Best Camping Table UK [2023]

Best Camping Table UK [2023]

Whatever season it is when you’re reading this, it’s never too early to start planning your next outdoor adventure! One of the essential bits of kit we’ve used with a VW van, when camping or for picnicking and barbecuing away from home, is a portable table. Having the best camping table means you can dine together around it – and also gives you a place to put stuff (off the floor).

In fact we even used to use our roll top camping table inside the van, instead of having a permanent one taking up space. It was stored in the bunker beneath the rock ‘n’ roll bed when not in use, and now we no longer have the van it lives in a storage bin outside the kitchen door. Along with our camping chairs and various outdoor and beach toys.

Getting your hands on the best camping table (and chairs) doesn’t have to cost a lot. And there are multiple uses – including in your own back garden or out on the balcony. So it’s definitely money well spent.

In a hurry? The best compact camping table overall is the Coleman 6-in-1 table.

I really rate this Coleman camping table as it’s two tables in one and can be used together or separately. You can also set it at different heights, and it has an impressive 50 kilo weight capacity.

You can buy a lightweight portable table for camping or a heavy duty camping table. Maybe a lightweight folding table will be best for you, or you might like to go for an aluminium roll top camping table like the one we have. Whatever it is, this guide will help you find the best portable camping table for your camping and outdoor life.

Whether it’s the best folding picnic table for family visits to the park, a sturdy camping table to use in and outside a tent or a lightweight backpacking table, only the top-rated tables are included here. So read on to find the best camp kitchen table for your needs!

Best camping table contents

Best lightweight camping table comparison chart

NameTypeSize (W x D x H) WeightKey featuresPrice
Coleman 6-in-1Folding80 x 40 x 37 / 70 / 80 cm5.8 kgUse 2 or 1, adjustable height, 50 kg capacityAmazon
Helinox Table OneFolding57 x 76 x 501.6 kg5 year warranty, ultra lightweight, weatherproofAmazon
RedcampFolding60 x 90 x 704.1 kg2 heights, stain resistant, briefcase for carryingAmazon
Portal Roll-up53 x 90 x 704.2 kgSturdy legs, storage net, height adjustableAmazon
LedeakRoll-up45 x 67 x 411.55 kg3 sizes, weather resistant, anti-slip leg capsAmazon
Snow Peak Ozen SoloFolding29 x 8.5 x 21385 gUltra light, ideal for backpacking, Japanese designAmazon
Outwell CordaFolding 86 x 86 x 717.3 kgGreat value, wipe-clean surface, smart looksAmazon

Best collapsible camping table – Top options

Best packable camping table – What to look for


Are you looking for the best camping cook table, a small fold up beach table, the best large camping table for a family or just a really cool camping table? Whatever it is, size matters. Options listed here range from a small side table for one to the ideal dining table for a group of you. How many do you need to seat, or how much space do you need on the table top for other purposes?


Height is also important. Some of these tables are tall enough to be the best camp table for cooking or dining, while others are coffee table height or lower. Some options are height adjustable, giving you the best of both worlds.


Weight matters more or less depending on how often you’ll lift the table, and how far you’ll carry it. Tables listed here range from under 400 grams to under six kilos. A roll-up option in aluminium can be a good alternative to a lightweight foldable camping table as it’s lighter.


Each table has a weight capacity stated by the manufacturer, so you can see how strong it should be. The type of legs and other features can also improve strength. Does it look robust, and what do the latest user reviews say? The best ultralight camping table is likely to be less tough than a larger, heavier one.


Where will you put your table when you’re not using it? The best fold up camping table is going to be one you can keep where you want to – whether that’s in the garage, an outdoor storage box, a shed, in your camper or car, or in the loft.


Lots of outdoor tables have a finish to withstand rainy or hot weather. This will prolong the life of your camping table top, so it’s worth paying a little more for. Especially if you’ll store it outside for prolonged periods of time.

best camping table and chairs

Best camping table – reviews & recommendations

Coleman 6-in-1 camping table

Best small or large table

  • Type: 2 x folding tables
  • Dimensions: 80W x 40D x 37H / 70 / 80 cm
  • Weight: 5.8 kg

This Coleman camping table is actually two that can be used separately or joined together – and at different heights. It’s an ultra tough choice too.

This one literally is two tables in one. Plus the height can be adjusted to suit the situation. So it’s one better than the usual Coleman roll top table or folding model. You can use just one table, or both together.

If you want the best car camping table this could be a contender, as it’s a little heavier than other products. It’s not the best backpacking table at all, but is great for those who will want to use tables of various heights and sizes at different times.

Clamps are supplied for attaching the two tables together, and the tubular legs can be set to different heights. The table can also cope with a whopping 80kg capacity, so there’s plenty of scope for group dining and other activities.

High points:

  • Easy to assemble
  • Large 50 kg capacity
  • Adjustable leg height
  • Leading camping brand
  • Two tables to use separately or together

Low points:

  • Pretty heavy

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Helinox Table One

Best for standing out

  • Type: Folding table
  • Dimensions: 57W x 76Dx 50H cm (other sizes available)
  • Weight: 1.6 kg

Ultra portable, lightweight and strong, this camping table comes in a plain or patterned design. It’s also weatherproof and comes with a five year warranty.

This portable outdoor folding table is ideal for those seeking something different. Though it does also come in plain black, if you’re not into the ‘blue bandana’ design. The table weighs under 1.6 kilos, yet has a whopping 50 kg capacity. So it’s pretty sturdy!

Reasons why this might be the best outdoor folding table for you include a smart carry bag and a lightweight yet tough aluminium frame. The table has a weatherproof finish and is a doddle to set up, thanks to a simple yet very clever internal bungee cord design.

If you want a small lightweight portable folding table, then this does come in smaller sizes. Do note that the height isn’t best suited to dining on, though this strong, solid table is really handy in every other way. As long as you don’t mind it being more pricey than some.

High points:

  • 5 year warranty
  • Unusual design
  • Ultra lightweight
  • Tough 50 kg capacity
  • Weather and UV proof

Low points:

  • Not ideal dining height
  • Higher price range

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Redcamp multi-height table

Best dual height table

  • Type: Folding table
  • Dimensions: 60W x 90Dx 70H cm (other sizes available)
  • Weight: 4.1 kg

You can set this camping table up – at two different heights – in no time. It all packs down into a grab-and-go briefcase for carrying too.

This folding table is lightweight and portable, and the simple design makes it a cinch to set up. I love the way it packs down as a large, slimline aluminium briefcase, without worrying about a carry bag that could go astray.

The full height is 70 cm, but you can use it at a height of 39 cm if you prefer. This means it’s suited to a range of purposes rather than only dining. It can cope with loads of over 30 kilos too. You can just grab the handle and go.

A one year warranty is supplied with this Redcamp table. The minimalist look means this one could easily double up as a garden or craft table at home.

High points:

  • 2 heights
  • 1 year warranty
  • Very simple set-up
  • Stain-resistant surface
  • Briefcase design for carrying

Low points:

  • Not the biggest load capacity

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Portal roll-up camping table

Best roll-up camping table

  • Type: Roll-up table
  • Dimensions: 53W x 90Dx 70H cm
  • Weight: 4.2 kg

A roll-up table made from aluminium is one of the most lightweight choices. This one is height adjustable and has a storage net underneath.

Whether you want the best camping table for cooking or the best aluminium camping table for dining, this one’s a great bet. It even provides you with additional storage due to the net that can be suspended underneath when you want to use it.

This is the best roll top camping table of the bunch because of the sturdy design – not least the legs. It’s also height adjustable, and comes with a carry bag. Made from aluminium, it’s ultra lightweight and the manufacturer provides a one year warranty.

We always found our roll-up table really simple to put up, roll away and store and the design of this one really stands out.

High points:

  • 1 year warranty
  • Very sturdy legs
  • Extra storage net
  • Height adjustable
  • Black or silver colours

Low points:

  • Not as stable a surface as with a folding model

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Ledeak portable camping table

Best coffee table

  • Type: Roll-up table
  • Dimensions: 45W x 67Dx 41H cm (other sizes available)
  • Weight: 1.55 kg

This handy little item is perfect when you want a lightweight side table. It has a weather resistant finish, anti-slip leg caps and reinforced hinges.

When you’re seeking the best small camping table, this has to be a contender. It’s an aluminium roll top table available in three sizes. Anti-slip caps for the legs and reinforced hinges ensure it stays put once you’ve set it up.

With a roll up table top, this little table is ideal for keeping small items like drinks, a book, a snack and a pair of sunglasses off the floor and right where you need them. It’s compact and portable too, and a carry bag is supplied.

If you want the best camping side table, take a look at this. It’s not for dining or heavy duty use, but makes a great little coffee table for outdoor life.

High points:

  • 3 sizes
  • Ideal coffee table
  • Anti-slip leg caps
  • Reinforced hinges
  • Weather resistant

Low points:

  • Not the sturdiest table
  • Unsuitable for dining

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Snow Peak Ozen Solo

Best backpacking table

  • Type: Folding table
  • Dimensions: 29W x 8.5Dx 21H cm
  • Weight: 385 g

This tiny little table is perfect for a solo backpacker or couple seeking a small, smooth raised surface. The minimalist Japanese design is super cool.

If you want the lightest camping table, a portable camping side table or a really small folding camping table available at Amazon and eBay, then take a look at this cool Japanese one. It’s without a doubt the best small portable table for camping when you travel solo and light.

You can use this little table to keep your drink and book off the grass, or even as a food prep surface. The design is super simple but uber cool, effortlessly combining practicality and style. If you’re sitting down on the ground to eat, you’ll truly appreciate having a raised, smooth surface.

This little table could also be used at home when barbecuing, or at the beach when you’re trying to grab a snack on the sand.

High points:

  • Looks cool
  • Japanese design
  • Ideal for backpacking
  • Weighs under 400 grams
  • Simple, sturdy and functional

Low points:

  • Limited size
  • Low height

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Outwell Corda picnic table set

Best folding camping table and chairs

  • Type: Folding table and chairs
  • Dimensions: 86W x 86Dx 71H cm
  • Weight: 7.3 kg

This strong set comprising an outdoor table and four chairs offers great value for money, and is smart enough to use in the garden or even indoors.

Why buy just the best folding picnic table for camping when you could get a great value set that also includes the chairs? This also comes from a decent outdoor brand, and has been made to save space. The chair and tables are also waterproof.

It’s easy to put the table together and it feels solid once it’s clicked into place. This isn’t only the best camping or picnic table for the money, it comes with all you need for an al fresco meal for four of you.

This affordable set looks sleek enough to use in the garden – or even indoors when you need extra seating. It’s quick to clean and the finish is durable and tough, so it’s a set that should last you for a long while.

High points:

  • Good brand
  • Great value
  • Chairs included
  • Wipe-clean finish
  • Smart enough for garden

Low points:

  • Not the most comfortable chairs

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Best portable kitchen table for camping – FAQs

Do you need a camping table?

It’s always good to have a camping table. It can be used for preparing and serving food, sorting out your kit, board or card games, or just as a place to sit around in the evening. There aren’t too many places to put things other than on the ground at a campsite, so a camp table provides this space.

Which is the best camping table?

The best camping table is one that you can lift, carry, set-up and store. It’s also one that does what you need it to – whether that’s to dine at it, prepare food on it, play games on it or store things on the top. Then it’s down to whether a small camping fold up table, a large roll-up table or something else would suit you best.

What are camping tables made of?

Camping tables may be made from materials such as aluminium, plastic or particleboard. Or a combination of these. It’s about balancing cost against weight, strength, practicality and weatherproofing.

Which is the best portable picnic table for you?

Whether you want a small lightweight folding camping table, a larger one for a family or the best adjustable height camping tables, I hope this guide has been useful. You can never have enough surfaces when camping, trust me, so whichever you choose I promise it will prove to be indispensible!

Polly x

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