Best Dutch Oven for Camping UK [2023]

Best Dutch Oven for Camping UK [2023]
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Want to find the best Dutch oven for camping? Welcome. We love the outdoor life and campfire cooking is such an essential part of the experience. To be honest, I hadn’t even heard of a Dutch oven until someone introduced me to them a while back, but oh my.

It’s a bit like the slow cooker at home – once you have one you wonder what on earth you did without it. A Dutch oven is a large saucepan, a cast-iron skillet, a casserole dish and, yep – an oven. All in one. Such a great addition to anyone’s set of camping kit.

Whether you want to bake, braise, fry, sear or simmer, a cast iron camp oven lets you do all that and more. Imagine those tempting aromas drifting across the campsite while fellow residents sniff the air, just like the Bisto kid used to do on TV.

Click here to see my top pick Dutch oven for outdoor cooking

The Lodge 12 inch Dutch Oven is my favourite overall because it’s made to last and has a lifetime warranty. It also has an indented lid that can be used as a griddle pan.

With an outdoor Dutch oven you can make a huge pot of chilli, knock up a batch of veggie pasta sauce, roast a joint of meat on a Sunday, bake some biscuits or cook an English, Welsh, Scottish or Irish breakfast.

In short, if you love cooking outdoors, then you need a Dutch campfire oven in your life. This guide will help you find the best option for all budgets, while telling you all you need to know about this versatile method of outdoor cooking.

Let’s get stuck in! From a complete set with 8 pieces to a Lodge 8 quart Dutch oven, here are the best Dutch ovens for camping in 2022 and beyond.

Best Dutch oven for camping contents

Best Dutch campfire oven comparison chart

NameSizeWeightKey featuresPrice
Camp Chef 10″10 inches14 lbsSeasoned, top brand, indented lidClick here
Lodge 12″12 inches19.5 lbsLifetime warranty, use lid as griddleClick here
Overmont 14″14 inches13.5 lbsDual purpose lid, good value, cookbookClick here
CampMaid set12 inches34 lbsComplete set with lots of accessoriesClick here
GSI Outdoors10 or 12 inches4 or 6 lbsLightweight, can use in domestic ovenClick here

Best Dutch oven for outdoor cooking – Top options

  • Camp Chef seasoned Dutch oven 10″ – Best pre-seasoned finish
  • Lodge seasoned Dutch oven 12″ – Best for a lifetime guarantee
  • Overmont seasoned Dutch oven 14″ – Best value for money
  • CampMaid complete Dutch oven set – Best for the whole kit & caboodle
  • GSI Outdoors aluminium Dutch oven 10/12″ – Best lightweight option

Best Dutch oven for cooking & camping – What to look for


Are you looking for a Lodge 8 qt Dutch oven, for example, or something a little smaller like a 4.5 quart camp oven or larger such as a Lodge 10 quart Dutch oven?

It all depends on how many you’re catering for – as well as how much you want to cook in one. Make a big pot of stew or curry and it may last a few days if you have cold storage.

Also bear in mind that if you want to roast a chicken or bake a large loaf of bread in your camping oven, then you may need a bigger size.


The weight of your Dutch oven can matter, particuarly if you have any joint, muscle or spinal issues. Remember you’ll also have to carry it to and from the car and from the tent to your cooking spot.

One option is made from aluminium rather than cast iron, and it’s a highly rated lightweight product well worth considering if you don’t like the idea of a heavy cast iron cooking pot.


In many cases, seasoning a camp oven is now a thing of the past as top brands often supply them pre-seasoned. If you own a wok, the principle is much the same.

Taking good care of any pot or pan really can help with longevity, so do check the manufacturer’s instructions carefully. If you need to, preparing your pot before you take it away for the first time is easiest.

Type of lid

Your Lodge, CampMaid, Overmont or Camp Chef cast iron Dutch oven may come with an indented lid. This means you can place hot coals on top of the pot as well as beneath, for quicker and more even cooking.

Some of these lids are also designed to be used as a griddle pan when you turn them over. This effectively makes your pot a skillet and a cooking pot in one. The Overmont model, for example, even has three feet for the skillet to stand on.


One of my recommendations is for a complete set with heat resistant gloves, a charcoal chimney, a grill, a lid lifter and other accessories. This may save you time and money if you would buy these items separately anyway.

It depends what you already have. As we have barbecue gloves at home, we don’t really need another pair, but would make good use of the carry bag for storage and the lid lifter to save on back pain!

Best Dutch oven for camping – Reviews & recommendations

Camp Chef Dutch oven with inverted lid

Best pre-seasoned finish

  • Size: 10 inches
  • Weight: 14 lbs

A medium-sized Dutch oven that comes pre-seasoned. It has an indented lid with a notch for a thermometer.

This Camp Chef Dutch oven comes from one of the best brands in the outdoor cooking market. At 10 inches, this is one of the medium camp oven sizes, and it can cater for up to a dozen people.

The lid on this model is indented so you can place hot coals over the top if you want to. It has a long handle so you can keep well away from the pot, plus a small grab handle which you can use when it’s cold or you’re wearing suitable protective gloves.

There is a notch ready for placing a thermometer, and as it has a seasoned finish it’s ready to give you many happy years of service.

High points:

  • Leading brand
  • Seasoned finish
  • Indented lid for hot coals

Low points:

  • Among bulkier & heavier options

Click here to view this 10″ Dutch oven by Camp Chef

Lodge Dutch oven with inverted lid

Best for a lifetime guarantee

  • Size: 12 inches
  • Weight: 19.5 lbs

This Lodge Dutch Oven is ideal for larger families or groups. It comes with a lifetime warranty, and should last for decades.

If you want a larger cooking pot, this Lodge camp Dutch oven could be ideal. It has double the capacity of the 10 inch Camp Chef model, and can thus cater for a crowd. Alternatively, use it to make a big batch of food all at once – or for smaller quantities.

An even more generously sized 10 quart option is also available. The legs are the ideal length for suspending the pot over hot coals, so you won’t necessarily need a Dutch oven tripod.

A clever feature on this Lodge cast iron camp Dutch oven is the indented lid that can also be turned over to use as a griddle. This product also comes with a lifetime guarantee, and Lodge say if looked after it could last for up to a century!

High points:

  • Built to last
  • Lifetime guarantee
  • Indented lid can be used as griddle

Low points:

  • Higher price range

Click here to view this 12″ Dutch oven by Lodge

Overmont Dutch oven with dual-purpose lid

Best value for money

  • Size: 14 inches
  • Weight: 13.5 lbs

A great value cast iron Overmont Dutch oven with a long handle and three legs. This one even includes a free cookbook.

This Overmont cast iron pot comes complete with a free camp oven cookbook to get you started. Like all the best options, it is made from cast iron that’s built to last for generations. This one has a very reasonable price tag too.

Again the lid can be inverted for use as a griddle and there are three feet for this skillet to stand on. The long steel handle is good for carrying or hanging the pot and this one also comes pre-seasoned.

With longer legs than many models, you won’t have to reach so far down to stir the pot with this one either.

High points:

  • Great value price
  • Free camp oven cookbook
  • Dual-purpose lid for use as griddle pan

Low points:

  • A little bulkier than most

Click here to view this 14″ Dutch Oven from Overmont

Check eBay price

CampMaid 8 piece Dutch oven set

Best for the whole kit & caboodle

  • Size: 12 inches
  • Weight: 34 lbs

A complete set from CampMaid with gloves, a lid lifter, a trivet and grill, a charcoal holder and chimney and a carry bag.

If you want everything you’ll ever need as well as the pot itself, then it’s worth taking a look at this CampMaid Dutch oven set. It comprises a 12 inch Dutch oven plus all the accessories you could wish for.

The set includes the Dutch oven lid lifter and serving stand, a grill and trivet, heat resistant gloves, a charcoal holder, a carry bag for tools and a folding charcoal chimney.

You can use this product as a pizza oven, with the provided camp oven tripod, as a grill, with the charcoal chimney for faster heating or as a smoker. CampMaid refer to it as a camping kitchen in a bag, and they’re pretty much on the money there.

High points:

  • Complete 8-piece set
  • Includes lid lifter & serving stand
  • Comes with grill & charcoal chimney

Low points:

  • Highest price

Click here to view this Dutch Oven set from CampMaid

GSI Outdoors Dutch oven in aluminium

Best lightweight option

  • Size: 10 or 12 inches
  • Weight: 4 or 6 lbs

Available in 10 and 12 inch sizes, this lightweight aluminium Dutch Oven from GSI Outdoors has a rust-resistant anodised finish.

This GSI Outdoors aluminium Dutch oven’s key selling point is that it’s lighter than other products, as it’s made using aluminium rather than heavy iron. If – like me – you have back issues it’s perfect, or you may simply prefer having a pot that’s lighter to carry.

The anodised aluminium finish conducts heat efficiently and evenly, and it’s also corrosion resistant. There are both grab and longer handles, and it’s also safe to use at home in a domestic oven.

Coals can be placed on the indented lid as well as beneath, and you can pick between a 10 inch and a 12 inch model.

High points:

  • 10 or 12 inch options
  • More lightweight than cast iron
  • Can be used in domestic oven

Low points:

  • Not cast iron

Click here to view this 10″ or 12″ Dutch oven from GSI Outdoors

Check eBay price

Best cast iron Dutch oven for camping – FAQs

What Dutch oven should I buy for camping?

Products from Overmont, Camp Chef, Lodge, CampMaid and GSI Outdoors are all contenders for the title of best Dutch oven for camping. Which to buy really depends on your requirements and preferences, taking into account factors like the size, weight, capacity and other functions or accessories offered.

Is a Dutch oven good for camping?

A Dutch oven is a solid, long lasting and highly versatile camping accessory. You can use one for searing, frying, simmering, baking and stewing all sorts of food. From a freshly-baked loaf of bread or a large bean casserole to a perfectly cooked piece of fish or a roast chicken, it can be used to prepare all kinds of feasts.

How do you heat a Dutch oven when camping?

There are various heat sources to use with a Dutch oven, including charcoal, woode embers, a campfire or even a camping stove. Charcoal is generally the preferred method, not least because you can also place coals on the lid. This cooks food more quickly and evenly and is recommended when you want to bake.

Can you use an enamel Dutch oven on a campfire?

A standard Dutch oven or casserole pot – such as a Le Creuset – should not be used for cooking over a campfire. Specially designed cast iron (or cast aluminium) outdoor pots can cope with the intense heat caused by cooking in this way, and ensure you keep your home kitchen equipment clean and in pristine condition.

How do you clean a Dutch oven while camping?

If you take good care of your Dutch oven, it could last for generations. To clean it, scrape out any food before washing with hot soapy water. Dry throughly with a tea towel or kitchen paper, then add a light coating of spray or regular cooking oil to the surface. You should do his while the pot is still warm, yet has cooled enough to handle safely.

Which is the best Dutch oven camping set for you?

From a Camp Chef cast iron deluxe Dutch oven to a large Lodge 10 qt Dutch oven, I hope this guide has given you enough food for thought.

Whether you want to bake, steam, simmer, saute or stew while camping, an outdoor oven makes a fabulous addition to your stash of camping kit!

Polly x

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