7 Best Camping Plates and Bowls UK [2023]

7 Best Camping Plates and Bowls UK [2023]

Once upon a time the best camping plates and bowls were ones that co-ordinated beautifully with our campervan – and didn’t rattle around too much in the cupboards. Now, we’ve sold our classic VW, we’re collecting together our camping kit for trips under canvas rather than a tin roof.

Our van came with a set of enamel plates, and we added to those over the years with some melamine camping plates and bowls that matched the colour of the camper. Because of that, we thought they should go along with the vehicle. So they did – and now we need a new set of camping tableware.

Things have moved on, though, since we last bought any camping bowls and plates, so the question is – what sort is best? Should we stick with classic enamel camping plates and bowls, or opt for a set of bamboo plates and bowls?

In a hurry? Click here to see my top pick as best camping plate set

I’ve chosen the pastel set because it’s a good value and attractive choice that comes as a complete set including cutlery, cups, bowls and plates for four.

We know only too well how hardwearing and fast-growing bamboo is, since we have a patch of Phyllostachys Nigra in our back garden, which likes to throw up new shoots wherever it can detect sunlight in spring and early summer. Bamboo camping plates are thus an eco-friendly choice, but there are alternatives. Including stainless steel camping plates and bowls as well as melamine, enamel and plastic camping dishes.

This guide takes you through my search for the best camping plates and bowls in the UK right now, which I’m sharing to save you time and money. Whether you want the best backpacking plates and bowls – in which case you’ll require lightweight camping plates – or to find a set of metal dinner plates for camping.

Also covered is what to look for when choosing the best camping dinnerware. Lack of sound as they clattereda round in the 40-year-old cupboards used to be top of the list, but camping trips with the car are an entirely different ball game. As are plates for camping when you’re backpacking!

Best camping plates and bowls contents

Top camping plate and bowl sets

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  1. Lekoch bamboo camping tableware set Best natural finish
  2. Pastel plates, bowls & cutlery setBest complete set
  3. Camper Smiles melamine crockery setBest for campervan fans
  4. Olpro melamine camping tableware setBest patterned set
  5. Summit stainless steel plate & bowl setBest metal set
  6. Harfield plastic camping tableware setBest set for one
  7. Shopivaa boxed plastic camping setBest boxed set

Best camping dish set comparison table

NameWhat’s includedFeatures Price
Lekoch 16 piece bamboo set4 small & large plates, bowls & mugsComplete set for 4, environment-friendly, dishwasher safeClick here
28 piece pastel crockery set4 plates, bowls, cups & cutleryEco-friendly, lightweight, includes knives, forks & spoonsClick here
Camper Smiles 12 piece melamine set4 small & large plates & bowlsCute design, plates & bowls for 4, cool bag includedClick here
Olpro 8 piece melamine camping set 2 dinner & side plates, bowls & mugsTough melamine, set for two, range of designs Click here
Summit stainless steel 2 piece set1 plate & 1 bowlUltra hardwearing, stackable, plate & bowl for 1Click here
  • Harfield plastic camping tableware set
  • 1 plate, bowl, mug & cutleryVirtually unbreakable, cutlery included, attractive shadeClick here
    Shopivaa plastic camping set in a box6 plates, cups, cutlery, salt shaker & boxComplete boxed set for 6, salt shaker included, 3 colours Click here

    camping dinner set

    Choosing a camping tableware set – what to look for

    Things to look out for when selecting the ideal plastic, melamine, bamboo or enamel camping set in the UK include the material it’s made from, what items are included, the design and the size of each plate and other helpful items or features.


    Do you want a complete set of camper dishes to kit our your classic vehicle or would a lightweight camping bowl or two suffice? Maybe you want the best plastic plates out there, or are actually after serving plates and bowls for family meals. Sets listed here range from including plates or bowls only to including cutlery, cups or even in one case, a storage box. One also comes with a cool bag.


    Do you require dinner plates, side plates or both? Think about what sort of meals you eat – is it a quick bite of breakfast or lunch only, or a full-on family dinner? Maybe you’d like both. Also, how many items do you need? Sets in this guuide can cover anything from one person to six.


    Some of the following sets are made from eco-conscious materials like bamboo or wheat straw, while others are crafted from classic melamine or practical plastic. A metal option is also included – which I don’t recommend for campervan owners or touring caravans. Simply because they’re noisy when rattling around while you’re on the road!


    Do you like the design? For some this might not matter much, while for others buying a set you don’t really like the look of could mean you buying again in the future when a prettier set catches your eye. It’s all about looking for something that suits you – in style terms as well as practicality.

    Other useful features

    Some sets come with the back-up of a 2 year warranty, or they may include cutlery, a cool bag, or even a storage box to store and transport them in. Weight may be an issue if you’re looking for hiking plates and bowls. How resistant to breakage they are can also be a factor – especially if you’re clumsy, accident-prone or are camping with children.

    The top outdoor plate set recommendations

    Lekoch 16 piece bamboo tableware set review

    Best natural finish

    • 4 large and small plates, bowls and cups
    • Bamboo

    If you love the natural look of bamboo, this eco-conscious set for four perople shows off the plant material beautifully.

    There are some beautiful products made from bamboo that show off the natural features of the plant – and this is one of them. This is a complete set of camping plates, bowls and cups for a family or group of four. Couples can eat twice before washing up, while anyone travelling alone can simply do the dishes once a day if they like. It saves trekking across a muddy field to the campsite washing up area.

    You can even use these at home for indoor or outdoor dining, before cleaning in the dishwasher. That’s bamboo – it’s certainly a stylish, robust and environmentally conscious choice.

    High points:

    • 4 small plates, large plates, bowls and cups
    • Eco-friendly construction
    • Dishwasher-safe

    Low points:

    • Plain design

    Click here to view this bamboo camping plates, bowls and mugs set

    Check eBay prices

    28 piece camping side plates & bowls set review

    Best complete set

    • 4 side plates & 4 bowls
    • Polyester

    In pretty pastels, there’s one side plate, cup, dinner plate and bowl each for four – plus the cutlery you need is included too.

    This pretty pastel set includes cutlery as well as plates, bowls and drinking cups. This has the look of stoneware plates and bowls, but is as lightweight and strong as you’d expect tough plastic to be.

    The camping crockery and cutlery can be used in the microwave or dishwasher too. There are side plates and dinner plates – so one is ideal for a sandwich or toast, while the other is best for your main meal of the day.

    High points:

    • Super strong
    • Includes cutlery
    • Dishwasher and microwave safe

    Low points:

    • Made from synthetic materials

    Click here to view these camping bowls and plates

    Flamefield Camper Smiles 12 piece melamine set review

    Best for campervan fans

    • 4 small plates, large plates and bowls
    • Melamine

    No camper fan could resist this set of melamine crockery. It comes with a cool bag and you can buy mugs and tumblers to match.

    If you’re in the market for a set of melamine plates and bowls, then I love this Flamefield one. But of course I would, as a lifelong VW van fan. It’s perfect for campervan owners, actually, and not only because of the cheery camper design. Take it from me, melamine makes far less noise in your camper or towing caravan’s cupboards than metal – even when it’s coated with enamel.

    Kids will love these, and with a cooler bag to keep everyone’s food and drinks chilled, mum and should also be full of ‘camper smiles’. If you like, you can buy matching mugs and tumbler sets to go with these too.

    High points:

    • Tableware set for 4
    • Colourful campervan design
    • Cool bag included

    Low points:

    • Mugs sold separately

    Click here to see this melamine camping set of plates and bowls

    Check eBay price

    Olpro melamine 8 piece camping set review

    Best patterned set

    • 2 side & dinner plates, bowls & mugs
    • Melamine

    If you want something that’s not plain, this set for two comes in various patterns. It’s also made to last from tough melamine.

    If there are two of you, this set of melamine picnic plates and bowls could be perfect. Especially if you like funky, retro-inspired style. With a bowl, two plates and a mug each, you’re all set for three meals a day when camping out or caravanning. The pattern makes for an appealing set of wildlife, flower and leaf plates and bowls.

    These camping cups and plates plus bowls are available in other designs too – if you want to see those, click the link then scroll down a little to view ‘Compare with similar items’. This pretty set also receives consistently high ratings and rave reviews.

    High points:

    • Several cool designs
    • Two plates plus bowl and mug
    • Ideal set for a couple

    Low points:

    • No cutlery included

    Click here to view this set of camping melamine plates and bowls

    Check eBay prices

    Summit stainless steel 2 piece set review

    Best metal set

    • 1 plate and 1 bowl
    • Stainless steel

    Made from steel, this set of camping plates and bowls is sold as a set for one person. They’re both robust and stackable.

    While I wouldn’t recommend keeping metal camping plates and bowls in the cupboards of a moving vehicle, they can be a great alternative to melamine, bamboo or enamel plates for camping. With a dinner plate and bowl included, this set provides tableware for breakfast, lunch or dinner for one.

    These are far more hardwearing than your average plastic camping plates and bowls and should last for years. Just don’t put them in the microwave. You can buy as many sets as there are members of your group or family, so nothing is wasted; nor will you be one bowl or plate short.

    High points:

    • Ultra hardwearing
    • Suits any size of family or group
    • Stackable for easy storage

    Low points:

    • Not microwave or dishwasher safe

    Click here to view this stainless steel bowl and plate set

    Check eBay price

    Harfield plastic camping tableware set review

    Best set for one

    • 1 plate, bowl, mug and cutlery
    • Plastic

    This tough set for one person made from plastic also includes cutlery and is ultra lightweight and hard-wearing.

    I’ve got to be honest – I wanted to include a set of blue enamel camping plates in this guide, but the reviews put me off doing so. There were too many complaints of the enamel wearing off – and often rather quickly. So as an alternative to the typical enamel ones I suggest this hardwearing plastic set.

    A key advantage of this particular set is the fact that it comes complete as a camping plate, bowl and cup set. Cutlery is also included, thus giving one person everything they need for an overnight outdoor trip. Being made of virtually unbreakable plastic, these blue plates and bowls are tough as well as ultra lightweight.

    High points:

    • Virtually unbreakable
    • Cutlery included
    • Attractive blue finish

    Low points:

    • Plastic material

    Click here to see these plastic plates and bowls for camping

    Check eBay price

    Shopivaa 32 piece picnic and camping tableware set review

    Best boxed set

    • 6 plates, cups, cutlery & storage box
    • Plastic

    Though there are no bowls in this set, everything else is included, even a salt shaker. A storage box keeps it all clean and tidy.

    If you want cheap plates and bowls, this set might be just right – even though it actually contains no bowls at all. It does, however, include cups, cutlery and even a salt (or pepper) shaker. You could easily eat soup or cereal from the cups instead if you liked.

    Surely these are the most compact camping dishes around? There are four camping plastic plates, cups, knives, forks and spoons for six people, all contained in a handy storage box complete with a handle. You can also choose between yellow, green and white.

    High points:

    • Storage box
    • Salt shaker
    • Ultra compact

    Low points:

    • Plastic build

    Click here to view this set of plastic camping plates and cutlery

    Which are the best camping plates and bowls for you?

    I hope this guide has been helpful in tracking down the best alternatives to enamel plates and bowls for camping, caravanning or your campervan. Having the right set of camping plates and utensils can make life on the road or campsite so much easier, making ourdoor meals a pleasure. They’re perfect for kids, BBQs and picnics too!

    Polly x

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