Best Double Camping Stove UK Ranked [2023]

Best Double Camping Stove UK Ranked [2023]

So our search for camping products begins – including a double camping stove. Because our classic VW Camper has now left the premises. We just weren’t using it enough to justify keeping it, so after 17 years of ownership it’s gone off to its lovely new owners to be cherished. And most importantly, used. I did shed a tear, though, as it was driven off down our street.

We already have a decent tent, camping chairs and a roll-up table. Now we just need some way of making hot drinks and preparing dinner. The camper had its own double burner stove, so that went with it. It’s time to experience making meals and drinks outdoors, as opposed to cooking in a campervan.

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I love the Campingaz Chef because it has it all. A top outdoor brand name, a built-in case and a grill. It does everything you want – and has a very appealing price tag too.

That reminds me – we need a new camping kettle too, as we let the buyers of our VW have all the kitchen kit that we’d collected over the years. It didn’t seem right to separate it from the van. Plus if you move anything, it all starts rattling around in the cupboards as you drive along. Not ideal for their first road trip. Wedging it in like that took years of practice.

So if you’re after a double burner stove, come on this journey with me as I select the best one for our needs. Hopefully helping you to find the ideal one for you at the same time. Whether already know you want a Coleman double burner, or are open to suggestions regarding the perfect twin burner camping stove for your outdoor adventures. Only the top rated and most recommended products have made the grade.

Best double camping stove contents

Compare the best double camping stove options

Campingaz ChefSlimline & portable, reliable brand, grill includedClick here9.9
Coleman Dual FuelRuns on unleaded or liquid fuel, folds into box Click here9.2
Camp Chef ExplorerComes with legs, various settings, powerful flamesClick here9.7
Primus Onja DuoFunky design, chopping board, lightweight & compactClick here9.8
Coleman FyreCadetCase with handle, full duo heat controls, stylish looksClick here9.4
Campingaz Base CampVery affordable, lightweight, easy to use, good brandClick here9.3
Milestone CampingDual ignition, built-in grill, carry case with handle Click here9.1
Raxter compact cookerPiezo ignition, grill included, case with carry handleClick here9.0
NJ NSD-2 stoveAutomatic ignition, carry bag, detachable pan standsClick here9.5
Outwell Trio stoveIncludes grill, reliable, robust & stable, good makeClick here9.6
double burner camping stove

Top 10 double camping cooker products

An at-a-glance list of all the best double burner portable stove options reviewed. Click on each to take you straight to the review.

  1. Campingaz double burner camping stoveBest buy overall
  2. Coleman unleaded fuel camping stove Best dual fuel stove
  3. Camp Chef Explorer camping stove Best stove with stand
  4. Primus Onja dual portable gas stoveBest stylish stove
  5. Coleman FyreCadet portable duo stoveBest adjustable burners
  6. Campingaz Base Camp double stoveBest budget buy
  7. Milestone Camping stove with grillBest dual ignition stove
  8. Raxter double gas stove for campingBest built-in case
  9. NJ NSD-2 dual camping stoveBest indoor stove
  10. Outwell camping cooker stoveBest triple burner stove

Choosing the best double camping stove – what to look for

What should you consider when buying a double stove camping cooker? The features to look for include its fuel type, a windscreen and whether or not it has a carry case. A grill can also be a very helpful addition.


While a double hob camping stove is all very well – and extremely useful – a grill can improve things further. You can stick the bacon or sausages beneath it as you cook eggs and beans on the hob. Breakfast is sorted. If you’re the sort of person who would find it difficult to live without toast (and Mister is one of them), then a grill is a must.

Fuel type

What type of fuel does your chosen product work with? Do you want the best portable propane gas stove double burner, or would you rather use unleaded petrol? There is an option for the latter in this list, from major brand Coleman. Also check out the size of canister you need – after all you might well have to carry it. And you’ll certainly have to buy it. Hoses or regulators are often not included with a propane or butane double burner camping stove, so you might have to buy that separately.

Carry case

So you’ve decided on the best double burner camping stove in the UK. How will you carry your new piece of kit? Many of these models fold down into their own case, while one option comes with a carry bag. A couple of the more basic ones do not have any casing or a bag. Which might be fine if you intend to wrap a blanket around it, for instance.


A windscreen comes on most products, and is pretty important if you ever camp during unpredictable weather (that just above covers all UK camping, I would’ve thought, given our changeable maritime climate). A larger or sturdier screen will work best – but will of course add to the weight.

Other useful features

What else does the ideal double burner gas camping stove have? Good looks, in some cases. You may like the reliability of an established brand, or seek one with highly adjustable heat controls. Piezo ignition can make it easier to light, while detachable pan stands can make it simpler to keep clean.

The top ten double portable stove products – reviews

Campingaz Chef double gas camping stove review

Best buy overall

The top pick double camping stove is compact, portable, affordable and easy to light, and even comes with a grill.

Campingaz is a reliable brand that’s been around for a long time. Our campervan coolbox was made by them. we bought that second-hand from someone we knew, and it lasted us for 17 years. And was still going when it went with the VW.

This Campingaz double stove is a neat, slimline package that’s easy to take away anywhere, as it all folds away into its own casing. It also includes a little grill, thus replicating exactly the kind of cooker we used in the campervan. As this has a proper push and turn ignition, though, it’s easier and safer to light.

You can’t really go wrong when buying a Campingaz double burner gas stove – especially in this affordable price range. The fact that’s actually a double camping stove with a grill too just makes it even better. A definite contender for my shortlist.

High points:

  • Established outdoor brand
  • Slimline and super portable design
  • Double stove also has a grill

Low points:

  • Gas regulator, hose & canister sold separately

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Coleman dual fuel double stove review

Best dual fuel stove

An alternative to the gas-powered stove is this Coleman double burner that can run on unleaded petrol or liquid fuel.

If you don’t want to cart gas canisters to the campsite – or are afraid of it running out when you don’t have a spare – take a look at this Coleman double stove that can run on unleaded petrol. That’s right – if you can fuel your car then you can also run this, without tracking down a compatible gas canister.

There’s a lot going for this Coleman double burner gas stove. Not least that it comes from one of camping’s biggest brands. It can also run on Coleman liquid fuel as well as unleaded petrol. The fuel tank is also on board, so you don’t have to carry a separate item. A filler funnel is supplied with the product.

Key features of this Coleman double camping stove include its large windscreen to protect the flames and its compact, portable size. It folds down into a neat little box for storage and transportation.

High points:

  • Runs on unleaded petrol or liquid fuel
  • Built-in fuel tank plus filler funnel included
  • Folds down into compact box

Low points:

  • More expensive than a double butane stove

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Camp Chef Explorer double burner stove review

Best stove with stand

If you want a double stove with its own stand, look no further. BBQ, griddle & pizza oven accessories are also available.

I’ve noticed that this Camp Chef double burner stove comes up a lot in internet searches – and seems to attract very high ratings too. The first thing I’ve spotted is that it has integral legs. Ideal for someone like me with a bad back! No bending or trying to find a heatproof surface to rest a double burner propane stove on.

A key benefit of this double portable gas stove is that there are lots of optional, compatible accessories. If you spend a lot of time outdoors and want to create a complete camp kitchen, you can also buy griddles, BBQ and cast iron grills and even pizza ovens to go with it.

This is the kind of product that could well become part of your garden as well as being used for camping trips. It runs on propane gas, and offers around 15 hours’ cooking time on one canister. There are various heat settings too.

High points:

  • Built-in legs raise it to the ideal height
  • Lots of accessories available
  • Powerful flames for family catering

Low Points:

  • Not the most compact option

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Primus Onja Duo stove review

Best stylish stove

This uber stylish double stove is incredibly portable, and even comes with an integral, dual purpose solid oak chopping board.

Looking for something completely different? Then check out this Primus double burner stove. It features a funky, contemporary design that should make you stand out from the crowd at the campsite. It’s also incredibly portable, and is thus the best option for hikers. The compatible 230g Primus gas cartridge is also small and lightweight.

This 3.3kg twin burner gas stove can easily be taken along on day trips to the park or beach as well as when camping. An expanding base creates a stable cooking stove with twin burners. These can be individually adjusted, and are capable of boiling a litre of water in under 4 minutes.

A really clever feature is the solid oak lid that acts as a protective barrier when packed. When cooking, this doubles up as a chopping or serving board. It also gives this product a unique and upmarket look.

High points:

  • Ultra modern and stylish looks
  • Very lightweight and portable
  • Built-in oak chopping board

Low points:

  • Gas canister required for each burner

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Coleman Fyrecadet double burner propane cooker review

Best adjustable burners

This bright red camping stove from Coleman has built-in windshields and sturdy feet, and the controls are highly adjustable too.

If you want your campsite cooking experience to go smoothly, then the Coleman Fyrecadet is the one for you. It has an instant ignition system, so there’s no matches required. Sturdy feet with grips mean it won’t slide off the surface, and it has integral windshields to protect the burners from gusty blasts.

The best thing of all, though, is the fully adjustable controls. Each burner can be set to just the right heat – including a low flame. That sets this one apart, and makes it more like the cooking experience you might be used to at home. It also makes it worth the higher price tag.

Any Coleman Fyrechampion double burner stove is bound to be a winner, and this Cadet version is no exception. A sleek design and cheery red finish also mean it looks great.

High points:

  • Fully adjustable including low heat
  • Folds flat into carry case with handle
  • Sleek, stylish looks

Low points:

  • Relatively pricey

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Campingaz Base Camp compact camping stove review

Best budget buy

For those seeking a simple, no-frills stove offering great value for money, this one is user-friendly and ultra lightweight.

Sometimes you just want a cheap, basic portable stove to take to festivals or on camping weekends. For festivals in particular, you probably don’t want to spend a lot of money. But imagine how much money you could save by being able to cook your own hot meals for a group of friends at a festival. Enter the Campingaz Base Camp.

Food prices are notoriously high at these extended outdoor gigs, so why not club together as a group to buy this? Between four or more of you, it would cost just a few pounds per person.

Despite the very modest price tag, this is a serious little stove that’s easy to use and clean. It’s compatible with Campingaz R904 or R907 gas bottles, and weighs only 1.4kg.

High points:

  • Great value for money
  • Simple to use and clean
  • Lightweight and compact

Low points:

  • Pretty basic

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Milestone Camping twin gas camping stove review

Best dual ignition stove

This double stove from Milestone Camping is a solid budget buy – and comes with a grill. Dual piezo ignition makes it simple to light.

This double burner propane camp stove from Milestone Camping can actually run on butane as well, so it’s very versatile. This is without doubt one of the best double burner camping stove options in this price bracket. It is also a double burner camping stove with grill, giving you even more value for money. As well as options when it comes to cooking breakfast or dinner.

Dual piezo ignition makes lighting easy, while it’s simple to take wherever you’re headed thanks to the heavy duty case with handle. The sturdy lid also acts as an effective barrier against wind.

Whether it’s bacon butties for the morning, a full English, a pot of chilli or vegan curry for dinner or making rounds of toast, this great value camping stove with double burner and grill is a good bet.

High points:

  • Dual piezo ignition system
  • Camping double gas stove plus grill
  • Sturdy carry case with handle

Low points:

  • Plain looks

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Raxter double burner stove with grill review

Best built-in case

This Raxter double stove with grill is another great budget buy. Again the lid acts as both a windscreen and a carry case.

Another budget option comes in the form of the Raxter portable double burner gas stove with grill. Again this comes with a carry case that doubles as a windscreen. It also has an integral handle for carrying. There is piezo ignition once more too, as well as a pair of powerful and adjustable gas burners.

There’s not a lot separating this and the Milestone Camping model really – it may simply come down to the brand name, or whether you prefer a black or grey casing.

For the price, this has great reviews – and there’s no denying that a grill can come in very useful.

High points:

  • Double camping gas stove with grill
  • Carry case with handle
  • Lid doubles as windscreen

Low Points:

  • Gas regulator must be bought separately

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NJ NSD-2 double camping stove review

Best indoor stove

If you want a double stove you can use safely indoors, this could well be the one. It also has auto ignition and adjutable pan supports.

This double butane gas cooker from NJ is ‘the right choice’ – according to them. Do we agree? Reviews at the time of writing gave this a 4.5 score on average, which is pretty good in my book. It comes complete with a carry bag for easy packing, travelling and storage.

With piezo automatic ignition on this one it can be lit without matches. It takes a 220g butane gas canister cartridge, so there’s nothing too heavy to lug around at the campsite. There are several safety features too, including overpressure protection and a dual sealed valve.

There are two detachable pan supports, just as you’d find on a gas hob within the kitchen. This means it can cope with a heavier load than some. Yet is weights just 2.6kg.

High points:

  • Can be used indoors
  • Automatic ignition for matchless lighting
  • Adjustable pan supports for heavier loads

Low points:

  • Relatively unknown brand

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Outwell Appetizer Trio camping stove review

Best triple burner stove

This Outwell stove has triple burners, with a double hob plus a grill. It’s stable, portable, robust and good value for money.

This Outwell camping stove may be last – but it’s by no means least. You’d be forgiven for thinking the name meant it has triple burners, and in fact it does. Not three hob-type burners, though – there’s two of those, plus a grill.

It’s a popular item attracting great reviews and ratings, and comes from a better known brand name than some. What I like about this one is the grid that sits over the two burners, giving it more stability. This one also packs down into a case, complete with handle.

People who own it already praise the quality and how robust it is. This is a great all-rounder – with a pretty appealing price tag too.

High points:

  • Reliable and robust build
  • Metal grid provides added stability
  • Good value for top brand

Low points:

  • LPG hose not included

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Best double camping stoves – FAQs

Are camping stoves any good?

A double camping stove is ideal for many people, whether you travel solo, as a couple, afamily or a group. Having two burners means you can use two pans at once. Some double stoves also come with a grill. Though performance does vary, it’s a great way to cater affordably and efficiently while away from home.

What is the best quality camping stove?

There are various companies making top quality and great value double burner camping stoves. These include established outdoor brands like Campingaz, Outwell, Camp Chef, Milestone Camping and Coleman. One of the most innovative portable stoves around, meanwhile, comes from Primus, who offer incredibly stylish portable double stoves for outdoor cooking.

Which Camp Chef stove is best?

If you want to buy a Camp Chef stove, a favourite from their range is the Explorer. Unusually this comes with a stand, and you can also buy various accessories so you can use it as a grill, BBQ, griddle or pizza oven. This stove is like an outdoor kitchen, and is also powerful yet efficient.

Which is the best double camping stove for you?

I hope this guide has helped you to decide between the best double burner camping stoves on the market. Having a double gas burner that is portable with you when camping, at a festival or caravanning can make life so much more comfortable. Plus there’s just something I love about outdoor cooking on gas!

Polly x

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