Best Collapsible Saucepan UK [2023]

Best Collapsible Saucepan UK [2023]

Who knew that a collapsible saucepan was even a thing? Well they are perhaps a well-kept secret among hikers, caravanners and campers. The rationale is simple – why would you pack a normal saucepan when you can take something much less bulky along on your travels with you?

It’s not only those who are backpacking or walking that may prefer to use collapsible kitchenware. For camping, yes of course, but what about those with a campervan or a caravan? We used to own the former – and old Volkswagen – and have had many holidays in the latter. Space is limited in both, even in the case of static caravans.

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This collapsible pan is my favourite overall because it’s a good compromise size-wise and comes from a familiar brand I know and trust. The built-in strainer is what really pushes it over the line for me, though – what a clever feature!

If you are travelling by campervan, then it’s worth thinking about the journey too. When we drove around in our camper, everything stored in the cupboards rattled around. Particularly bulky metal kitchenware. If think there’s not much you can do about that, then you’d be wrong! Some of the best collapsible saucepans are made mainly from silicone, so they don’t rattle around at all. They also allow you to maximise every precious inch of space within your holiday home on wheels.

For those who take regular trips, cooking food in a caravan or camper or sleeping under canvas, investing in a collapsible saucepan set – or even just a single folding saucepan – makes so much sense. From foldable cookware to what to include in a complete Kampa saucepan set, only the best collapsible pan options are covered right here.

Best collapsible saucepan contents

Top 7 collapsible saucepan products

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  1. Kampa collapsible saucepan 3 litreBest glass lid
  2. Sea to Summit collapsible dish pan 1.4 litreBest built-in strainer
  3. Kampa collapsible frying panBest frying pan
  4. Outwell collapsible cooking pot 4.5 litreBest large saucepan
  5. Kampa cookware pan 1 litreBest small saucepan
  6. Sea to Summit X-Pot 2.8 litreBest heat distribution
  7. Kampa folding saucepan 1.5 litreBest cool touch

Best collapsible saucepan comparison table

NameCapacity & typeFeaturesPrice
Kampa cookware 3L3 litre saucepanGood all-rounder, cool handles, compact size Click here
Sea to Summit 1.4L1.4 litre saucepan3 colours, lightweight silicone, ultra compactClick here
Kampa frying panFrying panSuper slimline, very versatile, reliable brandClick here
Outwell cooking pot4.5 litre cooking potLarge cooking pot, lightweight, durable finishClick here
Kampa cookware 1L1 litre saucepanCompact size, easy to fold & open, non-slip lidClick here
Sea to Summit X-Pot2.8 litre cooking potIntegral strainer, fast & efficient, deep sidesClick here
Kampa cookware 1.5L1.5 litre saucepan Cool handles, non-slip lid, strong and efficientClick here
collapsible kitchenware for camping

Choosing the best collapsible saucepans – what to look for

There are several factors to consider when choosing a collapsible or folding saucepan for camping. These include the capacity, the depth, the materials and safety features.


The capacity of your collapsible pan is key. How much can it hold, and is that enough for what you want to cook or heat up? A family going caravanning will require a larger folding camping pan than a solo hiker, while a couple will need a pot sized somewhere between the two. You may also require more than one pan, for side dishes such as vegetables. For some folk, baked beans are an essential part of any cooked breakfast!


The depth of the pot not only determines how much it can hold. Deeper sides can also help to reduce mess when cooking. For example, in our old campervan the gas hob was right in front of the window, and there were curtains hanging there. Which I did not want to catch fire after spending hours sewing them by hand!


You may notice that one of the main differences between Kampa cookware and a Sea to Summit or Outwell collapsible saucepan is the use of materials. Heat-proof, food grade silicone is used to reduce weight with all of these products, but the construction does vary. Sometimes a collapsible saucepan for camping only has a metal base, while Kampa use metal bands to add stability and strength to their products.


As always, staying safe and unharmed is key. Who wants an injury when they’re on holiday, especially if you’re hiking and may be many miles from the nearest A&E? Silicone coated handles are featured on these items and some also have non-slip rims to prevent the lids from moving during cooking – or when in transit. Food grade materials are also used when making these top quality products.

Other useful features

A couple of these folding camping pan products have strainers built into the lid, which saves you carrying or storing a separate item. This is ideal when you need to pour away hot water after cooking potatoes, pasta or vegetables.

The top seven best collapsible pot recommendations

Kampa 3 litre collapsible saucepan review

Best glass lid

  • Saucepan
  • 3 litre capacity

A compact 3 litre pan that packs down small. It has cool handles and a clear lid so you can keep an eye on what’s cooking.

Kampa cookware is the biggest name in camping saucepans, and this three litre version is very highly rated. With sufficient capacity to cater for a family, it’s a great all-rounder that happy owners say folds down really small.

Made from silicone with stainless steel for sturdiness, this camping pan also has a glass and silicone lid. Use of which is, of course, optional. It also has an anti-slip edge, plus cool touch handles for safety.

High points:

  • Good all-rounder
  • Cool touch silicone coated handles
  • Folds down into compact size

Low points:

  • Glass lid adds to weight

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Sea to Summit 1.4 litre collapsible pan review

Best built-in strainer

  • Saucepan
  • 1.4 litre capacity

The integral strainer on this Sea to Summit pan is really clever. It has a metal base for strength and comes in 3 colours.

This Sea to Summit camping cooking pot also comes from a reputable brand, and buyers can choose between orange, red and olive green. Again use of the lid is at your discretion – it is not designed to stay fixed when is use, only while being carried or packed away.

With this one, the base only is metal while the sides are silicone. This helps to reduce its weight. Satisfied users say it’s ideal for carrying when camping, hiking or backpacking. The lid of this clever pot also has a built in strainer.

High points:

  • Silicone construction
  • 3 colours
  • Compact and lightweight

Low points:

  • Lid locks into place for carrying only

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Kampa collapsible frying pan review

Best frying pan

  • Frying pan

If you’re the sort that craves a full English when camping, this collapsible and compact frying pan is the one for you!

For many people, smashed avocado on sourdough just doesn’t cut it when on holiday. If you’re the type that craves a fry-up in the morning when staying at a camping or caravan site, then you need this Kampa collapsible frying pan!

The shape means it’s incredibly easy to slip into a bag between other items, so you’ll hardly know you’re carrying it at all.

High points:

  • Most compact type of collapsible pan
  • Fries or heats all kinds of food
  • Reliable brand

Low points:

  • May retain cooking smells

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Outwell 4.5 litre cooking pot review

Best large saucepan

  • Cooking pot
  • 4.5 litre capacity

With a big capacity, this saucepan is well suited to batch cooking or catering for a family. A black finish keeps it looking good.

The Outwell Kochtopf is the largest of the silicone collapsible saucepans listed in this guide, so it’s ideal for more people or if you want to whip up a batch of something at the campsite, caravan or even in a motorhome.

This clever pot is efficient, folds down nicely and has a 4.5 litre capacity. Despite this, it weighs under a kilogram. The black finish is ideal for campsite use, as it will continue looking clean even after years of use.

High points:

  • Large capacity cookpot
  • Weighs under 1kg
  • Black finish looks good after prolonged use

Low points:

  • Highest price

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Kampa 1 litre camping pan review

Best small saucepan

  • Saucepan
  • 1 litre capacity

This compact, lightweight one-person Kampa pan has an anti-slip lid and is simple to open up or fold down for storage.

If you just want a small collapsible saucepan because you’re travelling solo – or need to heat some baked beans to go with your fry-up – then this 1 litre one should do the job very nicely.

This folding camping pan is just like the other Kampa collapsible saucepans detailed here, only with a more limited capacity. If you’re doing simple catering for one or two, or need a small camping saucepan for side dishes, this should suit your needs very well.

High points:

  • Small and compact
  • Anti-slip edge to lid
  • Easy open and fold

Low points:

  • Limited capacity

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Sea to Summit 2.8 litre X-Pot review

Best heat distribution

  • Saucepan
  • 2.8 litre capacity

This Sea to Summit X-Pot has a bigger capacity, but still comes with the integral strainer and metal bottom for even cooking.

This is a Sea to Summit X-Pot like the one listed above, but it’s deeper and bigger than that one. It has twice the capacity, in fact. It also comes in different colour options – namely teal or grey. This is a good size cooking pot for two people.

Like the other one its walls are made from food grade silicone, and the integral strainer built into the lid is a clever feature – especially when you’re cooking pasta or potatoes. As the base is aluminium, quick and even heat distribution is assured.

High points:

  • Deep sided pot
  • Integral strainer
  • Quick and efficient

Low points:

  • Lid locking is only for travel

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Kampa 1.5 litre folding pan review

Best cool touch

  • Saucepan
  • 1.5 litre capacity

This compact pan has steel rings for added strength, cool touch handles and a non-slip lid for safety and is small to medium sized.

If you want something just a little bigger than the 1 litre saucepan, this 1.5 litre Kampa could be ideal. With a little extra capacity, it gives you more options without adding too much weight or bulk to your pack.

Several people who’ve invested in and reviewed this item say they use it in a compact household kitchen, so it’s the ideal pan for active types who live in small spaces. Like the others it has cool handles, a non-slip lid rim and steel rings for added strength and stability.

High points:

  • Cool touch handles
  • Non slip lid rim
  • Steel rings for strength

Low points:

  • Second smallest capacity

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Which is the best collapsible saucepan for you?

Whether you were hoping to make up a complete set of collapsible kitchenware for camping or wanted just one small folding campfire saucepan, I hope this guide has helped with your search. Even if it’s a straightforward fry-up or pasta with a ready-made, stir-in sauce, being able to cook simple meals when caravanning, camping or travelling the UK in a campervan means enjoying some home comforts while saving money.

Polly x

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