7 Best Inflatable Tents UK Reviewed [2023]

7 Best Inflatable Tents UK Reviewed [2023]
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I realised I was a bit behind in the world of camping when I got the inspiration for this best inflatable tents post! Though we’ve invested in other outdoor gear since parting with our old VW camper last year, I was slightly surprised to hear that my bestie had been looking for the best air tent she could find.

So what on earth is an inflatable tent? If you’re also wondering, read on to find out all the answers. In brief, the inflation part relates to the poles, which are blown up with air to support the structure. No more snapped poles, or struggling to insert them in the slots.

Our current tent is a Sunncamp drive-away awning that we bought when we had the campervan – the only item we retained from the sale. It’s still doing well, but I’ll definitely be going the blow-up pole route when it comes to replacing it. Now that I’ve seen one in action.

Can’t wait? Here’s my top pick as best airbeam tent overall

I chose the Dometic Rarotonga because it’s got great headroom plus extra interior space thanks to the entrance vestibule. It’s also made from lightweight materials, and has large windows to let in lots of light and fresh air.

Put it this way. With pre-inserted poles and a sewn-in groundsheet our tent is a breeze to set up compared to many – but we never quite achieve that professional finish that our fellow campers seem to.

Yet during a pre summer holiday dry run, my bestie and I managed to put her new one up ourselves in just a few minutes. And it looked the proper job too. I don’t know about you, but I for one am totally sold on the idea of buying the best family air tent we can find.

If you’re also ready to invest in the best inflatable family tent, look no further. This guide features the best blow up tents your hard-earned pounds can buy. 7 of the best air beam tents are listed, with detailed inflatable tent reviews of each product showing you all the pros and cons. (Well actually there are more than 7 options, as some come in a couple of different sizes.)

Whether you want the best value air tent, the best air tents for families, the best 4 man air tent or the biggest air tent, keep reading in order to find it!

Best inflatable tents contents

Best air tent comparison chart

NameSizeTypeKey featuresPrice
Nova Air 10 personDomeGlamping look, large doorway, ultra tough, UV, rot, water & mildew proof materialAmazon
Berghaus Kepler9 personT-shaped tunnel3 light-blocking bedrooms, wheeled case, good ventilation, reinforced webbingAmazon
Vango Osiris5 personCabinRecycled materials, AirZone ventilation, Nightfall light blocking bedroomsAmazon
Hi-gear Horizon4 or 7 personTunnelNightfall curtains, ultra tough welded TPU poles, storm poles & straps Amazon
Vango Joro Air4 or 6 personTunnel3 year warranty, 30 second inflation, lots of storage pockets, 100% recycledAmazon
Dometic Rarotonga FTT4 or 6 personCabinGood headroom, outer vestibule area, large windows, lightweight materialAmazon eBay
Outwell Lindale3 personCabinGenerous headroom, easy to erect, good ventilation, great waterproofingAmazon

Best inflatable tent for camping – Top options

Best inflatable tents – What to look for


As with all tents, size is everything when it comes to finding the best air tents for your family, couples’, solo or group camping adventures. Our top tip is to always size up – if there are 4 of you, for example, then go for the best 6 person inflatable tent.

This way you’ll have far more space for all your stuff – as well as yourselves. Unless you’re carrying it around on your back every day, a bigger inflatable tent is always better!


The bigger the tent, the more it’s likely to weigh. So the best 6 man inflatable tent, for instance, is likely to be heavier than the best 3 man air tent. Look at how you can transport it – the 9 person Berghaus Kepler is a product that comes with a wheeled case to make life easier.

A heavier family inflatable tent may also be difficult to put up, as the size and weight can make it unwieldy.


You may think it’s a simple choice between a curved dome ot tunnel tent and one with straighter sides, but there’s a Berghaus tent featured here that’s unusually T-shaped and has three bedrooms.

A cabin shaped model can be the best value inflatable tent in terms of space, as there’s normally extra headroom. This is because of the straight sides. You’re more likely to have to bend in a dome tent, and this kind can also feel more claustrophobic.


The back-up of a warranty can give you peace of mind for a set time period. This is particularly important when buying this sort of tent, as the poles could become punctured and therefore air would leak from them.

Would the best large family air tent for you be one with several years’ guarantee, thus covering numerous camping trips?


Having storage pockets or other facilities like a hook can help keep the floor clear, tidier and even safer as there are fewer trip hazards. It’s no good finding the best 8 man air tent, for example, if there’s no room for everyone’ stuff!

A vestibule or porch may also provide extra space inside some of the best inflatable tents. This can be used for sitting outside, or for storage purposes. Loops or lantern hanging points can also be helpful.


Good ventilation is essential – especially when you’re picking the best air tent for a family of 4 or more. Sufficient airflow will mean it doesn’t get stuffy inside, and will also help to keep your temporary living quarters smelling fresh.

Look out for the type of windows and doors the tent has, such as features like the Vango AirZone ventilation panel.

Other useful features

Blocking out light may be important to you when picking between the best air frame tent options. This can help you to sleep more soundly. You might even managed to grab a lie-in if you’re lucky!

best air tents

Best inflatable tent – Reviews & recommendations

Nova Air Dome

Best for glamping

  • Size: 10 person
  • Weight: 32 kg+
  • Type: Dome

A glamping-style, all-weather tent with a large doorway that’s compatible with camping stoves.

If you hanker after a yurt or bell tent, this is even better than either of those. It’s a dome shaped tent bearing some relation to a glamping tent, but is so much easier to set up because of the airbeam poles.

This is definitely one of the more unusual options among inflatable camping tents for sale. If you’re looking for the best polycotton air tent then this ticks that box too, and it’s certainly the best blow up tent for those who want to use a pizza oven or stove under canvas.

The extra headroom also makes this tent feel more spacious. There are three windows, plus four air vents to ensure good ventilation. A large door means easy access to the outside world, while letting in lots of light while it’s open.

With water, UV, rot and mildew repellent fabric, a carry bag and a tough heavy duty groundsheet, this is a tent that’s sure to draw admiring glances everywhere you go.

High points:

  • Large doorway
  • Glampsite looks
  • Compatible with stoves & pizza ovens
  • Rot, water, UV & mildew repellent fabric

Low points:

  • Higher cost

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Berghaus Kepler

Best large tent

  • Size: 9 person
  • Weight: 42 kg
  • Type: T-shaped tunnel

A tough, T-shaped, top-branded tent with light-blocking, great ventilation & a wheeled case.

If you want the best 8 man inflatable tent, then you can’t go wrong with a Berghaus. Call me shallow if you like, but that great brand name combined with the contemporary grey colour scheme will surely make this the coolest tent on the site.

Its beauty is more than skin deep, though. There are not one, not two but three Nightfall bedrooms with light-blocking technology. The unusual shape means there’s more space and privacy for everyone too.

At 42 kilos, it’s not the most lightweight inflatable tent around, but it comes with a wheeled carry case to make it easier to move around. Quick-release valves mean you can deflate it in a hurry – ideal if you wake up later than you intended to (and we’ve all been there).

This Berghaut tent comes complete with the pump and also has low and high level vents for good airflow, plus reinforced webbing to keep it stable during windy weather.

High points:

  • Wheeled carry case
  • 3 light-blocking bedrooms
  • High and low level ventilation
  • Reinforced webbing for stability

Low points:

  • High price tag

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Vango Osiris

Best for comparison

  • Size: 5 person
  • Weight: 15 kg
  • Type: Cabin

Vango cabin tent made from recycled materials with AIrZone ventilation & light-blocking fabric.

If you want to compare blow up tents reviews and regular tents directly, it’s worth taking a look at the Vango Osiris. This tent for 5 people comes in a a version with conventional tent poles – or a version with inflatable beams.

What’s the difference? Price-wise, there’s a hundred or two in it, which is clearly significant. It depends whether you’re prepared to pay more for speed and convenience. The cost of making tough, puncture-proof airbeams is clearly higher than knocking up a few poles.

Otherwise it’s the same name (minus the ‘Air’), the same style and the same features. As this belongs to the Earth collection, it’s made using recycled materials. Like the Vango Joro Air (featured below), it also has a range of storage pockets, an AirZone panel and NightFall bedroom light-blocking.

If you use a tent often, then the extra money doesn’t seem too high a price to pay. You’d be lucky to get one night’s stay in a hotel family room for that amount. But it is, of course, your call!

High points:

  • Same design as non-Air Vango Osiris
  • NightFall light blocking technology
  • Uses recycled materials
  • AirZone ventilation

Low points:

  • Extra cost of inflatable tent is clear

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Hi-Gear Horizon

Best for replacement parts

  • Size: 4 or 7 person
  • Weight: 37 kg+
  • Type: Tunnel

Welded poles, storm straps & poles plus an enclosed porch make for a strong, versatile tent.

Whether you want to find the best large inflatable tents or a smaller model, the Horizon by Hi-Gear might fit the bill. This inflatable tent for camping comes in a 4 or 7 person version, and features the same design.

The strong inflatable poles are made from ultra tough high end TPU, and these are welded for added durability. Every part is fire retardant, and there are storm straps and poles to withstand the windiest weather.

The Nightfall bedrooms come complete with curtains that can be used to block out or let in light, and there is an enclosed vestibule area that can be used however you see fit.

A repair kit is even included. Should you need them, it’s also easy to source replacement parts for this inflatable camping tent.

High points:

  • Nightfall curtains in bedrooms
  • Ultra strong welded TPU poles
  • Storm poles & straps for stability

Low points:

  • Limited headroom
  • Longer pitch time

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Vango Joro Air

Best value for money

  • Size: 6 person (also 4 person version)
  • Weight: 25.5 kg
  • Type: Tunnel

A tunnel tent made from recycled materials that’s quick to erect and offers lots of storage.

Vango is one of the top tent brands around, and they offer an impressive array of inflatable tents. The Joro Air without a doubt among the best 6 man air tent products, and it also comes in a 4 person version (you can click the link below and scroll down to see the smaller Vango Joro Air 450 if you like).

100% recycled materials have been used to make this Vango tent, as it’s part of their eco-friendly Earth collection. I love the Moroccan Blue colour, and the fact that there’s plenty of pockets for storage. With or without kids, you can never have too many of those to keep stuff off the floor!

Other great features include an AirZone panel for improved ventilation, and the Nightfall bedrooms block out unwanted light for a sounder sleep. Each pole takes just 30 seconds to inflate with a dual action hand pump.

There’s also a 3 year warranty, and Vango have thoroughly tested the poles to ensure they’re full weather and puncture proof.

High points:

  • 3 year warranty
  • 30 second inflation
  • Lots of storage pockets
  • 100% recycled materials

Low points:

  • Tunnel shape limites headroom

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Dometic Rarotonga FTT

Best overall

  • Size: 4 person (also 6 person version)
  • Weight: 43 kg
  • Type: Cabin

A spacious cabin tent made from WeatherShield fabric with extra headroom & open-air area.

What’s great about a cabin-shaped tent is that it can feel far more spacious inside. This one from Dometic is the perfect example, and there are 2 sizes for those seeking the best 6 person air tent or a smaller one for 4.

The multi-point airframe system is tough and reliable, and large mesh screens to two sides provide plenty of ventilation to avoid overheating and stuffiness. There’s an open, canopied area to the front that’s ideal for cooking, dining, relaxation or even storage.

Sleep-Tite dark technology blocks out light so you can sleep in later, while the WeatherShield material keeps you dry. A large carry bag comes with it, and the ultra lightweight material means it’s not too unwiedly to handle.

The extra headroom provided by this straight-sided tent will be particularly appreciated by taller people.

High points:

  • Good headroom
  • Outer vestibule area
  • Large mesh windows
  • Lightweight WeatherShield material

Low points:

  • Not cheap to buy

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Outwell Lindale

Best small tent

  • Size: 3 person
  • Weight: 21 kg
  • Type: Cabin

A compact, canopied & waterproof tent with sewn-in groundsheet & rear ventilation system.

If it’s a smaller model rather than the best family airbeam tent you’re seeking, then try the Outwell Lindale for size. Sleeping up to three, I’d say it’s perfect for a couple, or very spacious for a solo camper. Or perhaps one plus their pet. A small family should also squeeze in without any trouble at all.

The sides on these inflatable tents for camping are almost straight, giving you a greater amount of headroom. It’s also easy to erect, so hopefully you can achieve that coveted professional finish in no time.

I love the large canopy at the front, which gives you extra shelter and/or storage space. There is also a rear ventilation system on this Outwell tent to ensure good airflow – and when not in use this seals up fully via the zipper.

This tough tent looks the part, comes with a great 4,000mm waterproof rating, a dark room finish to block out light and a sewn-in groundsheet to keep bugs at bay.

High points:

  • Good interior headroom
  • Smaller tent is easier to put up
  • Ventilation system with seal-up zipper
  • 4,000mm waterproof rating & sewn-in groundsheet

Low points:

  • Limited capacity

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Best airbeam tent – FAQs

Is it worth getting an inflatable tent?

Reasons to invest in an inflatable tent include the speedy set-up once on site and no more snapped poles. If you’ve struggled with putting up a conventional tent or have experienced a pole snapping, then you may be more than ready for your first air tent!

What is the advantage of an air tent?

If you’re not the best at putting up tents, then erecting an airbeam tent is a breeze as compared with a regular tent. One person can erect this type of inflatable tent much more easily. Buying an air tent also means no poles snapping (and they very rarely develop a puncture).

How do you put up an air tent?

As with any tent, pitching an air tent is a step-by-step process. First, check out any instructions that come with the tent or you can find online. You can then lay the tent out flat, securing the corners as you do so. Next, locate the valves, attach the pump and start inflating the poles. Once they’re looking ship-shape, add any extra pegs and guylines as the final step.

Do inflatable tents puncture?

Though this may not be as you imagine, air tents are actually pretty difficult to puncture. This is because they’ve been made specifically to withstand everyday stresses that could cause holes to form. Just use some common sense – keep any sharp objects well away and take good care of your tent when using it and when packing it away.

Are inflatable tents any good in wind?

Airbeam tents are often in fact more stable during high winds than conventional pole tents. This is because the inflatable poles are thicker and sturdier. It you take care to peg the tent down properly, pinning and guylines in place as you do so, then this sort of tent should stand up very well indeed to strong winds.

Which is the best blow-up tent for you?

Hopefully these pump up tents reviews, FAQs, what to look for and comparison chart have helped with your search for a great air inflatable tent. It makes camping life so much easier when you can simply blow up the poles, leaving you with a tough airbeam tent that can be your home for the night, days or weeks to come.

Now all you need is good weather. That one I cannot help with, I’m afraid!

Polly x

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