk sleeping bag liner for two

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Outwell cotton double sleeping bag liner review

Best 100% cotton liner

  • Cotton liner
  • Rectangular shape
  • Double size

Made from only 100% cotton, this double Outwell liner is a bargain buy for couples.

This 100% pure cotton liner by Outwell is an affordable and reliable double sleeping bag liner with zipper. In a neutral tone, it should fit snugly inside any double sleeping bag, giving an extra layer of insulation while keeping the sleeping bag clean and protected.

With a rectangular shape, this double liner should provide plenty of space for two – or one who loves the luxury of stretching out for a good night’s sleep.

As with cotton bed sheets, this Outwell double sleeping bag liner is machine washable, and it might even prolong the life of your double sleeping bag too.

High points:

  • Very affordable
  • 100% cotton fabric
  • Lots of sleeping space

Low points:

  • Zipper could be longer

Click here to see this double Outwell sleeping bag liner

Which is the best sleeping bag liner for you?

I hope this guide is helpful when you’re choosing the right double or mummy liner for your sleeping bag. A good one can double up as a lightweight summer sleeping bag, and can also ensure you don’t get too hot or cold during the night.

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